My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Truth Part one


Peach and I pulled up to the house. We see so many wolves.

I see my cats. I told peach to stay in the Jeep.

Peach begged me to not leave the Jeep, but I must get my babies or die trying.

I got out of the Jeep, and I hear someone talking. I looked and it is Cookie pouring her heart out and she is crying. I see the wolves change into humans. One of them is Jason?

What in the name of chicken nuggets is going on here?

I see Peach get out of the Jeep. Never mind the naked people, did my cats just talk? I ran to my baby, and I cuddled her. My other cats came to me, I told my cats that I would never throw them away.

I told them that they are my babies and that I love them.

I looked and I see a very naked Jason and a very naked Dexter. I told them to go home and get some clothes.

Jason and Dexter left and so did all the other people. I went in the house and sat on the sofa with my cats.

I asked why they never talked before, they said it is some kind of animal code to annoy humans.

Peach reminded me that we must get the groceries out of Jason’s Jeep.


I went out and brought all the food and other stuff in. Peach and I put everything away.

Peach and I had along talk about Jason and Dexter and what they are.

We really do not understand why we are not scared of them, we should be, but we are not.

Just like we should wonder how cats can talk, but we are not questioning it.

I am more upset that they could talk all this time and they never did. That would have saved so much time and money if they could have just told me what was wrong with them.

Peach said that she wants to have a long talk with Dexter. She wants to know why he never told her that he is part dog.

I understand why they never told us, like we would have believed them.

I was hoping that this would make Peach dump him. Nope not going to happen. She said they must work on their trust or some garbage like that.

She asked me if I was going to brake up with Jason, I told her that he must tell me why him and the other people were over here trying to hurt my cats.

I told her that I want answers first.

She looked at me like I was crazy for wanting answers about my cats and not about them being part dogs. I keep telling her that they are part wolf not dogs. She just says whatever to me.

I know her and I both must be a little crazy … ok a lot crazy.

I went to the kitchen so I could put the frozen pizzas in the oven.

After we ate dinner, we waited for Jason and Dexter to come over and talk to us about everything that they have been hiding from us.

But four hours went by, I do not know if they are coming over or not.

Peach is upset, she wants to march over to Dexter’s and demand that he talks to her. I told her that he might think we need time to think about everything that we saw today.

Peach said she guesses that I am right.

I just hope that I am right. I know that it will hurt Peach if Dexter wants nothing to do with her now.

I do not understand why it would, but I just know it would.

Peach told me that even after she seen Dexter as a dog she still “loves him”.

I do not get that either.

I gave my cats their dinner, they were trying to talk me into giving them the good kind. I did not do it.

Peach and I decided to watch a movie.

I do not know how long the after the movie started, I fell asleep.

I dreamt that I was in a meadow, there was a wolf just staring at me.

It chased me telling me that I cannot get away. It soon turned in to a nightmare.

Next thing I knew I was pregnant, and my cats were the nurses and doctor.

They were helping me deliver the baby.

After I gave birth, Cleo handed me the baby.

I looked down and I had just given birth to a pug.

I woke up when there was a knock on the door.

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