The secrets that lay within

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She’s Beautiful

I stand there watching her in the window with Henry by my side. She is absolutely beautiful. I cannot believe its finally arrived after 150 years i finally know who my mate is. I could smell her miles off when we came back to the small city of Chepstow. I knew instantly that the burning inside and the aching i felt was to meen 1 thing. That my time has come to do my falling in love, and to make it even better my right hand man Henry got the same calling at the same time. At first we thought it was for the same girl until we pulled up outside of the dress shop window. I swear i heard him stop breathing for a moment. Not that we do breathe anyway. When i saw her i knew that there would be no need to fall in love as I couldn’t possibly love her anymore than i already do.
I notice her turning towards the shop window and a sudden gush of panic hit me. What do i say? What do i do? Before i knew it my body had moved me to the ally way beside the shop. Henry followed.
“Harland, what are you doing? You’re a vampire for fuck sake. Everything you do or say, the way you look, the way you talk will make her want you. Why are you hiding?” He asked a little frustrated and confused.
“I don’t know what to say to her and all i can think about right now is sinking my teeth into her neck. She’s mouth wateringly desirable and right now I don’t know if i can control myself around her.” I explain.
As we walk back across the window i notice she is out of sight now but i can still smell her.
“Harland, your the king of vampires, everyone desires you and everyone wants you. You’ve had a pull to come back to Chepstow for years now and didn’t know why. Now you do know, your not going to pursue it?” He asks as we step inside the shop.
“I am going to pursue her i just don’t want her to fall in love with me because of the way i look or the way i talk. I need to know she loves me for the way i am not the way i come across.” Explaining is getting boring now and i think Henry is taking the hint with the tone of my voice. I move towards the cashier and hand my card over.
“Could you please choose a pair of shoes for each of the girls in there that would go lovely with the outfits they choose and put everything on this card. The blonde one is named Willow and the brunette is Rory.” I thank her and leave before she could ask any questions. I intend on taking this slow.
The drive back home was a silent one. Henry tried to make small talk but i was in no mood to small talk. All i could think about was her and what i was going to do next. Why is this so hard for me when Henry is just taking it in stride. He seems so calm and collected. There’s something about Willow that melts my insides. I thought it was her beauty but then i over heard she was a virgin, so presumed it was that. But still something isn’t sitting right. Call it a gut feeling but there’s more to her that I can’t quite work out. A secret she’s holding back. I see it and feel it but can’t but my finger on it.
“She has a glow about her, doesn’t she?” Henry chimes in.
“Huh?” I say in response, not quite paying attention to what he’s said.
“Willow. She has a glow about her, I can’t quite make out what it is but it’s definitely there. Ive never seen nor felt anything like it before. But its definitely there.” This time I’m listening to every word he says. He noticed too, so its not just something a mate sees in his love. She’s different but i need to know why. I need to know what it is.
As we arrive back home i go straight to my office. The first time I’ve seen it in 80 years. Everything has changed. The once brown, red walls are now grey and white. The old wooden furniture has been replaced with glass and chrome. The brown leather chairs now grey fabric. The warm carpeted floor is now a solid white and marble tile. Hmmm the deco is new but the smell never changes. I can still smell my mum and dad. The cigars my dad smoked when i was a child, our pet dog tuppy. This smell, this is smell i miss.

This is the smell of home.
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