My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Her past


I know that Emily is scared, and she keeps saying that we are moving too fast. But to me we are moving too slow.

I just want to be with my mate and love her and take care of her forever. I am willing to do what it takes for her to understand that this is the right thing for us.

The first stop was at a jeweler to get rings. I can see hesitation in her eyes, I told her that she can pick out any ring that she wants. She looked at me like I am a fool. But I do not care what she wants if she likes it.

Peach already picked one out and Dexter paid for it. It cost him thirteen hundred dollars. But I know he does not care.

Emily finally picked one. It cost one thousand dollars. I asked if she is sure that’s the one, she wants.

She said yes. If that’s the one she wants, then I am fine with it.

Next, we went and filled out the paperwork for our marriage license. They told us that we will get it in a few weeks.

I am very excited. Emily and I got back in the van, and I can see that Emily is very upset.

I took her in my arms and asked her what is wrong. She looked at me and what she said shocked me.

She asked if I am pushing this hard so that when I get the paper in my hands that I will start controlling her and hurting her.

I told her no, that I just want everything to be final so that I can have my Luna by myside and that I can love and cherish her forever. I looked at her and I can see the tears streaming down her face.

I cupped her face and asked what is this all about? She told me, she told me that the man that she and Peach calls father use to beat them and their mother and that their mother would not leave their father.

That she is scared that I will turn out to be like her father once we are married.

I was steaming in rage. I mind link to Dexter to tell him what Emily just said. I hugged Emily and told her that I would never do anything to hurt her. I now know why she was fighting the mate bond.

I told her that I will spend the rest of my days to prove that I will never hurt her and that my love for her is real.

I know she is having a hard time believing me, but I will show her, for the rest of my life I will show her what true love is.

I am trying to reassure her that I will never be like her father. She just nodded her head. I know it is going to take time for her to understand that Dimond and I would never hurt her.

Dimond is going crazy knowing that someone has hurt his mate. Dexter mind linked to me and said that he asked Peach about it and that there is more to it then their father hitting them … a lot more. I told him that when the girls are asleep tonight that I want him to tell me everything. He said he would.

We started to head to the bridal store. I asked Emily what kind of dress she would like.

She told me that she does not want a dress. I asked her what she wants to wear when we get married. She said a tux. WHAT!? She wants a tux. I looked at the love of my life, I asked what color tux she wants. I would rather her wear a dress, but if she wants a tux then my baby is getting a tux. I do not care what anyone will think.

She told me that she would like a blue tux. I asked her what color I should get she said black.

I know that those are her favorite colors. I said so our wedding is going to be blue and black she said yes.

Ok this is a start.

We got to the store, and I told the lady that my soon to be wife would like to be fitted for a blue tux and I in a black tux. She looked at me funny but did as I asked.

Peach is looking at all the dresses. She is telling Dexter what one she would like when they get married.

I do feel a little sorry for him. After we were done, we were told that they will be ready in a month.

We all headed to the vans when Peach asked if we could get something to eat. Dexter told her yes. Then it hit me none of us ate before we left. We stopped at a Dairy King and had lunch.

After we were done eating, we went to the furniture store to get two new beds and anything else that we would need.

We got two new beds, nightstands and another sofa. We then headed to another store to get sheets, pillows and other things like lamps. I got a lot of new things for the cats. I want them to like me and to know that I will never hurt them nor their mom.

After that we had to go grocery shopping. By the time we were done it was almost dinner time so on our way home we stopped and got some pizzas and went home.

Dexter and I brought all the groceries in and told the girls that lets put all the food away, then eat and after that Dexter and I can get my pack to help get everything else in and put together. They were fine with it. They looked so tired.

After we got done eating, I called for my pack to come help.

The men in my pack came and helped me and Dexter put the new beds together. The women of my pack put all the cat things I bought together. The cats were just watching us like hawks.

After the pack left Peach went and took a shower first. Emily was making our bed. I asked Cookie to talk to Dexter and I after the girls were asleep. She agreed that her and the others will meet us in the living room.

After Peach got out of the shower her and Dexter went in their room to make their bed and to put everything in its place.

When Emily came out, we went to our room. I put everything in order to the way Emily liked.

Dexter knocked on the door and said that he was going to take a shower.

Emily laid down on the bed while I was putting my clothes away. I looked over at her and she was fast asleep.

I went out of the room and Dexter asked if Emily was sleeping, I told him that she was. I told him that I was going to take a shower and that I will be waiting for him in the living room.

When I got out of the bathroom Dexter and the cats were already there.

Dexter started to tell me that when the girls dad would hit them their mom would do nothing to stop them and that she would tell them after that she would rather, he hit them then her.

Cookie told us that their dad kicked Emily out first because of her and the other cats would protect her and Peach from their dad. Sugar said that she had some broken ribs from Emily’s dad kicking her to get her away from Emily.

He tried to get rid of the cats so that he could do whatever he wanted, but when that did not work, he kicked Emily out and for months she was trying to get Peach out.

That is when Peach got kicked out because she was pregnant.

That made Emily happy that Peach could finally leave their parents behind.

Dexter asked where their parents live, and Cleo told us. We asked the cats to keep an eye on the girls and if they wake up and ask where we are to just tell them that we went for a run.

Cookie asked what we are really going to do I told her that we are going to pay their parents a little visit.

Dexter and I left the house, we took off our clothes and we shifted. Dimond and Devon put our clothes in their mouths and started to run.

I want to know why their father, who was to love and care for them would hurt them instead.

We ran for an hour and a half, if we took a car, it would have been three hours. We got to the house and looked in the window.

We see a woman sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette, she looked bad. You could tell that the father was using her as his own punching bag.

At that moment I knew I hated him. I knew that Dimond wanted to hurt him for hurting his mate. I looked over at Devon and all I could see was rage.

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