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When Ashton pierce the Alpha of the Blood moon pack loses his mate during childbirth he steps up and puts his daughter Rayven first. As rayven begins too get older , he begins to realize there are certain things he cannot always protect her from.

Fantasy / Drama
Miranda Pidgeon
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The day we met

I never knew love not really, I mean yes I was deeply in love with my mate Julie but Julie gave me the most precious gift the day she passed away our daughter Rayven. As soon as I held her in my arms I knew right then and there that my entire life including everything too do with being an alpha would be devoted too my daughter. That day that Rayven was born changed my entire life, because that same day I had to say goodbye to the love of my life. As my best friend and brother in law he was one the Beta's in our pack someone who was always on his guard and watched my family Logan was the glue of the entire pact though I wouldn't tell him to his face , as Logan walked out of the hospital room where Julie was he lowered his head and began to cry I dropped too the floor crying screaming her name " No! Julie! No!" He grabbed me and hugged me tightly as four other pack members rushed over too calm me one of Logan's daughters his oldest Celine came out holding my daughter she smiled at me and handed her too me . I looked down into her dark eyes her hair was same color as mine she had sweet little dimples like me she was a replica of me my guess was she had Julie's personality Julie was the type of woman who was sweet but called you out on your shit , I was aboustley stubborn I went into a fight full force and only thought about things afterwards. As I sat there starring at my new baby girl I realized that I would have to think before doing things ....Rayven was Julie's dream and I needed too do everything I could to keep her alive and protected even if it meant risking my own life to save hers. Now I was no longer just the alpha I was this innocent baby girls father who needed feeding, changing and a place to call home....my top priority right now was looking after my daughter was I heartbroken about Julie yes I was very much and I had no idea how the hell too raise a baby but...what I did know is how too love . Julie and her family taught me how see , my father beat and abused me as a boy so I ran away I found a home with Julie's family and I married her when I turned twenty five she had wanted a baby so badly but we had a hard time getting pregnant the first three times she miss carried then finally Rayven Logan is a gynecologist so he looked after everything but there were some complications with the pregnancy Rayven was smaller than she should have been and the at the end of the pregnancy amniotic fluid started too leak out causing Julie problems so Logan said he'd do an emergency c section too save them both I wasn't allowed in because of the state of her condition I kissed her one last time and told her " I love you see you when you come out " then I waited four hours and that's when Logan came to tell me that my life would change forever like a nightmare you can't wake up from but also a dream you walk into . They say when a door closes a window opens, well I guess that's true for me anywase I wasn't listening too the voices around me as I cradled Rayven crying over her finally I herd one my pack members say "Ash ...Ash! Can you hear us? It's going too be okay we're all here for you!" I turn slowly looking at Nolan smiling slightly " thanks you guys , but raising Rayven is something I need to do on my own " I get up slowly and hug Logan tightly he pats my back " Ash are you okay to drive? Why don't you let one of us drive you and Rayven home?" I nod at him looking around the room I point at Mia " me? Okay no problem but don't think I'm changing any diapers " she laughs as we head out Mia was Julie's younger sister infact when we were children before I even met their family I was engaged too be married to Mia but after meeting her sister Julie well let's just say when I was nineteen things got a little heated at mine and Mia's engagement party between Julie and I and I don't mean heated in a bad way Mia had caught Julie and I fucking in the hall closet after that I thought Mia would never speak to me and Julie again it took her a couple of years but she finally came around and when she did she was stronger then before she never let anybody push her around anymore. Mia dropped me and Rayven off at the house she got out of the car and opened the door for me " sure you don't want me to stay Ashton?" She was the only woman who I ever let call me by my full name I picked up Rayven's car seat and smiled slightly at her " uh thank you Mia but I think I'm just going to head inside with Rayven and go to bed. " she looks at Rayven " well if you need help making bottles or anything just let me know " I wasn't sure why but I shouted at her " danm it Mia are you deaf I said No!" Her eyes turned red and her eyebrows raised up in anger at me " Fuck you Ashton!" She said walking away and slamming the door to her car I sighed heavily getting angry at myself. I I smash my fist angirly into