The Lost Bracelet

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A story about a girl who became the fairy queen of her dreams.

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Chapter 1

The Lost Bracelet

Beyond the bright views of the sky, there was a pretty fairy named Alslia. She was one of the prettiest fairies out of all the other fairies. She was also the Queen of the Fairyshine Kingdom. She wore a beautiful bracelet that gave her all the magic powers she needed in order for her to control the Fairyshine Kingdom. One day, Alslia found herself lying on the puffy clouds. Which she had never felt before. It was time to start the day off with some flowers flowing in the air and let the light shine in the sun.

“Good morning, Alslia the Queen” Fizy said.

“Morning to you as well, Fizy” Alslia replied with a soft voice.

Yes, every fairy in the kingdom has to say good morning to Alslia in this respectful way.

“We are going to have a party welcoming Gena, our new fairy girl” Alslia announced.

“Yes!!!” everyone cheered.

“WELCOME Gena!!!” every fairy called out.

“Thank You everyone!” Gena replied excitedly.

“Well, with that being said, that’s get the party started!” Alslia said.

There was music, food, and a fairy dancing show. Everyone was talking and laughing. Gena was sitting by the waterfall. There were fish in the waterfall, so Gena decided to play splashes with them. Gena went into a room near the window. She found a box in a closet. She also found the key to open the box. She opened it, and she found the bracelet! It was very shining and sparkling, oh no! Gena took the bracelet and ran away, back on the earth…..but wasn’t she a fairy? NO, she had pretended to be one, she was just a normal person.

Well….actually, she kept her devil powers hidden from the world. She wasn’t born with those powers. She was being put under a spell by some devil while she was sleeping. Gena tried to catch the devil, but it was too late, when Gena woke up, he was already gone out of her sight. The bracelet can break the spell, that’s why she took the bracelet from Alslia.

Near the floating clouds, Alslia woke up once again. She then went striaght to get her bracelet. When she got there, she found the box and the key hanging on the shelf. But when she opened the box, she gasped, “How could it be? My bracelet! My lovely and pretty bracelet… gone! NOOOO!!!” Alslia shouted loudly.

Everyone heard her and ran to the bracelet room. “What happened? Alslia the Queen?” everyone asked in a very shocking voice.

“My bracelet is gone.” Alslia replied softly.

She was down right away when she found her bracelet missing.

“Wait…..where’s Gena?” one of the fairies asked.

“Oh yes, I think she’s gone” another fairy replied.

Alslia suddenly said “That’s it! Gena took my bracelet!”

Everyone then said “Yes, we knew it right away before you did”

The next morning, every fairy, including Alslia herself, set off to find her bracelet. They flew over the puffy clouds, and slowly landed on the earth.

“Oh my god…..I see Gena! She’s over by the trees and hills, that’s go get that bracelet now” Fizy called out to everyone.

Everyone flew like the wind, and raced to her.

“Hi Gena” Alslia called from her back.

When Gena turned around, Alslia was in shock.

“Gena? Is this really you?! But you were our new fairy earlier!”

“Yes, it’s really me, I’m very sorry that I took your bracelet. But I had to do it…...I had no choice.”

Then Gena decided to tell them the truth. After explaining everything of what had really happened to Alslia, Alslia smiled and said “Poor Gena! You could’ve just told us or me all this in the first place when you came here.”

“Well, you didn’t really need my bracelet to break the spell, I can just do it for you with a wave of magic on my bracelet, super easy.”

Gena gave back the bracelet to Alslia. With a wave to the bracelet, Gena was back to a normal person. Her devil powers were removed from her.

“Oh Alslia the Fairy Queen, I don’t know how should I thank you….” Gena cried out. Her tears running down her eyes, then to her cheeks.

“You don’t need to thank me, it’s what I do. I love helping others, even people.”

“Wait….really???” Gena gasped

“Yes, I’m actually just a person too” Alslia took off her magic ring, revealing her secret too.

Every fairy had shock faces. All years long, Alslia had been wearing her magic ring that her mother gave her. It was her dream to become a fairy and look after the Fairyshine Kingdom. But once Alslia took her ring off, every bit of her turns back to the way she was before. Even the magical bracelet disappeared from her wrist. Everyone tried to find the bracelet once again, but it was never to be found once again.

After weeks, Gena and Alslia became great friends. Nowadays, they would hang out everyday. Even though Alslia will never be able to be a fairy again, she was once a fairy, in that one and only moment. She’s glad that she went to the Fairyshine Kingdom and met Gena there. It will be an unforgettable moment in life for Alslia. She still remembered the first time she flew up in the sky then to the clouds. But Alslia will never ever forget these amazing moments that she had experianced in life.

The End

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