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Lucifer's Prodigy

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Lucifer got entangled with a Human and impregnated her. This was considered a Taboo. After Lucifer committed the Taboo, upsetting the balance that God has set, which was to never have physical contact with Humans. Lucifer was punished by God and then the Humans. Portals appeared around Earth in different regions. Coming from the portals were Man-eating Monsters and Beasts. Humans were defenseless. Seeing this, Lucifer begged God to forgive Humans for his mistake and promised to never set foot on the Human realm ever again. God agreed, but he neither closed the portals nor stop the rampaging Monsters and Beasts rather, He gave Humanity the power to fight back. Ash, the Son of Lucifer and a Cambion grew up with a woman named Zara and aspires to be a Hunter. Follow Ash, as he uncovers his true identity and help Humanity in their struggle for freedom. Discord: Assiddeeq#3861

Fantasy / Adventure
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It is basic knowledge that Demons and Angels are beings created by God. We also know that Demons were once good. Following the path of evil changed everything.

Angels and Demons have clashed for Centuries and each time the Demons lost. But after every battle. They leave the universe in which they had fought destroyed or almost destroyed. Depending on the intensity of the battle.

But this time, the Demons came prepared. Lucifer was expecting to win because he had poured all that he had. More demon soldiers, vengeful souls from the depths of Hell and all other ammunition he needed.

At the warfront, Michael stood and behind him were countless armed Angels with Shields, Armour, Arrows and Spears. Opposite them stood Lucifer with his army of Demons, vengeful souls and armoured skeletons.

"You never give up do you?".Michael said.

"But your army always takes most of the damage, look around you. My army are mostly dead people and everyday people die, So this won't be the last of me." Lucifer said.

As they partake in the fore battle chitchat the Six archangels suddenly appeared.

"Lucifer, long time no see. I think it's a millennium." Uriel said.

"You look quite emaciated, is it because you've been losing since inception and now it's bad for your health. Hmmmm, so allergy really affects fallen angels." Gabriel said pulling Lucifer's legs. (Not Literally)

The rest of the Six archangels just looked at Lucifer showing their disgust.

Lucifer, before becoming a fallen angel didn't get along with the Seven archangels which includes Michael himself.

"You guys are getting too Corky. I really need to put you in your place." Lucifer said with an evil smirk.

Lucifer barely finished talking as the Six princes of Hell appeared out of thin air. It was as though they teleported but it was just their speed.

"What took you so long?" Lucifer said maintaining eye contact with Michael.

"Sorry, we took a little detour to get you back up." Leviathan said hand behind his head, while smiling as he appears to scratch his head.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here. If it isn't the notorious archangel, Raphael." Beelzebub said.

"I actually never wanted to be here. But seeing you here makes my blood boil. I have heard lots of stories about you. Now I get to see for myself how powerful you are." Raphael replied, excited.

The Six archangels are rivals to the Six princes of Hell. The battle of Demons and Angels was frequently held after a Century but never before has the Six archangels and the Six princes of Hell partook in the battles, except the battle of Inception which Lucifer and his Demon companions (Which would later be among the Six princes of Hell) tried to rebel against God and in turn fought the archangels before becoming fallen angels.

"Satan, when did you become a lackey of Lucifer. I thought you were the Ruler of Hell. I guess rebelling against God wasn't the right choice after all." Michael said.

"At the very least, he is a better leader than you." Satan replied, with a cunning smile.

Satan Was The first fallen angel to rebel against God. He got thrown down to Earth and deformed into a hideous creature. After regaining his powers, he took control of Hell, but all this changed when Lucifer led a group of Demons to rebel against God. Lucifer and his troops went to Hell and pledged loyalty to Satan. After they regained their powers, they made Lucifer the Ruler of Hell.

"All this talking is making me drowsy, let's end this." Lucifer said as dark aura came out of his hand, forming a sword.

"As you wish." Michael replied doing the same but he's was white aura.

