My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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We Are Dating?


I woke up to a knock on the door. I looked around; I see Peach is on the sofa with me. We were cuddling.

I got up and dragged my feet to the door. I unlocked the door and opened it.

It is the perv. I asked why he is here? He told me that he is here to take Peach to school. CRAP!

I went and got Peach up. She rushed and got ready.

When she came out, I kissed her cheek and told the perv, if he hurts her, I will have my cat attack him and I will help them.

After they left I started to fold the blankets that we used last night.

I cannot believe Peach said yes to the perv and that he wants to take her to her doctor’s appointment. I told her that I am coming too. I want to know what she is having as well.

I went to my room to get dressed. I see Cookie at the window so, I picked her up.

She is acting better today. Maybe the wolves did not hurt her.

I will keep an eye on her and if she starts to act like something is wrong, then I will ask Jason if he could take us to the vet.

I put Cookie back at the window. I got some clothes and went to the bathroom and got dressed.

Before you ask yes, I put the pork chops in the fridge last night.

I got out of the bathroom, there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it.

Jason is standing there with flowers.

He gave them to me, I let him come in. I went to the kitchen and got a cup of water and put the flowers in it. I do not have a vase.

I can see my cats coming slowly out of my room. I asked Jason if we could sit outside, he said yes.

We went out and are sitting on the porch.

He is acting nerves. I think I know why. It happens all the time.

The flowers are an apology for kissing me and now he is going to ask if we could just be friends.

He said something and I just said yes so, I can go back in the house to start dinner in the crockpot.

But he jumped up and pulled me up for a hug and then he kissed me, hard.

When he pulled way, he was beaming and said that he is happy that I said yes to be his girlfriend.

Umm come again. It sunk in. CRAP! I really need to pay more attention next time.

I guess I could give it a shot.

I asked if he would like to come to dinner tonight. I told him that the perv is coming.

He said yes if the cats are put away.

I do not know why they hate each other so much. I guess my cats may have had a bad experience with men before.

But Jason must respect that I love my cats and I want him to try and be nice to them.

He said something like my cats are possessed.

I told him that some cats that come from a rescue center may have had a bad life and that is why some of them act the way they do.

He kissed me and said he will try for me.

I told him that I must get dinner started. He asked why so early, and I told him that I am slow cooking meat.

He asked if I could put the cats away so he could help me cook.

I told him to just come in and show the cats that he is not going to hurt them.

He said something like they want to hurt him.

But he came in. I told the cats to be nice.

The cats are watching Jason’s ever move. If he gets too close to me, they growl at him.

I saw Jason give them the evil eye. After we got the pork chops in the crockpot, he asked if we could go for a walk.

I told him yes. I just think he wants to get away from my cats, but if he wants me then he must accept them.

I know it is going to take time for them to get along, but I am hopping that it will all work out.

We walked around; he is holding my hand.

He is a very touchy-feely man. I am not used to this. He keeps kissing me and trying to hold me, like I said I have never been in a real relationship before so, maybe this is normal.

I am trying to not push him away, but I did tell him to tone it down a bit. I told him that I have not had many boyfriends before, I told him to be patient with me.

He said that he will try, but when he is around me it is hard to control himself.

We went back to my place and went in and sat on the sofa, we decided to watch a movie.

I did the most girly thing I could think of, I snuggled up to his side. He put his arms around me and pulled me on his lap and pushed my head on his chest.

The cats jumped on the sofa, and they looked like they were going to attack Jason.

I told them to be good or I will put them in my room. They laid down and just watched him.

Jason tightened his hold on me. I do not know if I like this or not.

The perv brought Peach home. I pulled Peach to her room; she is a half hour late.

I asked her why she is late coming home. She told me that her and the perv made out a little.

That is, it I am going to kill the perv.

She stopped me and told me that they were just kissing and that he is not going to do anything until she turns eighteen, we will see about that. She asked me to let it go for her.

She said that she is falling in love with him. I informed her that it is too soon to be talking about love. She started saying that there is a spark, or some crap like that and how he makes her feel.

I am trying to understand, but it is just so hard to, he is older than her. What on earth can they have in common with each other?

I told her I will try not to kill him yet, but no sucking face when I am around. She said she will try.

Sometimes I hate this little twerp.

We went out of her room; we found the cats trying to break down the bathroom door.

The guys are in there asking if we can take them away and put them in my room.

Peach and I did. Jason and the perv came out, they had scratches on them, I asked what they did to my cats, they said they did nothing to them, and the cats just attacked them for no reason.

I need to find a way to get the cats to understand that I will not let anyone hurt them.

We sat down for dinner pork chops with cream of mushroom soup over rice.

The guys helped us clean up, after all the cleaning is done, we went into the living room.

We are going to watch a movie.

Peach is snuggled up to the perv and he is holding her and rubbing her belly.

Jason pulled me closer to him and is holding me tight, maybe so I do not hurt the perv.

After the movie, the guys went home, of course they wanted goodnight kisses. I turned my head when Peach kissed the perv, but when Peach goes to bed, I am going to go over to the perv’s house and have a little chat with him.

I need to know what his plans are with Peach, and he needs to understand all that has happened.

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