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Changing World We Live In

Aurelia was glad to be back in her apartment with her mate, and now king. It seemed like no time had passed from the time she was carried in the doors of The Order by Alexzander. It had, in fact, been several years. Years of learning proper werewolf politics, genealogy and etiquette. She had to admit, it was a lot to learn. In fact she was still learning.

“You know, you can’t just hide away anymore. You’re basically a queen now that you are head of The Order. I may be your second, but I still need you to make some appearances. It is after all, your coronation.” Her once weird and exuberant college roommate was now her Beta. Someone had to take Zander’s place when they made the announcement that she was going to take over for her grandparents. The news had received mixed reactions from the werewolf and supernatural community. Aleister and Astri had asked the world leaders to not make snap judgment and let her learn her place in the ways of The Order. And they had.

“KitKat, why are you in my rooms? Alexzander and I need a few minutes to ourselves. Okay? I promise, we’re not ditching out. Although, the idea has a certain amount of merit.” Before anyone could say anything, Alexzander entered the room. Holding his hand was a pint sized version of Aurelia. Upon seeing her mom, she toddled over as fast as her stubby little legs would carry her. “Momma, momma.”

Aurelia bent down and scooped up her daughter, who was babbling away and patting her mother’s face. Alexzander, as always, was enraptured watching his youngest child with his mate. Before he could think of anything else, their three sons walked in. The boys ranging in age from 13 to 5, ran and hugged their mom. In one loud voice they congratulated both of their parents, paying special attention to their mom.

“Darling, they were determined to see you sooner. I barely kept them at bay. Poor Cecelia has her hands full. Jack and Emma are going to be a handful. Donovan and Elijah are the calmer of the two. However, I promised them that they could see us before bed.” Leaning over he kissed her so sweetly that she would forgive him anything.

Jack, the youngest boy, picked up her crown and was inspecting it. “Do you really have to wear it all the time, mom? It’s heavy,” His brow puckered with concern. Jack was her sensitive one. He was the nurturer out of all of her children. Her oldest Elijah, while laid back, was powerful and would one day take over from his parents. Donovan was the hot head of the bunch. So like his father when he was young. The stories that Zander had told her made her realize just what they let themselves in for when they started having children. Emma, well, Emma was a sweetheart. Gentle and loving. No one who met her would not instantly realize how gentle she was.

“Yes, Jack. It’s very heavy. And no darling. I only have to wear it during Order or state functions. In fact, I really don’t have to wear it at all.” Taking the crown from her son, she turned and handed it to KitKat, her second. “Now KitKat, as my Beta, you are going to go downstairs and tell everyone that I am seeing my children before their bedtime and will return shortly.” When the Beta opened her mouth to object, Aurelia stopped her with just a few words. “It’s not open to discussion, K.K.”

KitKat scrunched her nose. She hated that nickname. Aurelia knew it too and used it to her advantage. “Fine. How long shall I say you will be?”

“I should think an hour will do.” Alexzander nodded his agreement. “Come on, kids. Bed time. Tonight of all nights, you better not give Cecelia a hard time. She’s getting older and shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

“No sense, sir. I love what I do. Besides, they are great children. ” Cecelia looked at the new Alpha couple and sighed. Her mother would be so proud, as would her father. After getting the children to bed, Alexzander and Aurelia bid her goodnight and went back downstairs to return to their coronation ball.


I ended here because, to me, it felt right. I hope you have enjoyed this story. Please remember to leave me a comment and to vote. Btw, negative comments are okay. However, if you get ugly, I will block you and report you.

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