These Are The Passages of Koneekwa

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Koneekwa embarks on a journey to find the secrets in the mountains... "In years to come she would tell others of the dark secrets people carry but don’t want to disclose. Why it is they move and why they keep on moving. The fragmented stories they tell about why they left and don’t want to return. And when they are eventually called back to the places and people they are from, that they are inevitably bound to, they are faced with the realisation that there is no escape from a carving in your bone. A carving dug with a knife that is made to sculpt shapes deep within the calcium."

Fantasy / Adventure
Marr C. C.
Age Rating:

Part 1: For the Sleepwalkers

“Our hearts are thirsty black handkerchiefs

flying through the trees at night, soaking up

the darkest beams of moonlight, the music

of owls, the motion of wind-torn branches.

And now our hearts are thick black fists

flying back to the glove of our chests.

We have to learn to trust our hearts like that.

We have to learn the desperate faith of sleep-

walkers who rise out of their calm beds

and walk through the skin of another life.”

— Edward Hirsch

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