My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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What is going on? Peach wants to get married to the butt puff and now she said that she wants him to move in.

Jason said that he is moving in and that “we” must get a bigger bed.

I think I should look in to boarding schools for Peach and I should get a van and live in that with the cats.

Everything is happening way to fast.

Peach and I sat on the sofa talking. She is begging me to let her get married and to let Dexter as she so lovingly calls the butt puff to move in.

I told her that she should finish high school first then think about getting married. That little brat said that she will wait if I let that butt puff move in.

I told her to let me think about it. No matter what I say to her, she is going to marry him when she turns eighteen. Which means that she could drop out of high school.

I told her that if I let “him” move in that she must finish high school. She was happy about that and promised me that she would.

Then she said that she is going to go call him and start making room for him in her bedroom.

All the red flags went up. I told her that he is not sharing a room with her.

She asks were I thought he would stay then. I told her in the baby’s room and the baby can stay in her room.

Peach sighed and said that the baby can not stay in her room forever. That the baby will need a room of its own when it gets bigger.

I hate this kid right now, making valid points and all. I then said that her and I could share a room and Jason and the puff can share a room. She took my hand and said that wont work because Jason would want to sleep next to me.

I told her that I just want to slap her right now. She laughed at me, I then told her that if this is going to happen then they must sleep in separate beds. Then this little punk said that we could get another bed but that does not mean that she would sleep alone.

I asked the cats to come help me dig a hole in the back yard. Peach then said that she just wants to be close to him.

I told her that we can talk about it later. She said to go a head and tell the jerk to move in.

She called him and told him that, before I could say anything.

That’s it I am going to put myself in a hole.

I went to my room with the cats, and I told them to help me keep an eye on Dexter. They are more then happy to help me.

I laid down on my bed just thinking about everything that has happened, then it hit me Jason said pack house.

What is a pack house?

I fell asleep, I woke up to noises. I got up and opened my door to see a bunch of people in the corner of the living room and Peach is trying to get my cats to not attack. I asked what was going on.

Peach said that Jason and his pack are here to move his stuff in and that cats won’t let them get close to my room.

I bent down and scooped up my babied and told them that I love them. I then asked why they couldn’t wait until I woke up. Jason said that he was too impatient and that he needed to be with me.

The people with him and bowed to me and called me Luna. Luna? What is a Luna?

I asked Jason what was going on and he told me that I am like a queen, and I will help him run his pack.

I did what any normal human would do… I passed out. When I came to I was on the sofa in Jason’s arms, I could hear my cats screaming from my room. I asked what had happened, Jason told me. I asked why my cats are in my room, Peach said that she had to put them in my room because they wouldn’t let anyone near me.

I looked at Jason and told him that he never said anything about me having to be this Luna thing and how am I going to help him. He told me that we will have all the time in the world for me to learn.

I hate him right now. I looked and all the people that are still here and are looking at me with great concern on their faces.

I got up from the sofa and asked Jason to introduce me to them. Jason told me that he does not have a Beta because his Beta left the pack.

Ok I have no clue what he is taking about, he and I are going to have a long talk later.

Jason’s dad, Buck walked up to me and crossed his arms and looked at me from head to foot. I do not think he likes me. Then he asked when am I going to give him grandchildren. What? Then Jason’s mom Beverly asked how many we are going to have. What in the name of cheese and rice is going on here?

Jason told them that we are going to start trying after we are married and that he is hoping we have five or more.

I had to sit down; I think I will kill him later. Then his dad asked when we are going to get married, and Jason said in a few months. WHAT? I did not agree to this.

I looked at Jason with murder in my eyes. I then saw his mom talking to Peach asking how long it took for her to get pregnant, ok I do not want to hear this. Peach told her the first time for her.

That made Jason’s mom and dad very happy.

I looked and I could see some guys taking my bed out of my room. I think I am going to pass out again.

Jason came to me and told me not to worry about anything that he will take care of it.

If it wasn’t for Peach, I think I would be going to prison right now.

Jason then asked if I could get ready so that we can go get a new bed. I got up reluctantly and went to my room.

When I came out everyone was gone, except Jason and Peach. I then see the butt puff coming out of Peach’s room.

I do not think I can take much more of this.

We went outside and there were two moving vans there. When did they get them? Jason said that Peach and Dexter are going in one and him and I are going in the other.

I do not know what came over me but, I punched Jason in the face.

Jason looked at me, not with anger but with … love. He said he knows that I am overwhelmed and that’s why I hit him. You think?

I got in the van, I kind of feel bed for hitting him…kind of.

I asked Jason why he told his parents that we are getting married in a few months. He told me that not only are we going to get new furniture, but we are also going to get a ring, a dress, and to get a marriage license. I looked at him.

I screamed at him why is he not letting me make any decisions in my life?

He took my hand and said that he can not wait anymore and that he was looking for his mate ever since he was eighteen.

I looked at him and told him that I can not do this, that everything is moving way too fast for me.

He kissed my hand and said that after we are married everything will slow down and that we can wait a few months before trying to have kids.

I do not think this moron is understanding what I am saying. I told him that I am not ready to get married yet.

Jason whimpered and asked do I not want him? I said that’s not it, that I just want time to process everything that’s it.

He stopped at a red light and looked at me and said that he loves me and that he just can not wait anymore.

To let him take care of me and that he will wait for children.

I asked is all of this is because of the mate bond thing, he said that it is and that it will get stronger for me too and that I will understand then.

But one thing Jason does not know is that I do understand. I do want to be with him and to get married to him. I am just scared. I am scared that once we are married, he will turn out like my father,

an abuser. That is why I am fighting Peach so hard. I do not want us to be like our mother and just stay and let them hurt us and the kid, like he did.

I know Jason and Dexter do not know how our father was like.

But I know I must tell them soon. I do not want to. I do not like thinking about our past and thinking about how much that monster has hurt Peach and myself.

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