My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Where Do We Get A Priest?


I woke up at the pack house, with a killer headache. Dexter is right next to me, he is up. I can not believe that my Emily hit me.

There is something very wrong with those cats. One latched on to Dimond’s balls and would not let go. Dimond had one pinned down before that, he was going to ask how the cats got possessed. But that cat latched on to his balls.

When he let go of the cat, he had pinned so he could get the cat off him, the cat he pinned lunged and was hanging on at his throat.

Dimond looked at Devon to see if he could help, but he was trying not to fall.

One was on his back, clawing and biting. That Is when Emily came and hit us.

I could see that she did not want to hit us, I seen it in her eyes. I know she did not know it was us.

Blake came in and gave us some clothes and told me that he fixed Emily’s door. Blake asked why we went there in our wolf form, I told him that we heard Emily cry out in pain so, our wolves took over to make sure they were ok.

After Dexter and I got dressed, we walked over to Emily’s house.

I wanted a little time alone with her and I know Dexter would not mind being alone with Peach.

We got there and of course the cats were trying to get to us. I am glad that Emily and Peach put them in Emily’s bedroom.

I asked Emily to take a walk with me, of course she protested so, I just picked her up and took her outside.

When I put her down, she hit my chest.

I love this woman. I wanted to ask her to be mine. I can imagine how perfect our life will be. I want four kids. But I will be happy if she will give me one.

I must find out what ring size she is so, I can get the right one for her. I got caught up in my thoughts of us being together that I kissed her. She was not pushing me away!

I heard a thump and looked at the window just in time to see a cat sliding down the window. I smirked at it.

I turned my attention back to Emily. I looked at her eyes and I can see my future in them.

That is when that stupid cat started to cry like it was in pain. I see worry in Emily’s eyes.

She looked back at the cat and took off running.

I looked at her back running away from me, then I looked at the cat, that cat is smirking at me.

I am beginning to hate cats.

I walked in the house and I see Emily holding the demon in fur.

When she touched its paw, it cried out. Emily said she is going to call the vet in the morning.

I can see that is not what the cat thought would happen.

Oh yes call the vet and I will call a priest. How do you get a priest?

I will have to find out.

Dexter said that he will see Peach tomorrow, he is going to take peach to school.

Emily was going to say something, but Dexter reminded her that her car will not start.

I can see the cats are crawling to us.

That is when we said we had to go.

I wanted to give Emily a goodbye kiss, but she had one of the demons in her arms so, I walked behind her and kissed her cheek.

The cat growled at me.

I saw peach give Dexter a kiss and the cats are crawling faster now.

We said or good nights and left.

Dexter is happy, he asked Peach to be his girlfriend and she said yes.

He is going to take her to her doctor’s appointment. I guess that is when they find out the gender of the baby.

I can not wait for that to be Emily and me.

Dexter went home so he can go to bed, he must get up early to take Peach to school.

I need to talk to my pack about the demon cats and how we can try and get the demons out of the cats. I hope it is not to late. I know Emily loves them. I know in time she will love Dimond and I just as much.

We will do anything for her.

I am sitting in my room trying to watch a Mukbang. I do not understand why Emily likes them do much.

It is grossing me out. But if my love likes them, then I will try.

Wait how did he get that whole chicken lag in his mouth and it ... it came out clean!

I think I am going to be sick. But I must man up, it is for my love.

When the next guy ate two party size cakes, I could not watch anymore.

I was thinking of my love until I fell asleep.

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