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( The Lord of the Rings + The Princess Diaries) This fantasy will be on Inkitt till beginning of December and then will be available only on KU. Every girl at some point dreamt of being a princess and in many cases that's all it's going to be - a dream. Bernice Plata, an average teenager becomes a rare exception when she discovers a gateway into a different dimension. But this new world is no paradise and soon enough it makes perfectly clear that a dark princess, Aderyn wants her dead and for a good reason. Unintentionally, Bernice's arrival sets off a prophesy that Aderyn is desperate to rewrite. Through beauty, magic, and heartbreak, Bernice learns that this isn't just some war between good and evil. It is a struggle between fate and choice. .

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

“I’m going to show this jerk who’s the best,” Bernice mumbled as she unloaded her backpack.

She had a not very pleasant confrontation with an all too familiar douchebag from school earlier that day.

“We’ll see who’s going to have the last laugh, Mr. I’m All That,” she hungered for a comeback.

Determined to win this, Bernice sat down at a study table tucked away between the shelves. She was surrounded by her textbooks and colorful spots of sunshine reflecting from the stained-glass windows. Her eyebrows were tilted down and forehead lined with focus. Her face ascended over the pages and eyes followed the trail of black ink.

All of her showed interest. Not just her face, but entire body was leaning over the pages. The border of the table drew a line and like a school dance chaperone made sure there was some distance between them.

Her restless fingers danced in a broken rhythm with a little key necklace and tugged at it against her neck. From time to time, the piece would take a joy ride of zip lining across the golden chain. At the right angles, the keepsake would catch a taste of light. Bernice’s pure focus and concentration was a powerhouse, but nothing is completely invincible. Its downfall was in a whisper.

It was nothing but a whisper; not an unusual thing since this was a library after all, but it didn’t sound like a students’ chatter. It didn’t sound human at all and it seemed like it was in a middle of an argument. A lack of loudness did nothing to take away from its intensity. Two very different tones spoke to each other; an angry one and a very scared one.

Bernice couldn’t help herself. She knew this kind of curiosity is uninvited but those voices seemed like a promise for a good gossip.

“She. Still. Has. It,” an evilness slithered through someone’s lips.

“She has no idea what it is she holds,” whatever was being scolded tried to put up a defense.

“And when she does find out...then what?”

“You forget what dimension this is. They don’t do what we can do.”

“And you forget who that girl is. Shecando what we can do...and more.”

“Not as long as we still have this.”

“The Promise is getting restless. Don’t let her find it.”

Bernice frowned. Logic failed her. Who talks like that? Is someone pulling her leg?

“Hey!” she called them out.

The airy conversation melted into silence. Bernice went to investigate on the tricksters. Nothing. There was no one behind the other side.

“Hmm,” she lost interest in this mystery and went back to her books where her mind so comfortably nested. “Weirdos,” Bernice adjusted her shoulders into the chair and dismissed that sinister chant as fellow students’ role playing some dorky fantasy.

“Hey, there,” a fellow classmate dressed in same school uniform came up to her.

Bernice looked up and smiled, “Hi, Kelly.”

“Still studying, huh?”

“Yeah... I just figured I would do some exercise problems.”

“We both know you are going to blow exams out of the water. You work up yourself too much.”

“It’s just feels wrong not to study when the exams are just around the corner.”

“I guess,” Kelly shrugged a single shoulder and pointlessly flipped through some of the laid-out notes. But then, remembered why she even came to the library in the first place, and immediately turned cheery.

“Hey, there is going to be a little party at Penelope’s,” Kelly’s mouth spilled it.

“Oh, nice,” Bernice was brief and waited for her friend to continue.

She knew Kelly wasn’t finished. Usually, her friend would end up complaining or trash talking. Kelly didn’t disappoint and kept her tradition almost immediately. Like a mood ring, she changed her tone.

“That lucky girl. I wish my parent made enough to get me my own room. No one, but me seems to be forced to have a roommate,” Kelly pouted her lips.

“Oh, no. You poor thing. How could they. It’s so inhumane,” Bernice mocked her.

“Oh, shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about. You got your own room too,” Kelly flipped her glossy, red hair behind her ears exposing the soft twinkle of her diamond earrings.

“You are such a drama queen,” Bernice laughed.

“Maybe after we come back from Christmas break I’ll get my own.” Kelly dreamily looked up, but then quickly turned her eyes back to Bernice, “so are you coming? Claire is bringing some champagne. It’s like a two-hundred-dollar bottle. I don’t know how she sneaked it in.”

“Shhhh!” someone signaled.

Kelly remembered herself again.

“Anyway, are you coming tonight?” Kelly tried to put the conversation back on track.

“Champagne, huh?... that is so hardcore,” Bernice’s eyelids were heavy with irony.

“It’s free bubbly. So...?”

“Let me stay here just a bit longer.”

“Suit yourself. Come over when you are done,” Kelly picked back up her bag and waved goodbye. Bernice waived back.

Once again, she was alone and she turned her attention to some calculus problems. The pencil in her hand moved quickly and with confidence. After so much practice it all now seemed so easy now. She knew that she was more than prepared to take the tests. When the problems were finished, she checked the back of practice book for accuracy. Bernice smiled. Her brilliance was going to be Mr. I’m All That’s downfall.

She was cunning her ultimate vengeance against the douchebag and left the library to join her cheerful and much more carefree friends. Right before slipping through the exit doors, Bernice took a glance behind her. She’s never done that before. Looking back was not something in her character and she worked too hard to be doing that now. No, she wasn’t looking back. It took her a second to realize that for whatever reason, she was actually watching her back.

After lights out, Bernice changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a cashmere sweater. She let loose her up-do and let long, dirty blonde hair hit her back and did her deep blue eyes in a smoky eyeshadow. After she finished doing her makeup, Bernice peaked out of her door to make sure the coast was clear. She tips toed to a room on the other side of the dimly lit hall to secretly celebrate the end of semester with her girlfriends.

Champagne was there as promised. Its sweet spell gently wrapped itself around Bernice’s head. Like the bubbles in her glass, she felt like she’ll float up.

“I still have it,” Bernice held on to her key necklace to help herself from becoming airborne.

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