The Breeder

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"Velvet Green" Alpha called, I stepped out of line and stood in front of him, trying to hold in my excitement, he reads the paper then his eyes widened "Velvet you are... a Breeder" Alpha said in shock. The crowd behind me bursts out with gasps and whispers. My smile flattened, shock covered my face "N- no Alpha that can't be true" I said tears welding up in my eyes. **** Velvet Green, a young female werewolf who her wolf colors were as beautiful as her brown curly locks, that what every girl wanted. Once every few years, the Alpha would pick a female to be the breeder; the status amongst the pack is, Alpha, Luna, Beta, Omega and Breeder, the one title every female tries to avoid. On the day of the choosing, Velvet hoped and preyed to the moon goddess to not be picked; but the odds were not in her favor. Until she meets a man, who is a hybrid, that she calls her mate.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Breeder Prologue

I sit on the cold stool in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection, my brown eyes stared back at me, looking at my long brown hair, thick with curls, my pink plump lips stuck together as I stared at my reflection, small freckles covered my face.

The fabric of my dress rubbed against my skin like silk, it was a green long sleeve, floor length sun dress, it was soft, a brown small belt wrapped around the waist area, buckling together in the front, under my dress, I wore brown sandals to match my belt, my hair was half up and down, the upper half was pulled back into a braid, the rest was left down in curls.

There was a knock on the door behind me, pulling my eyes attention from the mirror, I looked over m shoulder "come in" I said, the door opened a few seconds after I spoke up. There stood my mother, her long brown curls were pulled back into a bun, she had a smile on her face "ready pumpkin?" Mom said as she walked over behind me and played with my curls "as I'll ever be" I mumbled, knowing she could hear me with her werewolf hearing.

She leaned down, looking at me in mirror and kissed my head "I know pumpkin, its scary at first but it is quick, just think, you have been waiting for so long to find out your position in the pack" Mom gently rubbed some lipstick off the side of my lip where it was overlapping, nodding at what she just said, when a child turns into a teenager, the females must cover all of they're skin except they're faces, hands and feet.

"Yeah, your right mom" I chuckled and turned to her, with a smile on my face, every year when a female and male shifted into they're wolves for the first time they are given a position in the pack, my wolf is a beautiful brown furred wolf, she is not big but not small either so in between I guess, her name is Aries, she is fast amongst the pack, always happy when we go outside for a run. "Mom is always right" Mom chuckled and stood up straight, before backing up giving me room to stand up, she then turned towards the door "well we better go before we are late" Mom walked out of the room.

I watched her leave the room then turn back to the mirror, taking a deep breath, then close my eyes "ready Aries?" I mind linked Aries.

"Of course Velvet! we are finally gonna get a position in the pack!" Aries replied from the back of my mind.

A smile formed on my face, standing up, I walk out of the room, heading down the stairs and meet with my mom, dad and my brothers, who stood in the living room together "hello family" I chirped jumping between my brothers; Jake and Grey, who were taller than me, across from me my father and mother; Diana and Colton stood watching us as I wrapped my arms around my brothers neck's with a laugh.

"Shit Velvet your heavy!" Jake, my younger brother groaned, which causes mom to glare at him because of his choice of words, smacking him on the arm, making him yelp, she had a sharp hand to say the least "language Jake" mom frowned at him, shaking her hand back and forth like she was trying to wake it up. "Okay kids lets go before you make your mom mad" Dad stepped in, chuckling as we all made our way outside then down the path to the pack house where the event is taking place. Jake and Grey goofed off as we walked, making mom chase them down the path for acting like children, the smile never left my face, dad walked beside me, a smile on his face, I am a daddy's girl, so it hit him harder since I'm his only daughter.

"I'm proud of you Velvet" Dad said out of nowhere, turning my head, my gaze turned to him, but he continued to look forward, like he was holding himself back. "Thank you dad" I said looking forward again, as we got to the pack house, where it was crowded with 310 pack members, waiting for the event to start.

Turning to my parents, I hugged them both "I'll see you after the event" I said then walked over to where all the other teenagers were in line at, they all had smiles on they're faces. For us, this is like high school graduation, we are finally getting a place in the pack, not as pups but as pack mates, ten girls stood in one line and boys stood in the other beside us. Ten minutes later the Alpha came out of the pack house with a smile on his face, making his way in front of the two lines then stopped turning to us. "I'd like to say congratulations to the parents but also to your pups. Congratulations parents, you raised your pups well, they all shifted into they're wolves, they are now adults, they are no longer pups. Congratulations pups, once you get your titles in this pack, you will no longer be pups that can't walk, now you will be the wolves that get up and run!" Alpha Jones howled with a smile.

The adults and teens around me shouted in excitement, clapping and howling, a smile was plastered on my face, my face started to hurt from smiling for so long, but I didn't care.

"Now I will start this event off" Alpha Jones said, as the Beta; Neal stepped beside him, handing him a paper, Alpha thanked him and started to read names off the paper with the results on it"Ava Hammers".

Time pasted then it was my turn "Velvet Green" Alpha called, I stepped out of line and stood in front of him, trying to hold in my excitement, he reads the paper then his eyes widened "Velvet you are... a Breeder" Alpha said in shock. The crowd behind me bursts out with gasps and whispers. My smile flattened, shock covered my face "N- no Alpha that can't be true" I said tears welding up in my eyes.

"It's true, you are the Breeder" Alpha said looking at me in the eyes, the swarmed with lust as if he was having trouble holding back his wolf.

Backing up, slightly tripping over my feet, shaking my head in disbelief "No" I said, Aries cried out in my mind. Looking around, I felt my packs gaze on me, some in shock, lust and dislike. Looking through the crowd, I find my families gazes, which held shock and sadness. Picking up the bottom of my dress, I push through the crowd and run to my family, tears running down my face "Its gonna be okay" Dad said, wrapping his arms around me, I hide my face in his chest, to avoid the gazes of the pack members.

"I don't want to be the breeder" I cried, but it wasn't stopping the whispers "I know child, we will get you out of here" dad whispered low enough for me to hear in my ear, I nodded, then I felt hands on me that didn't belong to my family, my fathers arms held on to me tighter as someone tried to pull me away.

A scream leaves my throat as I was pulled back out of my fathers arms, fighting against the arms that were now wrapped around me, they pulled me further back "take her to the breeder house" Alpha said through the crowd. Tears fall down my face as I was pulled through the crowd then to a car that parked in front of us, then put in the back of the car, falling on the seat the arms disappeared then the door shut. Sitting up, the doors locked then a guard got in the front seat, starting up the engine and driving off through the woods, my body shook as I watched the trees pass by, no longer having any fight left in me.

Aries hid in the pack of my mind, blocking off our link so I couldn't communicate with her.

Thirty minutes later, the car stopped in front of a small wooden cabin, a guard opened the door and grabbed my arm to help me out, I pull it back out of his grasp "I can get out on my own" I say then step out of the car, keeping my head down, not looking at anyone in the eyes, I didn't want to see they're expressions.

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