the wall punching a huge hole into it , the noise startles Rayven waking her making her cry I carry her upstairs and into what was mine and Julie's room I gently remove her from the car seat and cradle her into my large forearm she suddenly stops crying as she blinks looking at me cooing I watch her as lay her gently down on the bed . I watch her facial expression as I see her legs move Rayven begins to make grunting noises " oh no! Rayven sweetheart please don't " I beg her but before I knew it she had shit running down her legs and it was pretty well all over so I took off my shirt and undressed her I walked over too the shower and got in as the water gently landed on her she shivered in my arms I held her close she fell asleep listening to the sound of my heart beat I got out laid her back on the bed with a towel and a diaper under her I dressed her then sat in the rocker feeding her my eyes half open by now it was one in the morning my cell phone went off and I looked at it while feeding Rayven it was a text from Mia apologizing " Ashton I'm really sorry for the way I treated you tonight, I can't even imagine what you're going threw but I'm always here if you need me" I sat back in the rocking chair sighing heavily thinking about what to reply this wasn't the first time I'd hurt Mia's feelings and I'm surprised that Logan and Alex her brother's didn't come after me for hurting their baby sister. When Mia and I were engaged she couldn't have children I was okay with that because we were free spirits the sex was more then amazing....but Logan and every one else in their family warned me to watch out for Julie see Julie I loved her don't get me wrong but before I got involved with her she pretty well slept with the entire pack that didn't include her family. Mia though was a one man kind of woman she k ew what she wanted but Julie was like a snake she snuck her way in and charmed you with words and promises. I won't let my daughter turn into a snake or a whore . I finally decided what I should write in my text back too Mia " No, I'm the one who is sorry for everything! All I ever do is hurt you and all you do is try to care about me Mia I'm so fucking grateful too have you in my life just know that I never stopped Mia....I never stopped caring for you. " I hit send and went and laid there on my bed with Rayven fast asleep I waited for her reply it seemed like forever " Ashton....I tried for years too get over you and because I loved you so much I decided too let my sister have her way I ended up gaining a very special niece out of it you lost a mate and I lost a sister today but we both gained something precious. I forgive you Ashton I know you never mean too hurt me , your hearts always in the right place you just have a short fuse you'd better get to bed that baby will be up early in the morning " with that Mia ended our text I put Rayven in her crib next to my bed and I went to bed . That night was rough , I was up with her a total of six times we finally both fell asleep at eight in the morning when someone knocked on the door. Rayven's screaming woke me up I jumped out of bed and grabbed her running to the door " Logan what are you doing here?" He smiles holding coffee " rough night ?" He takes Rayven from me smiling " oh uncle Logan came for a visit yes he did " I look at him sighing and laughing " you know she doesn't understand you yet " he nods at me raising his eyebrow " sure she does she understands alot more then you think" I take a bite of my toast and sigh as Logan grabs a bottle feeding Rayven " okay Logan why are you really here because I know it's not for feeding time" he looks at me smirking and stands up " what exactly did you say too my sister last night Ash?" He asks glaring at me as he still holds the baby I sigh tapping my finger on the counter looking at him " so that's why your here ...did Mia send you?" I ask in an annoyed tone Logan shakes his head at me" No she didn't but she said that you sent her a text last night and after you two had a disagreement or something?" I lean on the counter and stare at Logan " Mia dropped me off, and I don't know why but I snapped at her she told me to fuck off and I punched a whole in my wall because I was pissed off at myself then around one am she texted me apologizing . It was a rough night with Rayven I don't remember much of the text I sent but I know I wrote something about caring about her . I don't know Logan... why do you ask is she mad at me?" He smiles at me putting the baby bottle down as he begins to burp Rayven " no , not at all...Mia wants to be in Rayven's life look Ash she's not asking you to propose again for godsakes she just wants to be there for her niece and you when you need support. She forgave you a long time ago that's more then I can say about Alex he's still pissed at you for hurting Mia and choosing Julie yet some how when we voted he chose you to be the alpha. This baby needs her pack in her life Ash " I sighed I knew Logan was right Rayven needed the entire pack not just me she needed to know who her family was. " alright Logan call the pack tell them to come over Rayven deserves too meet them." He hands me Rayven smiling as he takes out his phone and dials hitting speaker