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We Are A Family

Alexzander escorted Aurelia with a hand on her lower back, gently guiding her. Smiling down at her and stroking a finger down her cheek, he asked, “Anything you don’t like?”

Aurelia shook her head and smiled back at him and replied, “Whatever is fine. But, I really need some coffee. I’m not a big eater, remember?” Turning, he went to the side board where a breakfast buffet was set up and fixed both of them a plate of food. His mate’s plate was heavy on the fruit and eggs. While his was loaded with meat, then some eggs and fruit. Stopping at the end of the table, he nodded to his friend Cassien. Who merely smirked at him.

Cassien was enjoying watching his friend of centuries take care of his mate. Alexzander had been a fierce, deadly Norman warrior. They had met during Hadrian’s occupation of Briton(Britain). Cassien was pulled from his memories of that particular battle when his female leader called his name.

“I apologize, Luna. I was remembering how Alexzander and I met. What was it that you needed?”

His lady smiled at him, aware of the close bonds that the two men shared. “I was asking if you were able to do away with the body of the young lycan that attacked my granddaughter.” At the mention of the attack, Alexzander growled low in his throat.

Astri watched as her granddaughter placed a small hand on the very large male lycan, smiling. “It’s alright, you saved me. I am safe because of you.” Aleister tensed at the physical contact between their granddaughter and his second.

Cassien, seeing his leader’s expression and body language, answered his luna’s question, hoping to head off a potentially volatile situation. “Yes, Luna. I sent a team last night. They left right after I debriefed you. They returned just a few hours ago. No one saw anything.”

Aleister looked down the table at his granddaughter. Watching her smile and occasionally snitch a piece of bacon from Alexzander’s plate, to which he would pretend to growl and she would giggle in happiness. No, he would not punish his second. After all, this was completely new territory for them. The Order Of Werewolves had never had a protector discover that his ward was his mate. So, this set a precedence for them. Besides, who was he to try to part what the goddess had put together. Taking a deep breath, he addressed the people seated at the table.

“I realize that this is new territory for us here at The Order, so I’ll be brief. Alexzander, it is my fondest wish to get to know my granddaughter. However, I am not without feelings. I remember how hard it is to have to deal with the mate-pull. I will allow you a week to mate,” Astri cleared her throat rather loudly, “Make that two weeks. I would like for you to stay on The Order’s property. But, I’ll understand if you want to get away from everyone.”

“Thank you, Aleister. I appreciate that. We were up late last night getting to know each other. It was kind of a shock for Aurelia to realize that she was a werewolf. She was never told by her parents. So, I explained a lot of her story to her. We can be packed and ready to go by the early afternoon. I have my cabin in the mountains. We can go there.“ Looking at over at her he said, “Unless, you want to go somewhere else.”

" The mountains are fine. As long as I have food, a bed and a good supply of water, I’m good.“ Thinking of something suddenly, she turned to him and asked, “Running water and electricity?”

“Yes, my cabin has running water and electricity. I think you will enjoy yourself completely. I have a greenhouse, a garden, a fully stocked pantry and there is plenty of wild game to hunt if you want something different.” Alexzander smirked. How would she react if she had to live like he had as a young warrior? She was definitely a modern city girl.

As they were leaving the room, Aurelia turned and looked at her grandparents. Tears could be seen shining in her eyes “We’re a family. I am looking forward to getting to know you too.”

Several hours later, Alexzander was standing at a register in a small town grocery store paying for some last minute item. Aurelia was standing next to him patiently waiting. After collecting his change, he grabbed the two bags with their items and was walking out when a woman entered into the store. Realizing it was him, she walked up to him and kissed him.

Alexzander stiffened as Tiffany kissed him. He had forgotten about her. She was someone who warmed his bed and kept away the loneliness. However, Aurelia was standing there beside them watching this with anger brewing in her eyes. Realizing that they were not alone, Tiffany released him and turned to her with a smirk on her face. “Hello, and who are you? Alexzander’s niece, cousin or a female relative of some sort?”

Before his sweet, gentle mate could say or do anything, Alexzander distanced himself from the predatory female. “Tiffany, I would like you meet my wife.” Aurelia smirked then when the woman’s face not only went pale, it went blank with shock.

“Wife? You couldn’t be married! You’re not the marrying kind. What about us?” She sputtered.

“There is no us, Tiffany. I warned you a long time ago not to build dreams, because I was waiting for my girl to reach adulthood. Well, she has and we are together.” Tiffany was growing madder by the minute. How dare he throw her away!

“You bastard! So, I meant nothing to you!” She fumed.

“No. You were merely someone to keep my bed warm on the occasional night. You were warned that’s all you would ever be. You came into this with your eyes wide open. If you had thought that there would be more, than you have fooled yourself.” Turning and laying his hand on Aurelia’s back, they got into their jeep and heading to their cabin. “I’m sorry, Aurelia. I never thought Tiffany would be so bold, or hard headed.”

Aurelia could tell that he was upset. Maybe even a little embarrassed. “It’s ok, Alexzander. I honestly didn’t think that you had lived a monastic lifestyle for around 2000 years. I knew that there were women. I imagine that there was actually quite a few of them. However, last night during our talk, you said that mates are faithful to each other. I never did ask how that works. I ask, because I know that love or a wedding ring does not necessarily guarantee fidelity. So, how does it work?”

Alexzander did a mental forehead swipe, thankful that his mate was taking this so well. It’s one thing for your mate to meet a female friend, but for her to meet a former lover could cause many problems. Especially when the lover was human. Tiffany, thank god, had no clue what he really was. Realizing that she was waiting on the answer to her question, he offered her the only explanation he had. “It’s quite simple, mates are connected at the heart. We complete each other. Because of that, there is no need for another. Any supernatural that cheats of their mate does so because they don’t value that mate or the heart that they have been given to hold.”

By the time that he was finished with his explanation, they were in front of the cabin. “Come on, let’s go in and get settled then I’ll show you around our honeymoon spot.”

It took about an hour to get situated and their bags unpacked. After the quick tour, they decided to fix dinner together. Alexzander knew that his mate could cook, and cook well. She, however, had no idea that he could, as well. So they fixed dinner together, and he enjoyed it immensely. There were light and teasing touches, kisses and nibbles, god help him, even her sucking on his finger to clean it off. As she moaned at his taste, his pants tented and threatened to bust his zipper.

Diner was just as sensual. He had no idea that his innocent little mate was such a sexual creature. He should have, though. She was after all a werewolf. She possessed a natural sensuality that set fires burning in him.

“Hjarta mitt, I think it is time to take you to bed and claim you before I lay you across this table and take you right here.” Aurelia looked at Alexzander and saw desire, lust need, want and even love, in his eyes and shivered, feeling her own desire rise. Growling, Alexzander picked her up and carried her up to their room.

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