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Centaur Society

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What happens when the centaurs lives are turned upside down by a small disease? Havoc amongst the mortals is what. I am Zarah Valentine and I refuse to become the next centaur. Why you ask? Well ill tell you. From a young ag kids are taken from each no wait bought from earth to be raised amongst the centaurs in hopes of grooming them. Grooming them for what you ask? Well to be child wbeares of course. Zarah has never truly enjoyed being in the realm of centaurs. From a early age she showed no liking to the thought of bearing child, human or centaur. Leaving her an outcast.of society. Now 22 years old and being chosen for the next top centaurs position, does she have what it take or will she fail. Is her will enough to win against the most wanted centaur in history. Or will she let him walk our her life?

Fantasy / Adventure
Alexis Marie
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An unwelcome gift

"Life got you down? Become a Centaur today!!" Ugg, I groaned clicking the Television off. Tossing the remote towards the little grey love seat, I grabbed the closest magazine Narabi generally brings home with her. She always brings this one home "Centaur Life" always aspiring to be a Chosen amongst the normal crowd. It made sense honestly. She has always wanted a family, why wouldn't she want to be a chosen.

"Zarah!!!!" She screams, as she only holds a bath robe around her thin frame. "I got it! I made the cut!" Those words sank deep into the very core of my being. Of all the news I wanted to hear this was the last, and possibly the worst. They send messages to most before the weekly reports came on. Never hinting at their new position in life.

Sitting down with a heavy sigh, with no more will to fight it anymore I sat there blankly. I could be losing one of if not the only friend in this horrible place I had left. Narabi searched for the remote that fell between the cushions of the love seat, frantically awaiting the weekly report. They call all the newest society members into their regal training this way. The reports happened at 7:00pm sharp on Sundays, and right now it was 6:58 pm. Training always started first thing at dawn on Monday mornings. Some had to travel based on the location of the training center. Each part of the country had a different training facility to house all the new and young members of society.

"Ladies! And Gentlemen! Tonight is the night we all await for every week. We have our very highly selected list for the next trainings. Please know if your name is announced, information will be placed on your television screen of where to report first thing Monday morning." I flipped through the magazine reading all the propaganda plastered on every page. It made me sick to think this was the world we lived in now. Not having a choice anymore for anything we wanted. The older you got the worse it got if you were not chosen. Society making it harder and harder as you age. It was like a right of passage to get chosen, even if it was for a very minor position in book keeping.

"Narabi Valencia!" The most famous reporter, Jerry wickwoth announced. Tuning back to the TV was no help either. I could never get her to turn them off and now she being chosen only made it so much worse. Her info was plastered n the bottom of the screen as she pulled her cell phone out with a slight disapproving look. I could tell she was upset but they haven't had a Chosen in over five years. At least she was only gonna be a nanny, which was good for me seeing as nanny's are trained right here in our local town. Going back to my thoughts was always a safe bet as to not upset her more.

"Zarah Valentine!" No! My mind screamed, as I rushed to the television. This couldn't be happening. Of all the thing in the world, why me? It only made it worse when my information flashed across our television, I set to leave first light and head to the capital, which could only mean one thing. I was headed for the highest positions in the country as a Chosen, and with that the contents of my stomach would no longer stay in their place.

"Ewwww!" Narabi screeched as she tossed me a pan "make sure you clean the floor, we both know it needs to be replaced but its all I have left now. Who knows they may not keep you after a display like that." She said very snipy. It was acctualy decent for what I was expecting from her after all SHE was the ONE who wanted it, me I could careless. But as far as I can see I had no choice. Being assigned to become a new Centaur was the worst thing I could ever dream of. What made it worse was my centaur mate will have been chosen for me already. Expected to learn all the basics in a few months time to begin my higher traings, in the end becoming nothing more than a brood mother.
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