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The Eastern Mountain kingdom lives in chaos. With Ruthless Murders being carried out, no one steps out after dark. But the Eastern Mountain kingdom is ready for redemption when its princess and only heir returns.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Seven blood vials, one skull cup and seven earthen lamps, Aarna checked off the things needed for resurrection. Once assured she arranged them in order, the seven blood vials on the seven corners of the star, bordered by the earthen lamps and in the middle rests the skull cup.
The Midnight striked and the rituals began with repititive chanting however on the 50th chant, just before the fulfillment of the ritual, the blood vials shattered, spilling blood all over and killing the fire of earthen lamps.
"Refusal", Aarna whispered under her breath with gritted teeth. The beads of her armlet along with her glass rings cracked because of excessive fury. She glanced at the pores on her forearms, which once hurted like ant bites, still had dried blood and the awful scars of the dark needle.
The scars probably will last for a hundred year, luckily Aarna will live much longer and will able to see her arms without those scars.
On the east mountains the beasts are already hyperactive and with all the gore they will find out this place faster than usual and come to hunt the flesh of the living. Not stirring any unnecessary trouble, Aarna exiled the cave putting on her cape which blended finely with dark scenery of the night.
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