The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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6. I kissed my Beta


Oh my goodness I'm fucking frustrated, damn when I got good lay?
"Let's go to our mate."Richard started again.
"We? She doesn't even turn me on,then how could we go there."
"Oh really?" He asked
"I'm going to call girls, let's have fun after all you are back man."
"Not interested." He was checking his claws.
"Don't be shy my boy, be a man have some fun." I cheered him up.
"Seriously Henry, you think making our mate suffer from pain is fun." Now I am pissed off.
"She doesn't even know our name, oh my goodness she didn't even meet us remember, she was unconscious when we took her to hospital. And why are you giving me lecture about this shity mate bond, you didn't say anything about it since ten years. Then what suddenly happened to you?"
"Our mate happened." Oh goddess, not again.
"Listen, you want it or not I'm going to fuck someone and that is not our mate."
"Fine, do what you want but, don't come to me when something wrong will happen." And then he blocked me.
He made me more frustrated than before. So, I called Steve and told him for going club and having fun before our three months prison. Yes, I am going there for fucking three months.

At Club

I am in VIP room, talking to my friends and having drinks. And yeah, I have friends for chilling out. There are strippers dancing or you can say crying for men's attentions, typical whores.
Then I saw a stripper was coming toward me, bent for showing her cleavage and brought her mouth near my ear.
"Alpha, do you want some help?" She asked in very seductive tone.
I looked at her, she is not that bad.
"You are quite excited for helping me." I asked her in husky tone. Now she is more wet and aroused for me. After all I am Henry Richard Williams hahaha.
She looked at me,now her pupil are dilated in lust, good.
"Let's go." I ordered her and looked at Steve mouthing me
"Have fun." And I smirked.
I took her to a room and order her to strip and lay on bed , I just want a quick fuck and nothing because I am feeling nothing, what the hell. I brushed off this feeling striped my clothes and push her on bed and entered her after rolled up condom.
But her screams were torturing my ears. It feels like I can't hear it so, I closed her mouth with my hand and fucking her hard but it agian that nausea feeling came again, Damnit. I immediately pulled out and started wear my clothes and asked her for same.
"But Alpha-" She protests
"No but, take this and go to someone else."
She took the money and put on her lingerie and went out of room, I was laying down there and thinking about what happened right now. Then I called Steve, he picked up
"Damn Alpha you did it quite fast."
"I need more girls."
"What? Are you doing threesome or something." I can see his smirk. Freaking, fuking bastard.
"Stop smirking and send me five strippers, and yeah you are not allowed."
"Oh, it hurts, I think I will sleep today alone ."
"I know you already in room with atleast three girls."
"I'm sending girls." He said immediately and I laughed.
"After ten minutes five girls came in and I started my fun but damn these all are not enough for me, I am going to kill myself for this nonsense, fucking decision. I am not feeling good. So, I did the same with them threw them out of the room.
Oh fucking, freaking hell. What is happening with me?
"Richard please help." No answer.
"Sorry sorry for bieng rude." I literally cried out.
What happen, isn't those strippers are enough for you, that you came to me now.
"I can't cum. Actually I can't turn on enough for cum"
"What?" He asked in surprised tone
"Actually I can't turn on enough for cum,please do something." I pleaded.
"Man I have to tell you something."
"Don't start that mate things again." I knew he will start this shitty thing again.
"No, I am talking about your hormones."
"My hormones?"
"Yeah, I think there is some problem in your hormones."
"Don't know."
"What will we do now."
"Talk to doctor."
"Talk to doctor." I mocked his voice.What will he say, he will think I'm gay or something. "Think another way, pleeease."
"It seems like he will tell anyone, you know the rules ." Richard reasoned
"Still, he'll think their great Alpha king Henry Richard Williams is gay." I grumbled
"There is one thing you can do."
"Tell me."
"Call Steve."
Just call him and say him to come immediately." I took out my phone and called him immediately.
"Do you really think I'm turning into gay?"
"Gay? Yeah."
"But we have mate"
"And you told me all you feel for her is hate." Damn.
"Tell me what are you feeling now for her?" He asked in excited tone
"What a shame." There was knock on door.
"Now what?"
"Let him in, you freaking fuking foooool."
"Come in." I said and he came in.
"What happened now." I'm not only one who is frustrated, great.
"Now?" I asked Richard.
"Kiss him."
"What?Have you lost your damn mind."
"Do you want to know or not?"
"Yeah but-"
"Do you have any other idea"
"Come here." Steve looked at me with strange expression.
"Ok fine, I'm coming."
"Your intentions are not feeling good Henry." He took couple of steps back
"Just close your eyes and kiss him."
"Close your eye, and kiss him." I was chanting in my mind, then I trapped him between wall and me.
Then I did worst mistake of my life, I closed my eyes and kissed him. It was feeling worst than those girls. Suddenly I heard someone's laughing and it was non other than my great fucker Richard.
"Ew, gross Alpha." He told me in mocking tone
"You bastard."
"Yesssss." Quickly I pushed him away from me and start spitting and I heard someone is crying.
"Oh my virgin lips. How will I show my face to everyone." Now Steve is acting like overdramatic character of some rotted show. Damn I forgot, he saved his first kiss for his mate.
"It's fine Steve and don't tell anyone, okay."
"Do you think that I will tell everyone that my first kiss is none other than Alpha King Henry." Then he looked at me like he knew my most dirty secret.
With how many innocent boys have you did it, tell me?
"Relax, you are first-" I cuttoff in mid sentence.
"That means you started your dirty fantasy of kissing boys with me. What if you will fuc-" then he slapped his hand on his mouth.
"I am going and tell every unmated lycans, no actually every man to stay away from you." He turned on heels and about run out before that I gripped his hand
"Stop being dramatic, I am not gay."
He turned to me
"Then what are you, bisexual? Didn't those girls fulfill your thrist of body that you tried to steel my diginity."
"Exactly they were not fulfill my desires that's why-"
"You called me between my organasm and started eating me as a starved animal."
"You are taking it too far. Don't forget I'm your Alpha. And yes, I wasn't eating you."
"Were, you were my Alpha. You don't forget that your titled had been taken back for three months."
"Okay, listen I was not turning on so, I asked Richard for help and that fucking bastard said to kiss me. Because we had doubt that I am becoming gay or something." I said while sitting on the coach with a glass of scotch then I looked at him, he was surprised. Great, now he will find out about her.
"Richard is back, how?" He asked smiling.
"I d-don't know." Damn, he will doubt on me.
"Yeah." I said weakly.
"You found your mate, right?" He asked me with raised eyebrow.
"Stop talking shit."
"Then it's confirmed that you are gay."
" Not again." I said under my breath
"Tell him truth." Richard says.
"Fine, I'm not gay and I found my mate but you won't tell anyone about it. Understand?"
"Yesssss." He started victory dance.
"Steve." I called his name in calm tone.
"Yes Alpha, I won't tell anyone. My mouth is sealed". I rolled my eyes.
"Wait, then why did you kissed me?"
"It was Richard who told me that I'm turning into gay. So, just want to confirm that I'm gay or not."
"So, is it confirmed or you have to fuck me for More confirmation." He started laughing like maniac.
"If you had told me I would send some male strippers for you."
"Enough, enough. I was moron that I listened to him. But what could I do, when my first mate was with me, the bond was not that powerful that I feel disgust sleeping with anyone else. It's first time, I felt this." I told him truthfully.
"So?" I repeated, facing the ceiling.
"What's her name?"

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