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Good night and sleep tight

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Sleep stories

Fantasy / Poetry
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It would be a better experience if you put some sleep music on while reading, thank you

My wife always had a good voice she would sing above the stars where we both laid next to each other and held hands our daughter she went missing along time ago we hadn’t found her yet but we’re hoping to about 456 years ago it was a man we could grow and grow and grow but he wouldn’t watch us because we were meant and destined for each other he found a medical ball and he told us what would happen in the future us standing in the picture without my daughter I was shocked that my daughter was not my future my daughter was also shocked she stood there as she looked up at the man “am I gone?” she asked

Man kneel down and held her chin he looked up at her bright eyes innocent and pure “yes my dear but you would be in a very beautiful place” he said Softly we remember that very day where we were both in shock back then we didn’t know that our daughter would go missing he was right she was not with us in the photo we took on that beach that’s the exact time she was gone we both looked very happy but on the inside inside that picture it could show what’s going on it’s known that every picture shows its memories we do look happy So everybody could think we are having a great time but really we’re looking for our daughter

206 years ago our stepsisters they had the same thing happened to them my stepsister Luna she had a daughter with a handsome man and they gave birth to Annie She was beautiful and she could sing and sing the beautiful daughter went missing one day because of a man they met two years after the beautiful Daughter was born The man the met was shanhausk
The same man we met 456 years ago at that time my sisters were born 8097 years ago where the man was only 102 years old which in our universe is not that much The baby age 98 years old in which you were still in the mommy‘s tummy when you are about 86

You weren’t even in the universe yet when you are six and seven and 11 about 59 million years ago a man handsome man was about 896 years old which means in earth age he is 13 years old we both love and love but this man was a history he would always make love shine he is how babies were born he will make ladies fall in love literally how they would look at his face they would fall right to the ground because they know the history of this man daughters sons they did not exist back then but thanks to this man woman look at their babies face with a heart as their eyes

89,000 years ago A woman named Lilly that same man went up to her he knew he found the love of his life The man held her hand as she looked up into his eyes thanks to the man the woman had also made history of herself for being the man’s wife and love forever unfortunately 99,000 years later they died in each others hands holding and hugging each other with a baby in the middle named Emmy as soon as Emmy was born she had also made history of herself by telling all people hysterical speech everybody knows now

“ tell me how much have you wanted I love of your life how much have you wanted a child in the middle of your arms how much has you wanna love next to you always by your side how much have you want it The person the only person to die for you how much would that person care if you didn’t have the cats to make one up baby a baby will do the right thing daughters sons kids everybody loves them and the more and more you guys love each other as soon as the baby is born you would love each other more”

She said the night on 2001 before she died to a gun shot this tells you that making a baby can have a life better than you already don’t have

Kids are right next to fun kids are right next to love kids don’t deserve the hard impairing treatment they get
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