The collision between the two sides gave off waves if tremendous power. The archangels faced off against the princes of Hell, while Michael faced off against Lucifer.

As they pressed against each other with their swords, Michael attempted to kick Lucifer on the hit. Lucifer pushed Michael backwards then sent a black beaming ray which protruded from his hand towards Michael.

Michael had anticipated this, then easily dodged it.
"This battle is going nowhere. I better get serious." Michael said. He then placed his hands together almost as if he was clapping, soon after he conjured a sword which was made from a metal which wasn't of Earth origin.

The hilt has three pieces to it, a simple crosspiece, a square pommel with 4 Citrines set in it, and a ripped grip made of ebony. A single rune ( THOSE WHO SHALL NOT OBEY WILL FALL, made of thin clear lines) is carved into the middle of it's back.

"So you finally brought it out." Lucifer said.

"I advise you bring out yours too. This may be your last battle otherwise" Michael replied.

"What is the insane aura I feel?" Mammon said trying to figure out the origin. An arrow wheezed past him.

"Don't forget. Your battle is against me." Uriel said.

The battle took place in the milky way galaxy. This is to avoid damaging planets where living beings take refuge.

The battle continued a stalemate because both Demons and Angels didn't want defeat. Until the most unexpected thing happened.

"Lucifer, I know any moment from now, you plan to surround us with more Demons, the likes of Astaroth, Belial and Azazel. But we know and we've prepared a counter." Michael said confidently.

"What is he saying? Is he trying to tell me that some one betrayed me and revealed my tactics to the Angels.... But who could it be? Lucifer thought to himself. After a brief moment, he then realized and turned to look at Satan, who was now smiling at him. Lucifer's eyes widened.

"You bas....." before he completed his sentence, Michael struck Lucifer with lightning rendering him weak, since he let down his guard.

Lucifer stepped backwards as he kneels on thin air (Milky way galaxy = Space). He tried to attack but Uriel shot him down with her light speed arrows, Lucifer now stood hands on his stomach as he attempts to stop himself from bleeding. The weapons that can only pierce him were the weapons Angel weapons( it can kill Angels too).

"This is the end, I actually wanted to spend more time battling you. You were one of few people who could actually rival me. It was fun." Michael said as he thrust his sword into the heart of Lucifer.

Lucifer couldn't stand anymore as he fell. He could still see the smile Satan wore as he shut his eyes.

The Six princes of Hell couldn't do anything because they were occupied with their own battles. Even if they had tried, it will still be futile, since their leader himself lost. Satan used this chance to take control of everything. His plan worked.

"Everyone, fall back. Lucifer is down" Satan said with a worried expression.

The Demons fled, once again the Angels were victorious.

Lucifer fell and fell, until he reached Earth's atmosphere then caught on fire due to the atmospheric pressure.

He landed on Earth with a serious impact. Hopefully for Lucifer. A woman in her mid twenties with black pony tailed hair, a sky blue eyes, a perfectly proportional face, a black eye brow accompanied with a sexy figure named Lilian Lancer who happened to see him fall from the skies came to his aid.

She was a Nurse by occupation. She took him to her place, removed the arrows from his stomach, cleaned up his wounds and then bandaged them after taking care of the injury.

She noticed the gapping wound on his chest, around the area of his heart suddenly start to heal on it's own. All things seemed unusual to her. The arrows, his wounds and his healing speed. All her life, she had never seen anyone heal that fast.

"What is he?" Where did he come from?." She thought to herself. She sat near him and while looking at him fell drowsy then dozed off.

In the morning, Lilian woke up, yawned and stretched. She turned to check up on Lucifer, who was now seated looking at her direction with an awkward smile. Seeing this, Lilian got scared running backwards. She grabbed a frying pan that was close to and pointed it at Lucifer.

He looked at her for a while. He down from the bed and walked towards her. She stepped backwards seeing this, he kept on coming. She had walked till she reached the wall of the room.

Lucifer never cared about anything apart from defeating Michael. He didn't take his time to learn good etiquettes, so there's was nowhere for him to know how to react in this situation.

