The Gift

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“Dad, I’m going to Maisey’s house for the sleepover. Will mom be home soon?” Noel called out to her dad, who was in his study going over some paper work for the Alpha.

Micah raised his head to look at his daughter. He saw so much of her mother in her. Her feline slimness and her slanted eyes and angular jaw reminded anyone who knew her of her werecat heritage. As a wolf, Micah was tall, strong and packed with muscle. His mate, Victoria and his daughter Noel were slender and lithe. Not skinny, and certainly not weak. No. Victoria was strong in a way that Micah could have never imagined before they met that night at the coffee shop.

Victoria had endured physical and mental pain. Micah had endured mental pain in the form of guilt, but while Victoria had that as well, she had the physical pain of her damaged vocal cords and the mental anguish of being bullied for being a mute.

“Mom will be home in about 30 minutes. Do you want to wait on her and let her drive you over? Or do you want to drive yourself?” Micah smiled at his daughter. She looked so like her mother. She also had her mother’s quiet spirit. She was a good baby when she was small, and had grown into a gentle and caring young woman under their love.

“No. I promised Maisey that I would come early to help with her brother’s party. You know, set it up and help get the food ready. That kind of stuff. Her mom is expecting a huge crowd tomorrow. After all, her brother is training to be the lead warrior under their dad.” Noel started to turn, then realized she forgot something. Turning back to her dad, she said, “Oh yeah dad? What time should I tell Mrs. Winter to expect you and mom?”

“Tell Sandy that your mom and I will be there around twelve tomorrow. Alpha will be there either right after or right before us.”

Hearing the front door open and close, Noel recognized her mom’s scent. Waving goodbye to her dad, she went to tell her mom goodbye. She kissed her mom and went out the door.

“Maisey where are we going to put all of this food? I feel like I’ve been cutting food up for days. I hope dad and Alpha scored the side of beef for roasting tomorrow. After all, we are wolves.” Then as if a thought occurred to her, she turned back to her friend and said, “Well, some of us are wolves, some of us are cats. And cats like meat just as much as wolves do.” Noel smiled at her friend as they were putting up the food.

“What is that smell. I have to find it. Jeff, where is that smell coming from?” Brand followed his nose. The smell was so exotic, so great. He had to follow it.

“Uhhh Brand, what are you doing?” Maisey’s brother asked his friend, whom he had brought home with him.

“I’m following this wonderful smell. I think it’s my mate. It could only be my mate.” Brand walked up the stairs until he came to a closed door. Putting his hand on the doorknob, he started to turn it when it was yanked out of his hand. Standing in front of him was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The girl was sleek and muscular, and when she looked up at him, she had elliptical eyes.

“Hello Kitten. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Brand reached out to run a finger down her cheek and she flinched.

Noel had seen the reactions of wolves when they saw her cat. Her lioness was big, and often larger than most average wolves. Only the Alpha and her dad were bigger than her. She had been snubbed because of it. Wolves were prideful creatures and didn’t want to be around a creature that was bigger than them.

“Come here, lioness. I’m not afraid of you or your size. Neither am I worried that you might be bigger than me. My wolf is a big boy and will need a big mate to keep up with him. It’s hard to believe that something so large will come from someone so small. What are you, 5′5? Maybe 5′8?“Brand frowned. His wolf was already whining, wanting her touch.

Noel looked up at the wolf and realized that she didn’t even know who he was, besides her mate. Something in her came forward. Her attitude was a little snappy when she asked, “And just what is you name? Who are you?”

Realizing she just snapped at a warrior, not a good idea, she lowered her head. Maisey walked up behind her and said, "Noel! Don’t you dare be submissive to him. You are the daughter of a Beta and Great-granddaughter of a pride leader.” Her friend raised blazing, angry eyes to him and said in a snappish voice. “If you’re going to reject her, Brand, do it now and don’t drag it out. She’s been hurt enough by insecure wolves who were afraid of her size.”

“Reject her! Are you crazy? She’s my once in a lifetime chance of happiness. She’s been created just for me and all I want to do is drag her to the nearest bed and mate her and put my mark on her neck.” Noel looked up at him in hope.

“You want me?” She asked in a whispered voice.

“Oh yes, Kitten. You are all mine. And trust me, as second Gamma, no one will ever reject you again.“ Brand leaned in and kissed her gently on her cheek, causing her to gasp and smile.

“Go to bed Kitten. I want to meet Beta Micah and his mate Victoria. I have heard the story of how they met. I also want to hear you purr for me when we are laying in our bed and tangled up together.” Brand stepped back before he followed through with his threat. He watched his precious mate be pulled back into the bedroom and the door shut.

Turning to his friend, he said, “I need to call Beta Micah.′

The next morning, every wolf in the pack started pouring in to Maisey’s house and backyard. Word had gotten around that the second Gamma was going to be mated to the Beta’s daughter. Some people were genuinely happy for them, and some people just came because they were nosy.

Noel stood off to the side with Brand at her side. Next to her was her friend Maisey and her brother. On the other side of her, next to Brand was Jeff and Maisey’s mom and dad, the lead warrior and his mate.

Smelling her mom, Noel turned quickly to see her parents approaching. Letting go of Brands hand, she ran to them, smiling.

“Mom, Dad, come and meet my mate.”

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