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A girl not from his world, and a boy at war with himself will take on the world together… how will it end for them? As he losses his path, will she be able to save him?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one - the girl from the sky

Opening my eyes to a sapphire sky, and milky white clouds. I sit up taking in the large lake that seemed to shine all colors of blues reflecting on the snow covered mountains.

“ You okay? You took quite a fall.”

“What?” i spin around coming face to face with a boy, a mask covering half his face but his brown eyes glowing against his dark hair.

“ I said are you okay? You fell out of the sky, im kinda wondering how you are still alive.” He chuckled to him self.

“ I fell out of the sky.” I questioned myself, “How? Exactly.”
He didnt answer my question insted he stuck his hand out asking if i needed help up. I grabbed his hand hoisting myself up and leaning against a nearby tree.

“ names issac.”

“ April” Looking up at him with a smile, “ Why do you where the mask?”

“Allergies” He chuckled looking down at me.

He was much taller than me about 6’6, he had a frame built of muscle, his tight fit Tee showing every feature. I on the other hand i had, a small size of 5’6 with a pair of on black skinny jeans and an oversized band Tee. My hair problby a mess, eyeliner is most likey smudged. I drew into myself, Its probably taking all of him not to laugh at me right now. He was going on about how he was on his way to get his blades oath. Despite the circumstances i asked if i could join him for i knew no one eles or where i was. He let me tag along, it was not till we got to his house did we speak again.

“ Go ahead and clean up, ill get food cooking.”

“O-Okay.” I stuttered out before walking in the direction he told me the bathroom was. Just as i thought my hair was a mess, my eyeliner wasnt smudged so i guess that makes the situation better. I threw on my jeans and bra on, wrapping a towel around me, I stumbled into the kitchen.
“ u-um, my tee has a rip in it..” When he didnt look up, i turned to head back to the bathroom “sorry..”
“Bottem drawer in the room on the left” he said getting up to make a drink.
“ Thank you” I squeeked out hurrying to the room.
Pick the first shirt on top i pulled it over my body, it almost hang to my knees, my shorts underneath were not visible.
“ i need to get my jeans back…” i whimpered before shuffling out of what i think to be his room and back to the kitchen. Hes not there when i get back.
“ Issac?...” After no reply i drop my head, grabbing my jeans off the chair and stuffing them into my backpack i headed for the door. Opening it only to run into a tall figure standing in the doorway.
“Hey, where are you going?” tilting his head to the side before running his eyes down my body, now that i look at him hes very attractive, dark brown eyes, with black hair, his skin tone a nice tan,, yes this man was very attractive i wonder what he would look like without a mask.
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