The Curse Of Fire (Tales Of Guardians #1)

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7. We met again


Today is the day when I am going in that hell hole. I hope I never went in that elevator, fuck that elevator, fuck that day and fuck those ki- no no no they are kids how could I say this thing for them. Oh moon goddess please kill me.
"Henry." Dad's voice brought me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah dad."
"My dear son, I don't wanna hear any complain about your stupidiness."
"I'll try. But if they will do anything then I won't-" I started but he interrupted in between.
"You won't do anything. Did you understand?" I clenched my jaw
"Did you understand?" He asked again through his teeth.
"Yes Dad."
"Good, now hurry up otherwise you will be late." I nodded.
I packed up my bag, now I was tieing my shoelaces, actually I was struggling to tie them (Okay, don't tell anyone). I was too focused on my shoe laces, that I didn't noticed my mom. She tied my laces, I looked up, pouting
"Mom, I don't want to go there." I pouted more, it always works on her.
"Baby you have to go for your own good. Aww I seems like you are going to your first day of school." Mom has tears in her eyes.
"You know mom my relation is not good with them and their son," I exhaled and said "I can't even stand that man."
"Henry, we are doing this for your own good. And who knows if something good might happened. Hmmm?" I nodded. "Also learn how to tie shoelaces." She laughed.
"It's okay mom I have a servant to do this. Steve." I said back and we laughed.
I said 'good bye' to everyone, and yeah, Steve is with me. And he is on cloud nine but I don't know why.
"Today's weather is good, isn't it?"
"We are going for training again, it's feels so great." He turn towards me
"What are you thinking about it?"
"We will again climb the mountain?"
"Do you remember that waterfall?"
"Are you gonna kiss Gabriel?"
"Hmm- wait what." This man, I tell you.
Then he continued with a smirk.
"Why am I here? It would be good if I would go alone at Alpha Danial's place." Now I'm fuming
"Why the fuck you want to go that place? Just stop being fucking teenager. We are not going for vacation, we are going for some important work for Godess sake."
"Okay, okay dude, don't get your knicker in twist. " he chuckled.
"I'm not getting anything in twist." I rolled my eyes. "And by the way I don't wear knickers."
"Then panties?" He was trying hard not to laugh because right now he was looking like tomato.
"Boxer. I wear boxer." I gritted my teeth.
"Well, which type of boxer do you wear, Hello kitty? He asked
Hello kitty yes yes he loves hello kitty
Oh really
Ooh alpha king wearing hello kitty boxers how cute aww.
They both started laughing.
And pjs also.
And again laughed. And this doesn't end hereThey did this the whole ride.
When we reached at our destination, Alpha Daniel was waiting for us with his family but someone is missing. Ahh, I know who is it, it's his great son.
"Good morning Henry and Steve. I hope you didn't have any trouble coming here." He greeted us
"Good morning Alpha Daniel. No, not at all" I said smiling.
"Let's go in." We nodded.
I looked at his family members and they were scowling at me. Like I'm three headed dog. Ignoring them I went in.
Now I'm in my room and unpacking the things. This is a castles, it is atleast five centuries old. They gave us two room one for me and other for Steve. We are in the west part of castle.
There was knock on the door when I opened it a man in servent dress was standing there.
"Prince Henry," he bowed."Alpha invited you and Beta Steve for his daughter's homecoming celebration." He handed me two invitation card and left.
I never heard about having them a daughter. Or may be he hide her from others.

