My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Truth Part Two


Dexter and I went to get dressed. I went back to the pack house and went to my room, five minutes later Dexter came over.

We did not want the girls to find out that we are wolves like this, we wanted to tell them what we are before we showed them.

Dexter and I are sitting in my room talking, we are talking about what could happen.

In the end we believe they will reject us. It hurts, the way Emily looked at me … it hurt so much.

They were not scared. That is what confuses me the most.

Dexter said that all he could think about in that moment was if Peach’s baby was ok.

We sat in my room for hours trying to get the courage to go to Emily’s house, but we are scared. We want to keep them with us for as long as we can, but we know we must face this head on.

Diamond is trying to stall us from going over there. He does not want to hear our mate reject us.

Dexter said that Devon is trying to do the same thing.

We talked a little while longer, we talked about nothing important. After thirty minutes we got up and went out of my room.

We left the pack house and where slowly walking to Emily’s house.

When we got to their house, we just stood there for ten minutes. Dexter took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

Peach opened the door and started to yell at us, saying that is took us long enough and where were we?

Dexter and I looked at each other, Peach told us to get in the house, so we did.

We took a seat on the sofa.

I put my hand on Emily’s, she did not slap me nor push me away. I hope that is a good sign.

Peach demanded answers, like why we did not tell them that we were dogs. What? We are not dogs!

Dexter tried to correct her and told her that we are not dogs, that we are wolves.

Peach looked at him like she was going to hurt him badly.

I think both Dexter and I looked like scared bunnies. We just looked at her, Peach asked again why we did not tell them.

Dexter told her that we did not want to scare them, and he did not want anything bad to happen to the baby.

Peach said that she can understand that to a point, but we still should have told them sooner instead of finding out like how they did.

I told her that she is right and that we were trying to find the right way to tell them.

Dexter looked at Peach and asked if she is going to reject him.

Peach called him stupid and said that for some reason she is still in love with him.

Dexter looked shocked, but also relieved. Dexter asked if him and Peach could go for a walk.

He told her that he will explain everything to her.

After they left, I looked at Emily, I was about to ask if she was going to reject me, but she asked why I was trying to hurt her cats. Really, really that is what is on your mind?

I told her that I was not trying to hurt her cats. I told her that I thought they were possessed, and I was trying to get them help.

She looked at me funny and asked why did I think that her cats were possessed?

I told her because they can talk.

Emily sighed and asked why I did not tell her that her cats were talking to me? I told her that I did not think she would believe me.

She said I was right, and she would not have.

I asked again if she rejects me. She said if I try and hurt her cats then she will, but she understands that I thought something was wrong and wanted to help.

I heaved a sigh of relief and I hugged and kissed her.

She told me that I must explain everything about me being a wolf to her.

After I explained everything to her, she looked at me and said so, the mate bond was what I was feeling.

WHAT! I asked what does she mean?

She told me what she has been feeling and that she was fighting and ignoring it.

My jaw hit the floor, come again, ignoring it, but how?

I asked her how? She said that she thought it was to soon to be feeling those feelings so, she just ignored them

I took her in my arms and told her that I can not fight how I feel for her.

I asked her to move in with me in the pack house.

She looked at me and said no. My heart sank. I asked why? She said that she wants to stay in her house and not to live with a bunch of people. I told her that I can try to understand her point, but I told her that if she wants to stay here then I am moving in with her and she must meet the pack because she is going to be their Luna. She argued with me for about an hour, but in the end, she agreed to meet them. I kissed her passionately.

Then Peach and Dexter came in and Peach told us that Dexter asked her to marry him.

Emily asked what did she say? Peach said that she said yes. Emily got up and walked over to Dexter and punched him, the stupid cats cheered in happiness.

Emily pulled Peach into her room to talk about it.

Two hours later they came out Peach looked happy, Emily not so much.

Emily looked like she was going to kill Dexter.

I think Emily is going to make a good Luna. Emily walked up to Dexter and told him if he hurts her sister that her and the cats would hunt him down.

The cats are cracking their necks and looking like they are ready to pounce on him.

Dexter told Emily that he would never harm his mate nor their baby.

Emily said that we all should go to bed and get some sleep and talk about it in the morning.

Dexter and I tried to stay but Emily kicked us out. I told her that I will go to the pack house to get my stuff ready for the move. I told her and Peach that I am moving in tomorrow, before I left, I told Emily that I cannot stay away any longer from her and that we need to get a bigger bed. Before she could say anything, I kissed her then I left.

I know she thinks we are moving to fast, but I cannot stop myself anymore.

Dexter kissed Peach goodbye then we both went to our own homes.

When I got to the pack house I called for a meeting, I told the pack everything. They are happy to have a new Luna.

The pack asked if they could meet the new Luna tomorrow, I told them yes, they can when they help me move in.

I packed all my things. I took a shower after and dried myself off. I went and laid down on the bed.

Tonight, is my last night in the pack house. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my love.

I fell asleep fast, with the biggest smile on my face. I am truly happy.

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