My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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What Is Going On?


I went back to the pack house to tell everyone the news about their Luna. I told them all about how she wants to take things slow. They all said good luck.

They are trying to understand, wolves who have wolves for mates do not take things slow.

We are all trying to understand why the mate bond is going slow with her.

I mean Peach is almost married to Dexter already. I keep thinking the demon cats has something to do with the mate bond going slow with Emily.

I was about to go to my room, when I see Emily going out of her house and heading to Dexter’s.

What is going in? Why is she going over to his house and not to mine?

Dimond and I are getting jealous, he is our mate not his.

We are out of the pack house and followed Emily.

She knocked on his door, he answered the door and looked surprised to see her.

I mind linked him and asked him what is going on. He said he does not know. I told Dexter to open the window, I want to hear everything, he did open it.

I know he is not hiding anything.

Emily asked what is he after with peach and does he do this all the time? Does he always go after teen girls?

He said no that Peach is the youngest woman that he ever dated. He then said that he wants to take care of Peach and her baby.

Emily pointed out that the baby is not his.

He said that does not matter to him and that if Peach will have him, he will raise the baby as his own.

The baby does not have to know about his/her real dad.

Emily told him everything that has happened to Peach.

I can tell that he is upset. I am as well; Emily took custody over Peach. That is not fair for either of them.

But I told him through mind link, we cannot get too mad because if what happened never happened then we will not have our mates. That helped a little to calm us down.

Emily said that she will back off him, only a little bit.

She walked to the door and left. I was hiding in a bush.

When I see that she is far enough away, I got out and ran after her. When I caught, she asked what I was doing.

I told her that I was just going for a walk. I asked her what she was doing outside this late, she told me that she needed to talk to Dexter.

I asked if she had feelings for him. I was afraid of the answer, but her face said it all.

She looked like she was going to throw up. She said that was the grossest thing she has ever been asked.

I was happy to hear that. I walked her to her door. Before I let her go in, I pulled her close and kissed her with all the love I have for her

She was kissing me back. Best day of my life so far.

We were there kissing for a while. She pulled away first and said goodnight.

I kissed her one more time and said that I will see her tomorrow.

Dimond Is happy that Emily is finally ours.

I am over the moon that she said yes to me. I am trying to take things slow, but I am having a hard time with Dimond, he wants to mark her bad.

I must tell her about Dimond. I know I must do it soon because I need her with me, and the need is getting stronger.

Dimond is scared that once she knows about him that she will reject us. That will kill us. I was walking I could see her cats; they are watching me.

I mind linked Dexter and ask if he could meet me at the pack house.

When I got back to the pack house, I called all the pack members for a meeting.

We started the meeting when Dexter arrived.

We are planning to get cats to a priest. I told the whole pack that the cats need our help, they agreed with me.

They all have seen the cats and every pack member believe that the cats must be possessed.

We are coming up with ideas on how to carry them. I just hope that whatever we come up with will work.

We all called it a night; we have a plan in place.

It seems like a good plan. Everyone has a part, but the hard part is to keep Emily and Peach away long enough for us to get the cats and take them to where we need to and bring them back before they get back home.

I am laying in bed thinking about the plan and thinking about my Emily.

Dexter and I are planning to tall the girls about us after we get done with the cats.

We are a little worried that the girls will not take is well, but they need to know.

I just hope they can forgive us for not telling them right away.

We will see what tomorrow will bring.

I am trying to fall to sleep, but I just cannot.

I started to think about my love, and I fell asleep.

I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamt that Emily rejected me and was mad at me for taking her cats, that she knew that they had demons.

I kept telling myself that it was just a dream, but it made me more scared.

I am scared about my future with my love, Emily.

Dimond is whimpering because of the dream, but I swear that we can feel her love for us.

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