Poems Of Anterra

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Our protagonist is a poet plagued by visions and dreams of the ashen war. In hopes to be ridden of them, he is roped into the war that has been going on for ages.

Fantasy / Poetry
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Today is too beautiful for anger.
The land is now amber
with leaves loitering everywhere.
Is it necessarry
That war takes place here?

I do not like how they stand,
the tribesmen of the ashen sky.
They lick the broad blades of their spears
and bash their shields together
with each war cry.

The denizens of Phaithonta
are a shining example of civilised brethren.
I don't like how they stand too,
All trimmed
and exuding aggression.

Both sides honor this battle
to ttheir god.
Solar, god of light and wisdom.
Selene, goddess of might and naturalism.
To both sides I nod.

There's so much blood to paint with,
as the land turns from green to red.
So much to do after war.
So many bodies to carry
and many more to put to bed.

"There are no winners in war.
Victory is too little a gain
for the pain received." Are the words
said by former soldiers of both sides.
These words come from solen eyes.

I suddenly awaken to darkness.
These dreams don't tire of me.
I kick the blankets, hoping to exhaust the energy that's not allowing me to sleep.
The time is now past midnight.

My performance at the gala this evening
will be my first one.
I have practiced my poetry,
but these dreams...
they make me uneasy.

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