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More Than I Hoped For

Aurelia couldn’t believe what was happening. But Alexzander had stayed with her the whole time. She remember how he held her hand in his strong grip as the doctor examined her. He took a urine and blood sample, checked her blood pressure, listened to her heart, and shone a light in her eyes. “It appears that she’s only a few days along. Have you noticed the change in her scent yet? It would be subtle at first, then as the pup or pups, as the case may be, grow bigger, it will begin to get stronger. I’ll get back to you within a day or two with the results of the two samples I took. I expect that our little momma here is quite healthy. We’ll discuss due date and plan of care when I get back to you tomorrow. I left her a bottle of vitamins and something for the nausea. Have her take it tonight before she eats. And Beta, do make sure she eats. The pup or pups are at a critical stage for development right now, and they need a lot of nutrition.” The doctor, having finished what he needed to say, packed up his bag and left the room.

Aurelia looked at Alexzander and said, “Zander, I’m hungry. Can I please have something to eat?”

Astri smirked at the second and cocked one eyebrow. “Zander,huh? Well now, my granddaughter is hungry and needs to eat. I’m going to the kitchen to talk with cook and have something set up right away.” Leaning down, she kissed Aurelia on the forehead and swept regally out of the room.

“A baby, Zander. We made a baby. Oh, I’m so excited. I never thought I would ever want to be with anyone. Now, not only am I with someone, I love them, and we’re mated. And we’re having a baby!!!” The excitement caused another wave of nausea to flood her stomach and she moaned. “Oh not a good idea. I shouldn’t allow myself to get stirred up like that. Can I have one of those pills for nausea? I think I need it.” Alexzander was helping Aurelia sit up when Astri re-entered the room with a tray of broth and a grilled cheese sandwich.

“Oh Grandmother, thank you. That smells so good. Can you let me go to the bathroom first? Zander, please help me. My legs are wobbly.” She quickly finished her business, washed her hands and brushed her hair, then went back to the bedroom where Zander and her grandmother were talking. Noticing her first, Alexzander helped her to the small sitting area on the other side of the room so that she could be comfortable while she ate.

After eating, Aurelia felt much better and wanted a shower. She watched Zanders face harden into a mask of concern. She could just hear him now. “No, Zander. I want a shower. Either you help me or I will call my grandmother in here.” When his eyes dulled she realized that she had hurt him. Placing her palm against his cheek, she reached up on her tiptoes and pulled his head down to kiss him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. But, I really need a shower. I threw up and sweated in these clothes. They’re starting to feel a little gross. I tell you what, I’ll take a bath if you’ll help me wash my hair.”

Alexzander remembered a similar scenario while they were in the mountains. He had loved her all that night, forgetting that she had been a virgin. When she stood she had been wobbly and very tender. He, of course, had been angry at her for not saying anything. “But it felt so wonderful. The things you were doing to me, I didn’t know. I’ve never felt them before.” In that moment, he had felt so powerful and yet, so humble. To have someone so pure in mind and in heart love him, an assassin, at times, a horny, dominating male always, yet with her, a tender lover humbled him.

She was so pure and gentle. She was like a doe. Fragile seeming, yet strong deep down. Tender and gentle, but standing her ground if need be. However, the conversation that he knew was coming from Aleister was not something he was looking forward to. How would she react? Would she hate her grandparents, whom she had just found? Would she hate him? So many questions swirled through his mind, he would get lost in them is he wasn’t careful. He had just found his mate, he couldn’t lose her now. He was one of the strongest lycans alive, he was over 2000 years old, and he was the Beta to the largest organized pack in the world. But still, one small girl could bring him to his knees.

Realizing that the tub was just at the right depth, he shut off the water and went to get Aurelia. She was sitting on the side of the bed naked, waiting for him. Alexzander felt his body harden in response to the lovely view before. Tired, not feeling well and slightly stinky, she was still the most beautiful woman in the world to him and he knew beyond anything that his body would always respond to her like this.

Aurelia lifted her head when she heard her mate walk into the room. She had undressed and tossed her clothes in the corner of the room. She knew that it would cause a stir in Zander’s body, just like the sight, smell or feel of him triggered the same response in hers. However, she also knew that he wouldn’t act on it. One of the first things she had learned about her mate was that males lycans were driven to care for and nurture their mates. Even if it was out of character for them. It was part of the bonding process for mates. Not only do males have a desire to protect, they also will discover a need to nurture their mates. To take care of them. That’s why she trusted him completely. As she was thinking all these things, Zander came over to the bed, picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, where one of the biggest bathtubs she had ever seen waited on her, filled to the perfect depth with water, that she knew would be the perfect temperature.

Alexzander lowered Aurelia into the water, enjoying the sound of her sighs as the warmth engulfed her. Looking down at her, he saw her reach and wrap an arm around his neck. “Join me, Zander. You can sit behind me and let me lean back against you.”

“No. Not until you are feeling better. One jostle and you might throw up again. I love you, Aurelia, and I want you constantly with an overwhelming desire. But, I will not be the cause of you getting ill.” He watched as several expressions chased across her face. Hurt, anger, realization and finally, frustration when she realized that he wasn’t going to let her have her way. No matter how bad he wanted to.

“Very well,” she huffed. Let’s get me clean so we can finish that conversation from earlier. I'm not looking forward to it, but it needs to be taken care of if we are going to move forward.” Picking up the provided clothe and soap, her began to wash.

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