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So Fast

Aurelia was aware of warmth, as it slowly penetrated her sleep deprived mind. She realized a few things. She was in an unfamiliar bed. She was in said bed with a man. The aforementioned man was practically a stranger. When they touched though, she could feel something akin to electricity dance across her skin. She also realized that his thick, muscular arm was draped over her waist and his face was tucked into her nape, causing goosebumps every time he breathed out. Then she realized that there was a lot of pressure on her bladder. However, when she tried to move, Alexzander would growl and tighten his hold until she was still. She didn’t know what to do. This was her first morning after. She had never been with a guy before. Let alone slept with one. Aurelia snorted. Sleeping and talking is all they had done, thank God. She didn’t know him that well. But, something in her heart cried out to be with him. And her girlie parts come to life whenever he was near.

It was frustrating to her. She had never experienced any kind of desire for either the opposite sex or her own gender. Now, her she was, in the space of less than twelve hours, she was in the bed with a man practically naked. And she was almost positive from the feel of him against her, that he WAS naked. Forgetting about her bladder, Aurelia began to hyperventilate. That woke the mountain of a man next to her. Squeaking, she jumped.

“I have to pee, and you growled whenever I tried to get up.” Fleeing to the bathroom he had shown her last night, she took care of her needs, then washed her hands, brushed her teeth and the brushed her hair. It felt odd to be using her mates brush. Mate. There was just something about that word. It almost did the same thing to her that his presence did. Deciding to not be a coward, she left the bathroom to find that Alexzander was talking to the lady from the night before. When they realized that she was there, the woman turned to her.

She crossed the room as she smiled at Aurelia. The woman was beautiful. “Hello, my darling. Welcome to your new home.” Alexzander must have heard her heart speed up, because he was suddenly by her side. His presence seemed to calm her. “Astri, please let her speak with the Alpha and you together. I’m afraid she might bolt and run, if we overload her.”

The lady, who Aurelia now recognized as her grandmother, nodded. “You’re right, Alexzander. Perhaps it’s better this way. I will see you shortly. Breakfast will be ready and then, her grandfather and I will want to speak to you both.” Alexzander acknowledged her words with a curt nod and then turned to Aurelia.

“Good morning, how are today? I’m sure you have many questions. We will answer them all after we eat. I have discovered over my many long years of life that bad news never seems so bad when your belly if full. Come, let us join the others.” Alexzander kissed her forehead, which felt so sweet and heartfelt. He also handed her a clean change of clothes to put on. “After all,” he smirked, “You can’t go around looking like that. These wolves would walk around with raging boners all day. Change and then we will go.”

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