The secrets that lay within

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A young girl, destined for greatness. A young man waiting for greatness. Can they give each other what is needed and desired? A dark, erotic novel with a great twist.

Fantasy / Erotica
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A new chapter

Th bell rings. The last day of school is finally over and now to face my 18th birthday tomorrow. As i gather my things i here Rory calling me from the door to the classroom.
“Willow, Willow. Come on hurry up we have a dress to pick and a big fat 18th birthday to start.”
I know she’s excited and all but I’m just not into partying and stuff. Even if it is my 18th. I wish i had never let her persuade me that 18 is a milestone that needed to be celebrated, especially when its the day after the last day of school.
“I’m coming Rory, stop panicking.” I say with a little sarcasm in my voice. She knows how i feel so there’s no point in emphasising it to her anymore.
As we leave the school there’s books and uniforms flying all over the place. A book hits me right in the face. I feel my face burning and swelling already. Arrrggg an easy black eye or two, i bruise like a peach. Rory insists we go to the nurse but to be honest I just want to get this party out of the way and move on to start my new job and new chapter in life.
We enter the dress shop and one catches my eye straight away. A navy, short, low cut back that looks like it will hug my curves just right. Just as i go to check for my size so does Rory.
“You need this one, try it on right now!” Rory squeals whilst looking for my size. As she’s scrambling through i notice the price tag.
“Oh my god, its way over my budget Rory. I couldn’t possibly buy myself this.” She takes no for an answer as usually and finds my size.
“Just try it on, it’ll definitely make the boys week at the knees.” She comes a little closer so only i can hear.
“And you never know, you might not turn 18 a virgin after all” she whispers as she winks.
“Stop it” i say as i slightly nudge her in the shoulder. Honestly I don’t know why she is so obsessed with me loosing my virginity. None f the boys at school do it for me, there all football and getting steamed as they would put it.
As I walk over to the fitting room something in the window catches my eye but before i could make out what it was, it was gone.
Rory was right, this dress is definitely going to make the boys weak. It’s beautiful. The navy brings out the colour in my blue eyes and its just the right length above my knees. The back is pretty low but my long, wavy blonde hair just covers enough so its not too much. If i am to buy this dress i must remember to keep my hair down. As i step out of the changing room Rory’s expression is the best. Mouth wide open and speechless, the way she rarely is.
“Oh my god, you need to buy this one Willow, It makes you hot. Not like your not already hot, but it actually makes you HOOOOOT!” She drags out the hot whilst wafting her face with a brochure she found.
“I don’t know Rory i love it but its way out of my price rang.” I explain.
“Call it a birthday present to yourself after all you only turn 18 once.”
She’s right i must get it. And i do deserve to treat myslef. Ill just put the money back into my savings once i get my first pay slip.
After what seems like an eternity, Rory finally chooses an outfit. We make our way to the cashier and she holds out 2 carrier bags both with our names on.
“What’s this?” I ask in confusion.
“Two lovely gentlemen came in about 15 minutes ago, told me to pick out shoes for you both that i thought would go lovely with your outfits and to stick everything on there card.” She explains.
“What?” Rory shouted both shocked and confused, probably a little louder than she expected. “What was they called and were did they go so we can thank them?”
“I’m not sure on there names ma’am, but they left just as quick as they came in and I didn’t see the direction they went in. I just presumed they were your boyfriends.” She says, now looking a little worried. Before we could frighten her anymore i took the bag said thank you for your help and scurried right out of the shop. We reached a bench not too far down and decided to sit and take a look inside the bags. Oh my lord, these shoes are absolutely stunning, a light pink heel with cut out toes and a thin chain buckle that goes around my ankle. I gasp as i see the price. Thats too much especially for a stranger to pay. I look up at Rory and see her face, she starts to smile and says,
“Here’s to a new chapter in life. Thank you boys whoever you are!”
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