Elvenology: Heaven's Flare

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lovely cover by @Wyllad *** Elvenology #1 Death and disappearance crawled across the Five Kingdoms of Igramancia not unlike a disease which, strangely, only attacked royals. In order to prevent the throne from falling into the hand of a power-hungry elf, Rhyslan found it took more than an overall similar appearance when he's pretending to be the (most likely) murdered prince, who he acknowledged since forever was his brother. In the meantime, the supposed murdered crown prince was tangled in a complicated journey which eventually led him to meet Mercy, a devil's spawn whose every condemned actions was far from being merciful ... except when it concerned him.

Fantasy / Adventure
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0. Whisper of A Dead Lover

“Darling of vibrant petals and tender snow,

may the moon and the ocean bear witness how I’m moored to you in a way they know,

Curse the crown and be it the end of their empire of mortal shackles,

for the greatest triumph in this world I found in the warmth of your embrace.”

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