it rings and Alex picks up " hello ? Logan I thought you were at Ash's house?" " I am Alex are you with the pack?" " yeah , max , Mia, Seth. Why what's up ?" " Ash wants you all too meet Rayven " rayven makes a cooing noise they all start to chatting amongst themselves " okay we will be right over!" Alex says excitedly Logan hangs up grinning at me " so who will be her guardian if something ever happens to you?" I sighed looking at him " I thought alot about it I decided it should be Alex too care for her . " Logan looks up at me confused " Alex? But ...why him he's the middle born child and he hates you and children " I roll my eyes at him " that is exactly why I chose him too care for Rayven if something should happen to me...he unlike you took on the responsibility of raising Mia after your father had died sure you cared for her as a brother should but she was well guarded by Alex infact , when I started dating Julie I found it odd how close they were a little too close . So I did some digging and found out that Mia was never really your biological sister at all was she?" Logan looks down shaking his head " no, father never wanted anyone to know she was thrown away from her pack by the alpha for not being able to bear his children. It messed her up big time especially after what you did to her she felt unwanted, unloved " he said getting up to answer the door as it rang asif we had just simply ended a conversation about the fucking weather! I couldn't understand how Logan could be so calm about this and why did Mia keep this from me ? I mean I know even when were engaged we weren't that close but still...when I had first met Mia I was just a little boy I was told at five years old that I'd be marrying her turned out her family end up taking me in after I turned legal age I proposed to Mia but as we started making wedding plans and going to things like our engagement party that's when I really fucked up I always was the the type of guy that thought the grass is greener on the other side but with Julie I was wrong, yeah I loved her but the only good thing that came out of our relationship was Rayven. As Logan opened the door letting the rest of the pack in house I stood there sighing rolling my eyes at Rayven as I had just changed her she dies the honor of taking a huge shit while I'm holding her Logan turns around giggling at me seeing the look on my face oddly enough Alex rushes over and takes Rayven from me smiling " dont worry Ash I'll change her " he says smiling at me I was aboustley shocked that Alex was in such a great mood too see me . He gently took Rayven from me and talked to her all the way up the stairs Max and Mia sat down at the island I opened the fridge and took out two drinks handing it too them . Max smiled at me " she looks exactly like you Ash , do you think she have your traits too?" I snort laughing at him rolling my eyes " with our luck she'll have Julie's attitude and my looks which means I'll have to have the whole pack guarding her from boys. " Logan laughs and sits next too Mia " relax Ash, she's only two days old ...I'm sure Rayven will be just like you with your brutal honesty and loyalty to others " Alex came walking back downstairs grinning " there all clean now right ...Rayven tell daddy I just love giving you a hard time it's my job " Alex said in a baby voice I smirked at him smiling " yeah well if that's the case can't wait until she's fifteen she'll really give me a hard time then ." Out of nowhere Rayven started to scream and cry Logan looked at Alex confused " did you break her or something?" Alex raised his eyebrow at him " very funny no...she must sense something " max rushes too the kitchen window and frantically waves his hand at us " yeah and I think I know why she's upset! Uh Ash, Logan we have unwanted company!" I jerk my head in the direction of the window and I look at Alex and Mia " take Rayven and get out of here now!" The ran while Alex held her tightly. As the other pack started busting down my door max and Logan had already shifted into wolf form, I lowered my hand at them glaring at their alpha " what do you want ? And who are you?" I said standing my ground he looked like a viking dressed in fur huge tattoos everywhere and long braided blonde hair not the type you see around here. " my name is embros I am of the dragon clan , and my business here is that baby. Do you think you're the only one who fucked Julie she was my wife and I have three boys with her now hand over my daughter I won't kill you." I glare at him shaking my head rolling my eyes nothing superised me at this point anymore about Julie so while she was married too me she was also married to embros. Well I knew I had to prove to him that Rayven wasn't his , the only way was by showing him because she looked exactly like me. I whistled calling Alex and Mia down they stood next too me with Rayven I gently took her from Alex and Embros glared at her in shock like he had seen a ghost. " wait! She's not mine at all, I apologize for bargging in like this I just assumed..." Logan returned to human form " you assumed since you had an affair with my sister that this child was yours too ?" Embors shakes his head in fear " no ! She never said she was married