Seeing that she had nowhere to go, she took a fighting stance, ready to strike at any moment while she glared at Lucifer, who was now a step away from her.

Lucifer didn't say anything because he couldn't speak Human language. He could learn any language he desires as long as he is a step from the person. He felt like he needed to learn the language because he hasn't regained all his powers back in order to survive. That was why he persisted on going closer to her.

"Thank you." Lucifer said as he turned to walk away.

Lilian didn't understand why he smiled at her like weirdo in the first place but she didn't want to let him go. Not when he is not fully recovered, plus he didn't even have breakfast.

"Why don't you hang out for breakfast. You are not even fully recovered." She said.

Hearing this, he turned to look at her once again.

"You don't need to worry about my recovery and also, I don't get hungry." As he said this, his tummy gave out a thunderous growl.

Lucifer as a fallen angel had never felt so embarrassed in his entire life. He couldn't even look Lilian in the eyes after this enormous blunder.

"Well, you stomach says otherwise." Lilian said with a warm smile.

As she prepared breakfast. Lucifer stood, still shocked from what had happened earlier. He was dumbfounded as to why and how his stomach growled.

"Is it because I lost my powers from the battle or is it because I am in Human form now. I didn't get it. But regardless, I need to get back to Hell to teach that bastard a lesson he will never forget. For trying to betray me." As he thought about this, he becomes so angry that the fire in the chimney kept on flickering. Lilian noticed this and tried to relief him from whatever is bothering him.

"But you are not from around here. Are you?." She imposed. He looked at her for a second.

"No." He said.

"Where are you from?." She said.

"You will not believe me even if I tell you." He said.

"Try me..... I have seen lots of abnormal things nothing scares me anymore." She said as she slice through the sandwich placed on the cutting board.

"Do you believe in God?." He said.

"Hahahahah, of course I do. What are you, God." She said sarcastically.

"Worst, I am Lucifer, a fallen angel and the Ruler of Hell." He said as he looked at her with a serious expression.

She lost the grip of the knife she held. Her chest tightened, she could barely breathe. It was a heavy shock to her. She, a believer of God, is housing one of the enemies of God. What is this?. A test?. She mumbled all sort of things in her mind. Perplexed as she was, she turned to look at Lucifer, was now at the door way.

"I told you, didn't I." He said, his hand on the door knob. When she heard this, sanity came running back into her body.

"I must say. You got me by surprise. But my reaction just now, is normal. I mean, you are Lucifer and I am a mortal who was brought up to disregard you. So it took me by surprise when you told me." She said.

"This is all the more reason I have to leave this place." He turned to unlatch the door knob.

He left Lilian's place. He didn't want to interfere in her ways of life.

As Lucifer walked by the street. He noticed a lot of people gathered around a certain area. He suddenly felt the urge to go and also take a look.

On reaching the place, he pushed through the people, to see what they were so fixated at. When he was now in front of the crowd, he saw a very huge gapping hole on the ground, it was 400 feets down.

"So, this was where she found me." He thought to himself.

"What surprised him was the fact that the Humans are making a fuzz about it. People took pictures and posted on the net. It was the talk of the town.

He went back to walking in the street. He had no destination. He should have stayed with that woman, he thought to himself. As he a walked, he noticed a store full of fruits. His Human mind and weakened body wanted that.

He entered the store. In the store, a man sat behind a counter. The store was filled with different fruits. Lucifer went straight to a shelf, where apples were kept. He saw a price tag.

"What is this?." Lucifer said with a frown in his face.

"Lucifer threw the tag. He took the apples and started to munch on them. After eating to his fill, he thanked the man sitting behind the counter and walked towards the door.

"Hey man, where are you going? You gotta pay? said the man seated behind the counter.

"What is that?" What are you saying?." Lucifer said.

"Are you kidding man, the fruits you ate weren't free. You wanna get beaten. Huh? The man said as he left the counter with a furious expression.

