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Always Watching Me

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She lives an ordinary life but everything soon changes when she becomes targeted buy a group of strangers. Will she fall victim? And become their prey! Or does she manage to change the tide and escape with her life? Read on to find out more!

Fantasy / Romance
Ivy Phillips
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Chapter One

Today I saw him again, always alone and always watching me. But his eyes only say one thing, loneliness. They are the deepest shade of blue I've ever seen. For some reason he looks as though he is ready for a formal event, wearing a full suit each day, his hair is a ash blonde colour which only help with his natural beauty, he truly was the most attractive man I've ever laid eyes upon. He come in at the same time each day, 8:45 sharp, but only ever orders a coffee to go. And always alone. Rarely does he speak to anyone, but I have started to notice that he seems to stare at me, and quite a bit too!

Everyone I work with says to me that I should just ask him out already, because they secretly believe that I'm the reason that he keeps on come back too our small cafe. But to me that just sounds ridiculous, it's totally out there to actually happen in real life. Things like that only ever happens in movies or in books. I wouldn't even know how to ask a stranger out with me! What do you even say I wonder. "Hey, I see you in here lots and think you pretty handsome, so I'm will you go out with me sometime for a drink, and no I don't mean coffee!" Ugh. Even think about it has me ravelling undone! So, for now I'm just going to keep on serving him his coffee. And I will just have to pray that he might ask me out first, hopefully he does ask me. Just the thought alone has me on edge, eventually I will ask him myself. But I'm to much of a wuss to do anything about it.

Life was good, every morning was the same routine. Wake up, get dressed, have breakfast and head to work. Oh and the best part of the morning was I got to see gorgeous sexy, mysterious man! We didn't talk much however, instead flirted with our eyes. I know that I shouldn't be a coward and just go and ask him out already, but how can I? His is way out of my league! Incredible handsome, sexy and practically perfect. Then there is me, just a simple regular girl, who isn't special in any way. So for now I'm just going to keep on serving him his coffee each morning, and just pray that someday he will ask me first, hopefully he does ask though. A girl can always dream!

It's been over a month now, but he still come in like clockwork always the same time. 8:45am and never with anyone, and always the same order cappuccino to go. Except for one time, the time he doesn't leave. As much to my surprise he just gets his coffee and then sits down by the small window in the far corner of the cafe. I can clearly see him talking in quick glances in my direction, I'm busy making other customers orders but I can still sense his eyes
lingering on me. When it's be well over an hours I finally couldn't take it no longer, I finally gained enough courage to go an talk to this mystery man, and unravel his mystery.

As I began to make my way over towards his table, I began to think to myself what am I actually doing right now, how can I ask him! In the end I had to put my inner thoughts to the back of my head. I just had to decide to take a giant leap of faith. However, soon as I had made my way over towards him I heard a cell phone ring, and just my luck he had answered it. Now being embarrassed because now I'm standing right in fount of his table, directly in front of him and my brain at the exact moment decided to have a mini meltdown. All I can manage to spit out is, "hey, excuse me Sir. Would you care for a relationship? I um meant to say re-fill?"

Now feeling like a total idiot, quickly I make my way back to get the man his refill coffee to go. Feeling deep down utter frustration and disappointment with in myself. I just couldn't believe my luck. And my slip up! How stupid can I honestly be.
I went to work the next day still optimistic that I will get a second chance to finally talk to the strange man properly. However, 8:45 came and passed with no sign of the intriguing man. I just couldn't believe it, I was feeling totally defeated. I felt as though I was never giving the proper chance to even tell him my name or to ask him what his was. I was really regretting my decision not to ask him sooner. He most likely got fed up coming into the cafe every day and simply just got bored of me and left.

A full week went by and still no sign of the mystery man, if only I had asked him his name. Then maybe just maybe things could be different. It's now been Two weeks and I am beginning to feel like I'll never see him again, that it was the end, before anything could ever happen it was already all over. However, the not knowing is the worst part of all, what could of been if I had simply asked him sooner, it plagues my mind at night just thinking about the possibility of what if, It was now three weeks since I've seen the strange mysterious man, who I can not stop thinking about no matter how hard I try too.

I'm starting to think maybe I'll never actually see him again, I started to wonder why he had stoped coming into the cafe, what made him decide to just go away. What happened with that phone call, and why did it seem extremely important to him?
As I continue to think to myself, all I could think about was that I secretly hope that he would come back, eventually. And maybe this time I would ask him his name, this time would be different I wouldn't hesitate. For now, I know exactly what I want. And what I want is to know that mystery man, and to finally unravel his mystery!
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