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UNBOUND ~ Cosmic Creatures

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Layla is normal. About as normal as a troubled teen can be. Layla is normal. Do normal people sense death? Layla is normal. She just killed her algebra teacher. Layla is normal. Until she is not.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Gods of Chaos

The Chaos Gods, also called the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, are powerful beings of the Greek mythology.

Created and sustained by the emotions and souls of every living being of the human world.

Although they are god-like beings, they are by their nature monomaniacal and completely single-minded (formed completely of a single emotion or concept) as well as being completely dependent on the emotions of mortal creatures for their power and continued existence.

As the mortal races grew and prospered, so did the strength of their emotions. Eventually, the gods grew to such a point where they could act independently of the general flow of emotions and thus became the Gods of Chaos.

The Chaos Gods’ most ardent followers are known as Creatures, spiritually bound to their patrons.

Though the gods had everything, they came to hunger for more. They were fascinated by the mortals and their mundane ways of life.

So they picked out their Creatures, and slowly imbued their spirits and powers into worthy mortal vessels.

But the old gods had never truly learnt patience. And so they ended up giving more than they wished to.

They wreaked havoc on the mortal world through the humans they had made their vessels and forgot the shackles which bound them to Earth.

The gods forgot that where darkness reigns, so does light.
Where Chaos grows, so does Order.

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