"I'm sorry, if I have done anything that made you mad. But why are you so stressed. I just ate some apples, that's all." He said.

Two huge men came, they overheard the conversation between Lucifer and the man (Whose name was Jay)."

"Jay?... Should we beat the money out of him?." One among the two huge men said.

"As a matter of fact, yes." Jay said.

The two huge men approached Lucifer. He was still confused as to what he did. He learned English, but he didn't care to learn the money related part of Human life. He stepped backwards as they pressed forward.

Lilian entered the store panting.
"Hah, Hah, I... Found you at last." Lilian said.

Lucifer's face brightened up, at least here is someone he knows. He took advantage of this distraction and easily walked to her.

"What are you guys doing? He is leaving." Jay said.

Lilian rushed and stood in his front. She raised both her hands indicating to them.

"Stop, What did he do?." She said.

Jay had enough of all this, he was about to explode. He just wants to see Lucifer down with blood on his face. He doesn't care anymore.

"Do whatever you want, but make sure you leave bruises on his face." Jay said.

Hearing this, the two men knew what they had to do. Since Lilian is in stood in front of Lucifer. They will just smack her out of the way.

Lucifer already knew what they were planning to do. He got so furious. Be disappeared from behind her and appeared in front of her. The first among the two men came running with a clenched fist aiming at Lucifer's face.

Lucifer grab hold of his arm and clenched it hard breaking his bone. Lucifer was only using 2% of his full power. But beating Humans was no problem.

Lucifer's eyes turned red. He looked at the other man, the man hesitated after seeing what he had done to his companion. The building was shaking vehemently, it was as though it will crumble.

"I wouldn't have done this if you had just listened to her. Now you will all go to Hell." He said as his eyes beams with red light with an evil smile.

"He.... He is demon." Jay said as his legs gave away.

Lilian knew she had to interfere or Lucifer would have done something that he will regret later. She hugged him from behind.

"Please stop, please..... Just stop." She said almost as if she was about to cry. Lucifer seeing this calmed down. His eyes went back to normal.

He let go off the man's arm. The building suddenly stopped shaking. They left the store.

Jay was bewildered. He couldn't keep what he saw to himself, he would go crazy, if he did. He ran to the nearby church. He interrupted a sermon. He reported that a Demon is walking free on Earth wreaking havoc. The Pastor needed on order to believe this.

Months after the incident. People knew that Lucifer was a Demon. They started to hate Lilian for giving a Demon shelter. She lost her job.

Lucifer regained his power but he just couldn't live Lilian in that situation. It was his fault. Even Lucifer is capable of feeling peoples pain.

One day, Lilian came home sobbing, because she couldn't take the treatment she get from people. Lucifer went to comfort her. He was trying to find a solution to this problem. Should he take her back to Hell with him, because that is the only way for her to continue living.

Lilian was seated on her bed, Lucifer sat close to Her.

"Come with me, let's leave this place." He said.

"This is my home town, I would love to go with you, but I just can't. Besides no matter where we go, It will still end up this way." She said still sobbing.

"Not this world. Let's go to my Kingdom, in Hell. I will keep you in Purgatory. You won't age a day. Lucifer said trying to convince her.

"Thank you. For making my worries mine. But I just want to live a simple life. I want to stay here and that's it." She said as she hugs him.

"I don't want anything to happen to you because..... Because I love you." Lucifer said with a straight face.

Lilian looked at him. She smiled.
"I thought you'd never say it." She said.

They kissed, It was a steamy night. After that they, Lucifer became more of a husband than a Ruler of Hell. He had stayed with her till all the 9 months of her pregnancy. Humans planned to attack Lilian's when she is in Labour.

At the if the labour. Lilian instructed Lucifer on what to do, even if they tried to contact anyone, no one will come. Crowd of people gathered that night, they held torches and insisted on getting into the house.

