DAHLIA- Goddess Of The Phoenix

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Dahlia looks as innocent and and delicate as her name suggests... only, hidden behind this innocent face is one of the most lethal vampires to ever exist. She's a badass who doesn't take anybody's shit, so when she decides she wants to go to highschool for a change, it comes as a shock to her best friend, Ashton. She has a secret. One she's willing to take to her grave at all costs or it can cost her her life.

Fantasy / Action
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A long time ago
Black. That's all I could see. Nothing, just black. I turned my head from side to side hoping to make something out but my attempt was futile. I could hear swift movements but I couldn't see anything at all.

I felt tempted to say; "hello, anybody home?" but I wasn't ready to hear the response that might come back. Just when I thought I was alone, someone or something spoke.

"Come out, come out wherever you are." a creepy voice said, sending shivers down my spine.

"W-who is t-t-there?" I stuttered, my voice trembling.

"Your worst nightmare." A pair of extremely cold hands wrapped around my waist just as I felt a pinch on my neck. Did something just bite me?

I felt something or shall I say someone sucking on my neck; slowly draining the life out of me. I kept thrashing around, hoping to free myself from whatever it was.

Just when I thought it was over tor me, I was spun around so fast, I could get whiplash. I was met with a pair of blood red eyes, a handsome face and bloody fangs. This is bad.

"Sleep." He whispered and I was out like lightning.​
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