My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Cat Army Part 2


They are back. We tried to get the mutts again, but we were stopped this time.

If it were not for Missy, I would be a goner.

That stupid wolf Jason had me pined down and Missy came to my rescue.

Sugar jumped on Dexter’s back; Cleo was trying her best to take him down.

I had Jason by the throat.

Mom came in and hit them on their heads. We heard when other wolves came over to fix the door.

We know this is only the beginning. They will bring more next time.

Sugar and I are coming up with a plan. We know that they did something to moms’ car. Peach is losing her battle with the wolf brainwashing.

I know mom said that she will give Jason a chance, but I think she is just trying to not upset Peach.

We want out of this room! We need to protect Peach from that thing trying put her under his spell.

Mom got dragged off by Jason, we can see them outside. I have pointed Cleo and Missy to watch them.

Sugar and I are looking under the door. We see Peach on Dexter’s lap. He is touching her belly. He wants to eat her baby! W will kill him first, then we will bury him in our cat box.

I think us cats need a little more training. We will start as soon as we are let out of this room!

Missy and Cleo growled, sugar and I looked, Jason attacked our moms’ face. I ran to the window…the stupid thing is closed. I banged on it. That demon just smirked at me.

I will kill him slowly! He is trying to hurt my mom!

Mom looked at us and that is when it hit me, I acted like I was hurt. I was crying like I was in pain.

She came running in to the house. I smirked at Jason. Take that you stupid dog.

Mom came busting into the room and picked me up and was looking for the injury.

I see the evil wolves. When mom touched my paw, that is when I cried louder.

Mom said that she is going to call the vet. Crap, I did not think about that. If this will keep Jason away, it will be worth it.

Tomorrow I will act fine maybe then I will not have to go to the stupid vet.

Good, good those dogs are leaving. I get to have snuggle time with my mom before she goes to bed.

It has been a long night; I think we all need a nap before we train. I am sitting on my mom’s lap and she is petting me. This will be a good time to take a nap.

When I woke up, I see mom and Peach are sleeping in the living room. I see that us cats are awake; I did paw signals for the others to follow me. When we got to mom’s bedroom, we talked about how we should train and what out weakness are.

We talked for hours, sugar is thinking up a plan on how we can take down fifty to a hundred wolves by ourselves, Cleo is thinking of traps and Missy and I are thinking of weapons.

Means mom and Peach are sleeping on the sofa we will start training tomorrow. We do not know when the demon beasts are going to attack, but we know they will. Tonight, was just practice run for them.

But they know we are strong, and we will do anything to protect our humans.

They will come again to try and kill us and take our humans away. We will fight to the end.

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