Allntjey wanted was to kill Lucifer and the unborn child. Later on hang Lilian, a public execution. Lilian noticed how relentless they are, so she made Lucifer promise to protect their no matter what. She told to name the child Ash, if it's a boy and name the child Dawn, if it's a girl.

The moment she gave birth to the child, she died. Giving birth to the child resulted to a massive earthquake through out Earth. Portals appeared every where. Beasts came out of the portals and started eating Humans. People ran helter skelter for their lives.

A portal opened close to Lilian's house. The people finally broke down the entrance door to the house but after seeing the beasts that were coming out from the portals, they ran for their lives.

"Lilian, why? why?." Lucifer said as tears drop from his eyes.

Monsters that were closed to Lilian's home tried to venture into the house. The door was broken down because of how the people banged on it.

"NOOO" Lucifer shouted enraged. The beasts ran while some went back into the portals as they heard the thunderous sound of a sad husband.


Lucifer was in pain. He lost the one woman who had taught him love and kindness. He took her and his son as he walk on the street. Monsters ignored him and go for other people, they were scared of him. Lucifer saw how hopeless Humanity was, he then tried to reach God.

"Please stop all this. This was my mistake. Don't frustrate your anger on them. If you are willing, I will do one thing in return." Lucifer said.


"If you stop all this. I promise to never set foot on the Human realm ever again." Lucifer said.


"Thank you." Lucifer said as he descends to Hell.

Lucifer went to Purgatory and dropped Lilian, together with he son.

Purgatory is a place in Hell, where Time doesn't apply. It is not bound by the rules of time. Anyone who enters Purgatory at the age of 10 and left Purgatory after 20 years. He or she will still remain 10 years old.

"Ash, wait for a while. Daddy's got job do to." Lucifer said as he left Purgatory and headed to his Kingdom.

At the palace, Satan sat on the throne.

"Satan please give us permission to go and search for Lucifer. He may not be dead. I have known Lucifer through out my life. He is very durable person, his stamina is peerless. Please." Leviathan begged.

"What nonsense are you saying?. Didn't you see the attack, one Angel weapon can kill any Demons and Angels alike. But in his case, it was two, Uriel's arrow and Michael's sword. Lucifer is dead and that is all there is to it." Satan said with a crooked smile.

Satan laughed maniacally. The Five Princes of Hell couldn't do anything. Because Satan knows everything about Hell. He has been there for a longer time than them. Plus, he is the current Ruler of Hell, They just had to obey him.

"And who are you to say that." Lucifer said.

All of them turned to look at the person who spoke. It was dark, they only heard his footsteps. When he finally walked into the light, he stopped. Everyone gasped Satan on the other hand was shivering. Lucifer wore a vest and shorts, the Five Princes of Hell were all stunned.

Satan slowly stood up from the throne. He wanted to runaway when...

"Seize that traitor." Lucifer said as he pointed at Satan. Before could do anything, Leviathan was already there.

"It wasn't me. It was Cain, he told them your tactics." Satan said.

"Even at that, you knew what he did and refused to tell us. Plus Cain is your lackey, so he will only do what you tell him to do... Leviathan, take him away." Lucifer said.

Leviathan took Satan to their prison in the depth of Hell and came back almost suddenly. He was the second fastest Princes of Hell. Followed by Beelzebub.

"Lucifer?." Leviathan said and bowed.

"What is it?." Lucifer replied.
"What is with your dressing?. You almost came in cool but your look spoiled it." Leviathan said laughing.

"Shut up." Lucifer shouted. His face turned red out of embarrassment. ( After the skit).

Lucifer told the Five Prince of Hell about his encounter with Lilian and his Son. They all went to visit his.

He kept his Son in Purgatory for a 100 years and visited frequently, he did that for Humanity to forget about his arrival to Earth and to keep his Son safe but they didn't. So he took his Son to a Human woman ( Named Zara) whom he trusted to raise Ash. She did as she was told.

Lucifer told Zara to tell Ash that his Father's name is Lancer, he doesn't want his Son to find out about anything related to the incident.

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