The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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5. Henry Richard Williams


There is fire everywhere and I am laying on ground with a rod in my leg. I looked at the roof, thinking about my family, who is out there. I was waiting for the roof to fall on me and end my pain and it did. I closed my eyes and waiting for death to came and embrace me but it never came.
Instead, I felt someone pulled out the rod, which was still in my leg. But it felt so good instead of pain. Is it the death who is doing this? I open my eyes, found myself staring in two most beautiful eyes. These eyes, I have seen them anywhere else but where? His two strong arms lift me up, when they touched my bare skin I felt sparks, and shiver ran down my body.
My head was spinning, I eyes were shutting down but I forced them open, feared that the pain will be back. I wonder who is he? Is he the Death, who is here to take me? I opened my mouth to ask him but the words never came, only came darkness.

Suddenly my eyes shot open and all I saw a white wall of hospital. That means It was a dream. I turned my head and saw my mom was sleeping on chair near my bed her head was on bed and our fingers are interlocked. My mind went to my dream, I can't understand, what was it. Was he real? Is he the one who brought me here? There is a burned mark on back of my left palm, but it is faint, looks like it have been long time. Oh god, for how long I was unconscious? After some seconds she woke up and I said
"G-Good morni-ing momma."
"Baby." She said with tear in her eyes.
"W-water." My throat was dry, oh god for how many hours I was unconscious. She gave me a glass of water and called for doctor while I drank it.
After sometime a male doctor entered
"How are you felling Ms. Riverwoods." He asked politely.
"Good, but my head is filling heavy."
"Don't worry it happens often, take this." He nodded to nurse and she handed me a pill, I took it.
After some checkup they leaved the room. Then I asked to mom
"For how much hours I was unconscious?"
"Hours? You were unconscious for five days."
"I'm sorry honey, I shouldn't have send you there. I am not a good mother. I couldn't protect you." She was crying now.
"Mom this is not your fault so, don't blame yourself. And see I'm alright now. But mom..." She looked up.
"Yes honey?"
"I'm hungry." And I pout, and she chuckled while rubbing her tears away.
"I'll bring you soup." Then she stand from her seat and brought a basket with her. She put the tray and surved me soup in bowl.
But my hand were not good right now so she helped me. After one or two spoon
"I know you didn't ate properly in these five days. So, you also have to drink it."
"I'm alright and I had my food properly."
"Don't lie to me your eyes are crying that you haven't ate and slept properly in these days. So, as a doctor suggest you to have some soup for energy."
"I will eat something after you have your food. Now happy." I pretend like I am in deep thought and said
"What about I feed you and you feed me. Like lovey- dovey couple. But don't tell dad okay." We both laughed.
"Okay my lovely"
"Lets go dobey." We both giggled
After we have soup I took some rest. And told mom to take rest also.
She slept on couch. Now I am in other room because I am now conscious.
I am laying in bed and bore like hell, I asked mom about dad and others, she said they will meet me tomorrow morning. I am not complaining but I just want to meet them.
"Umm momma?"
"Do you know Who brought me here? I mean who saved me that day?"
"Henry Richard Williams." She answered.
"And who-" my question cutoff with a slice of apple in my mouth.
"And he is CEO of Alessandro& co."
"Ohh. Is he alright?" I asked again.
"Yes honey, he is alright and had discharged from hospital. And don't worry your dad has talked to him and thanked him for saving you."
"When will I go home, you know I am bored like hell." I whined
"Now, my princess won't be bore anymore." A deep voice made my head turned towards the door.
"Hey pumpkin."
"Hey potato." And I giggled.
"How is my champion?" He hugged me.
"Much better." I smiled cheekily.
"Okay so, what should we do for killing your boredom?" He asked again.
"Umm... I thought for a second and told
"What about story? "Then he chuckled.
"What type of story you want to listen."
"Lovestory, your lovestory."
"Uhm... Ahem"He clears his throat, "It was mid o of feb, I went to my friend's party. It was royal Party, she was also present there. She was talking to her friends and I was with mine, then our eyes met after that we mated."
"I don't think you got her that much easily". I asked, because she was only daughter in her family, first girl born after centuries.
"Why don't you tell her truth." Momma giggled, "That is truth." He told stubbornly.
"Oh really, are you sure you met me at party? As long as I remember , my brothers did never let me get out of castle. My only friend were my books and birds."
"Aww, This fills like Disney Princess story, doesn't it?" I commented.
"Yeah, but more intresting than them. Because my handsome prince had fallen from seventh floor of castle while giving me a rose." I can see pink shades on his cheek.
"Oww, someone is blushing." We laughed, ofcourse except dad.
"Very funny, by the way I am much stronger and smarter than these idiot Disney princes. By the way you are not Snowhite that I'll be your prince Charming." My dad mocked her.
"First of all price Charming was not in Snowhite movie. He was was in Cindrella's movie." My mom stucked her tongue out.
"Whatever." My dad rolled his eyes. And I was laughing while watching them fighting like kids.
"Hey Kiddies, not again." I scold them.
My dad is not typical grumpy Dad but he is strict for some rules of house. He is most kind hearted Alpha I ever met.

It's 10pm and I was laying on my bed, my Dad went for some important meetings. And mom is on couch sleeping, I asked her to go home and take rest but she declined and assured me she was okay. I'll discharge a day after tomorrow. I'm healing very fast because of herb they are giving me.
I asked for Gabriel, she said he was out of town for some pack issues. My mind went to him, I only knew his name or may be not.
Well we can search about him.
My subconscious said. Then it clicked in my mind, my phone got burned in that fire. Oh my baby, Rest In Peace.
For thirty minutes or so, I talked to myself till sleep took over me.

Next day I told momma to don't call them at hospital for meeting me. But Gabrial came at hospital and then we all were talking on video chat with family. Mom went to home with dad, she needs proper sleep after these stressful five days.
"Do you know who is Henry Richard Williams?" He freezed after I mentioned his name.
"Yeah, he is CEO of Alessandro &Co." He answered in monotone.
"Why are you asking about him?" He quired.
"Because, I think he saved me."
"Ofcourse he saved you, and he is the reason that you are here." He said in duh tone.
"No, I'm not talking about that day, I'm talking about ten years ago." Now he is looking at me like I have three heads.
"What?" I asked confused.
"Nothing, I was just thinking about something." He murmured, still in his thoughts.
"Gabby is there something I should know?"
"I will tell you everything at right time, okay." He smiled.
"Okay." I nodded pouting.
Today is 15 February 2021 and right now I'm sitting in car, ready to go home. As promised Gabriel came to pick me up.
"So, how are you feeling now?"
"Much better." I smiled.
I was watching out of window while Gabriel was driving. Something catched my eyes and that was a tall building named
Alessandro &Co.

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