My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Cat Army VS Wolf Army


The thing came and got Peach for what they call school.

I do not like that mom is being nicer to him. He is getting to her.

Jason must be brainwashing her.

We are ready to fight them when the time comes. I know it is coming soon.

Mom gave us our breakfast; I can tell us cats do not really want to eat. I hear Jason at the door, mom went outside with him.

When mom came in, she seen that none of us ate. She came to us and felt our noses, she said that it does not feel like we have a fever.

We love our mom; we all want to tell her. But we cannot do that yet.

I have been watching for the wolves. They have been acting different so, us cats believe that they are coming today. We just do not know when.

After a long time, Peach got home, we were snuggling with our mom all day.

Mom told Peach that she is going to borrow Jason’s Jeep, whatever that is and is going to the store.

Peach said that she wants to go with.

That is when the wolves are going to attack us, when mom and Peach are gone. The sly dogs.

Jason came to the door and gave mom the keys, Mom asked if he wanted to come with, but he said that he would, but he has something he has to do first. Mom said that she loves us and that she will be back soon. Then mom and Peach left the house and locked the door.

I hopped on the windowsill; I see Jason touching my mom. I see him head home.

He is going to get the others; I know that is what he is doing.

When mom was gone, we got ready.

We got all our weapons and everything that we need.

I hopped back on the windowsill and watched.

I can see them coming, they are all in their wolf form. I grabbed a cat wand, and we went to the door and got on each other’s backs. We need to do this so we can reach the door locks.

Cleo unlocked the door and opened it.

It is time, time to fight.

I walked out of the house and went up to them with the cat wand. I stood up on my hind legs.

I raised the cat wand above my head and said, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” I slammed the wand down on the ground.

Sugar looked at me, I told her that it worked in the movie.

Jason is coming closer to us. We get in our fighting stance.

He asked who we are, we did not answer him. He does not need to know which one is witch.

I looked at Miss. Missy is going to run and hide so mom will not be alone when we are gone.

We plan on taking as many of them as we can.

I nodded to Missy; she took off running. I see some wolves about to run after her, I jumped in their way and started to hit them on their noses.

Sugar and Cleo are throwing balls and toy mice at the rest.

When I looked back to the forest, I see that Missy was gone. I then hopped back, Sugar and Cleo came next to me. We all had wands in our paws.

We charged them, we hit, clawed and bit all that we could. We are outnumbered.

I hear a cry come from the forest, I looked, there was Missy on the back on a deer.

Missy screamed charge. I see deer’s, squirrel’s, rabbits, all coming to help us.

When did she do that? All I ever see her do is sleep.

We were all fighting, the deer are headbutting the wolves, the squirrels are biting the wolves’ tails, the rabbits are kicking, us cats are hitting the wolves with our wands.

Everything happened so fast, Jason charged me and pinned me to the ground.

The fight stopped when Jason let out a loud growl.

Jason asked me way are we fighting them? They are just trying to help us.

I laughed at him, I told him that is they really wanted to help us then to leave our mom alone.

He asked why he would leave her alone when she is his mate.

I started to cry. I told him every place that we have lived at, every time the humans found their mates or had kids, we would get thrown out like trash.

I told him that we lived with wolves before and some of them would hurt their mates and hurt the children.

We all ways ended up being thrown away.

When mom got us … for once we felt loved, for once we did not get hit or kicked.

She would hold us and tell us that she loves us.

We love our mom and we do not want to be thrown away again.

We do not want Dexter to hurt Peach’s baby, like we have seen before. We do not want you to get mad at our mom and hit her.

Jason told me he would never hurt our mom. Dexter said that the baby will never get hurt by him nor anyone.

Jason told me that mom said that he must get along with us, because mom said she would chouse us over him.

I do not know if he is lying but I felt happy, I felt that our mom really does love us.

He then said that they thought that we were possessed.

We made a trues that we will stop the fighting and he will show us that our mom would never throw us away.

They shifted back and that is when we noticed that mom and Peach was back and seen most of it.

CRAP! Well, we all cannot pretend any more.

Peach is in shock and mom is frozen. Well, I hope this goes well, if not I am blaming Jason and us cats will move in with him making his life miserable until mom calms down.

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