A love to last a lifetime ( A werewolf love)

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Once there was a king. Feared by many. To them, he is a vicious, heartless, merciless King. Despite the horrible illustration of him, many envy his power. A great warrior king as they say. The countless battle he triumphantly won was heard from all across the four kingdoms. Nevertheless, as ruthless as he is, he was scarred by years of his solitude, with no queen to rule by his side, “ A Mateless King” as they say. Women were swooned to get his attention. Not only for his power, wealth but to be beside him ruling his kingdom. He knows he needed someone to fill the void in his heart. For how long, only time and fate would be kind to lead him to his destined mate. Many years had passed, and his name and kingdom were forgotten. It is said he vanished for many years, and that his kingdom no longer exists, but his long ensconced invisibility will now unveil his secrecy in his return. To them, he is a myth, a legend. But a ravenous fury awakens and reveals his true power to those who wanted to destroy him. No one can define his strength, power, that emanates from the beast that is within. And the inner beast will ascend and unleash its power to protect the one destined for him.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1: Escaped from the past

Running, never stopping. A woman was running away from the castle. Holding a child in her arms. Legs were down tired but the woman could not cease her absconded flight from the place that was once her home. The eerie night did not help, worried for the child’s life. They’re out in the open, and their lives are still in danger. The infant cried and echoed through the forest, unknowingly a creature heard the gaudy cries. Its loud menacing growl erupted in a dark, frightening night. She kept running but the creature was never far behind. She knew in her heart that death was near and fear covered her soul. But she promised, she will keep her safe even if it means giving her life. She was brought to a halt when she heard it again, a growl, looking with fear, she faced the creature holding the infant tight in her arms. She’s not a warrior but she will never give up without a fight. The black huge wolf looked menacingly, when suddenly as if it realized something. A labyrinth of emotions synced in. The eyes that once flared in a menaced looked, now softened with care. It moved closer and it stopped a few steps away from its prey. The infant was now calmed as if it sensed something. The innocent eyes of the child were now connected to his eyes. The world has stopped. Finally, His heart ceased searching.
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