honest or else I'd never would've prosued her. " Mia raises her eyebrow and steps forward angirly she pins Embros to the wall " I'm tired of men thinking it's okay too use women we aren't just your breeding tool ,she was a fucking slut! But she even stole my fiance but she was still my sister and you have no fucking right coming in here get out before I kill you!" Embros looks frightened and backs away slowly as he leaves my home . Alex and Logan grin at Mia " wow Mia you were incredible...he just about shit himself I was scared too " Logan says sighing heavily I pull Mia aside and hug her tightly she is shocked and confused by my gesture but returns the favor " Ashton, what's wrong?" " nothing...just thanks for that Mia " she smiles at me nodding " awe it was nothing besides I did for Rayven Embros was a real prick ! I know my sister wasn't the brightest or the kindest woman but she did care for you Ashton she was excited about having Rayven she told all of us that " I groan rolling my eyes " if that were true why the fuck did she have two husband's and a whole separate life she wasn't even a dragon! She was a wolf and that meant that Embros's sons were halfbread " Alex looked at me sighing heavily " look Ash alot of shit Julie did didn't make any sense at all, not even too us ...your main priority is Rayven she needs you she needs her father Ash can you be there for her without dwelling on the past?" I look down at the tiny sleeping baby I nod at them smiling " Rayven is my only focus right now Logan " he turns his head towards me " hmm?" " I'm stepping down as alpha you're the new alpha now and Alex if anything should happen to me and Rayven is left without another parent I want you too raise my daughter Alex " he looks at me confused and with tears in his eyes " me why Ash?" I smile at him " because you have done a fine job raising Mia and I can think of no one better " Alex couldn't contain his happiness for the first time ever he hugged me as night approached I allowed the pack to stay at the house to help me with Rayven. Days have passed since I brought her home today is Julie's funeral as they lower the casket into the ground and I sit there holding our new born daughter I know have too be strong for Rayven millions of emotions run threw my head like why did Julie cheat on me ? Is this how Mia felt when I broke her heart? I felt empty inside but also a little angry with myself for letting Mia go ....Logan had told me they adopted her because her old pack threw her away like trash because she couldn't have children....when I was with Mia I never cared whether or not we could or couldn't have children Mia 's father told me if I wanted to be alpha we needed to have an heir but that wasn't important to me. What was important to me was Mia's happiness but her father insisted I secretly sleep with Julie and try to have an heir when I refused he had Julie seduce me the night of mine and Mia's engagement party that's when things went bad. I've never forgiven myself for it this wasn't my plan at all as I sat there after the funeral was over Logan took Rayven from my arms as she cried he headed back too the house " uh take your time Ash ...we'll look after Rayven " he said smiling at me I didn't answer him I knelt down with angry tears in my eyes and I shouted at Julie asif she could hear me " why Jewls why?! Why did you leave us alone ?! Why the fuck did you cheat on me I was good too you for six years I devoted myself to you and your father this has nothing too do with us or me now its about our daughter I want her to know who her mother really was because even though I will miss you like crazy , I'm now just finding out you were the biggest secret keeper of all . Good bye my love " I walked back to the house with my hands in my pockets and Mia opened the door for me " Ashton are you alright?" She asked me with a concering tone I pulled her in close hugging her tightly " I am now Mia " she sighed heavily squeezing me tighter " are you hungry ?" Before she could finish the sentence my lips were pressed against hers. She didn't even try to push me away instead she kissed me more deeply when the kiss broke we both blushed like teenagers and Mia turned hearing Rayven cry " oh ! I better go feed her " she said I as she turned to walk away I gently grabbed her hand leaning my head against the back of her neck " please ...Mia don't go let Logan look after her stay with me " she stood still for a moment and then turned back around " Ashton, I will always love you you know that....but I'm not ready yet too jump back into something you want me Ashton you need to earn your trust back first " I nodded at her in agreement " understood Mia, I'll earn it I swear " Logan appears out of nowhere with a screaming Rayven in his arms I smile slightly taking her from him she immediately stops crying as I cradle her . " ah finally, I thought she'd never stop screaming sorry Ash " I shake my head at Logan smirking well time flew by and soon before I knew it Rayven was already three years old. She was brilliant too and the entire pact loved her but I refused too choose her mate for her I wanted Rayven to be able to do that for herself.
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