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My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Jason is a alpha, Dexter is a rogue, their mates are humans, but they have to fight the cat army to get their mates

Fantasy / Humor
Sara Crawford
4.6 18 reviews
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Introduction Of Characters

Emily Zook

Twenty-two years old. Human

Average looking

Five foot

Long brown hair. {To the waist}

Brown eyes

Loves the band Roxette

Big fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves

Favorite player is Jaylen Norwell #4

She only wears Timberwolves clothes and beanies


Hates make up

Works at a boat company

She is a Crestliner dealer support specialist

She loves Mukbangs, her favorite is Bonggil

Favorite: food is food, all kind of food

Favorite: colors blue and black

Favorite animal: cats

Born in Ville Minnesota: population 61,693

She has one sister named Peach

Peach Zook

Sixteen years old. Human

Average looking

Four foot five inches

Strawberry blond hair {shoulder length}

Green eyes

Loves K-pop: KNK, Kard, etc.

Likes: dresses and make up

High school: eleventh grade

Pregnant: two months

Favorite food: ramen noodles

Favorite colors: pink and blue

Favorite animal: dogs

Born: Ville Minnesota

Loves to dance, sing, hang out with friends, and text

Dexter DankWorth

Twenty-seven years old, Wolf

Wolf name Devon


Six foot

Looks like a young Jack Nicholson

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite colors: green and brown

Likes plain T-shirts and jogging shorts

Likes Slipknot

Jason Levi

Twenty-five years old, Wolf

Wolf name Dimond


Looks like Chris Hemsworth

Six foot 2 inches

Favorite colors: silver and red

Favorite food: steak

Likes V-neck T-shirts and skinny Jeans

Likes Kane Brown



All white

Leader of the cats

Has one blue eye and one yellow eye

Likes to look out the window



White with a black tail

Second in command

Pale yellow eyes

Likes her cat tree




Third in command

Green eyes

Likes to play with her toy mouse



Multi color

Greenish yellow eyes

Likes to sleep

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