At 8pm

"Are you ready?" Steve asked.
"I really don't want to go there." I said in bored tone.
"Don't worry dude it will be fun, actually you won't forget this party, trust me". He told me with smirk on his face.
"Why I'm feeling like you know something that I should know."
"This feeling is called curiosity my friend."
"I'm not curious."
"Yes, you are."
Even my Lycan is not with me.
Let's see is this party deserves my curiosity or not.
I am at party and my stomach is doing somersault and Richard is restless. He even ask how is he looking and smelling.
Suddenly, there was a pleasant smell in air, the smell that woke my Lycan again, the smell due to which I became uncontrollable, the smell which was in elevator of my office. This time that smell is coming very near and Richard became more restless, wants to take control. But I know this is not right time. I was in my own thought that I couldn't saw someone is coming towards me. That was none other than my mate. I can't help but look here and there for her then I saw her with Danial's family. She wore a white gown that show her curves perfectly. damn I just want to take her in room and Fuck her out of her mind. Now Richard have fully took over me. And my feet were taking steps towards her before knowing me.
"Richard stop this nonsense, now. We can't do this in public." He moved back with huff.
I don't know how long I was standing and staring her because she looked uncomfortable She started looking here and there, seems like she is finding someone and stop when she spot me. Our eyes locked, her eyes went wide and now she was shivering. My heart was beating faster than ever, it felt like I ran hundred kilometres in thirty minutes. Suddenly I saw someone is standing behind her with hand on her shoulder. With that my Lycan growl
I loosed my control and lunged towards him. "Alpha please control, we shouldn't do this in here. There are so many people."


I looked at her and all I want to do is mark her as mine. But I have to wait for right time, I don't want Henry to fucked up again because she is our mate, real mate. She is not our second chance. She is our first chance, our true mate. Henry needs time and I should give him. But when Gabriel touched our mate I loosed all my control because I don't want to let her touch by any man. She is mine, only mine.
I was about to attack him but my Beta stopped me and put some sense in me. I know he is right, there are many people and If our enemy will know then her life would be in danger. I'll do anything to protect her, to keep her safe. With that I loses some control on Henry. But I'm still pissed on my Beta, "Tonight is his last night.."
Ha ha ha I'm kidding. I will just break his some body part that's it. Because he didn't tell me anything about her.


Damn this feeling, damn that bastard, and that idiot Richard also. I am now in empty hall with my beta.
"You knew it? All the time."
"A-Alpha listen to me." I pinned him to the wall with my hand squeezing his throat.
"I'm listening."
"I was about to tell you but-"
"But what? I pinned him more." His face was red.
"H-How would I a-answer you if you are squeezing my neck." I loosened my grip
"Spill it." He inhaled deeply and said
"I was just having fun." And he started chuckling.
"STEVE I WILL KILL YOU." I was about to squeeze his neck more but I heard
"Tsk tsk tsk, I didn't know that the great alpha king is no more man anymore." I looked at the source of voice,there were two Lycan are standing with smirk on there face.
Shit, why in this whole world they have to see us like this.
"This is none of your concern, what I became". I gritted out.
"By the way, there are forty guest rooms in this castle you can use anyone of them." He told me ignoring my reply. "Also, people say she changed you in many ways but I didn't expect in this way."
"I don't give a fuck what you expect and what you don't, Jason." I grabbed him by his collar. "Don't ever talk about her, understood?" Now my eyes are again start glowing like fire. And Jason's eyes widen.
"What happened." A soft voice came from behind Gabriel. That made me calm down but my eyes are now pitch black. Gabriel quickly turn around and said
"Nothing sweetcheeks.
Sweetcheeks, then he gave me smirk. "What the fuck?"
I looked at her she looked confused and cute, what a combination. Eww, what happened to me.
"Everyone is waiting for you both, let's go."
"We were just talking to our old friends. You go, we are coming."
Then she looked at us and her eyes went wide. She came close with smile on her face, damn.
"Is she coming to kiss us." Now horny Richard is awoke.
"No, in the fucking way I will let her kiss me."
"Let me, then." He shrugged his shoulders.
"Mr. Grey. Nice to meet you again."
Again? Now, he is gone. How much secrets had he kept from me. I thought I will show some mercy on him but now he doesn't deserve any.
What if they are dating. What if they are having se-
"Nooo I will kill him."
I have to leave this party, if I'll stay here I'll kill someone.

What a busy day, it's an update with very long chapter.
Let me know what you think about Henry and Ashley.
Love you all.😘

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