My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Meeting The Parents

We shifted back and put our clothes on. We walked to the door, and we knocked.

No answer so, we knocked again. Finally, the father answered and asked what we want.

I told him that we want to talk to him about Emily and Peach. He said he knows them. Dimond took over and punched him.

He staggered back. Emily’s mom got up off the sofa and said that she is going to call the police.

Dexter ran and ripped the phone out of her hand and smashed it. I went in the house and closed the door.

Dexter demanded for them to tell us why they hit Peach and Emily. Their mother said that Peach and Emily are liars and that they are good for nothing. I have never wanted to hit a woman until now.

I looked at their mother and asked how she could let this piece of trash hurt her own kids.

She looked at me and said that she never wanted them in the first place.

The father asked how is this any of our business. I snarled at him and said that they are going to be our wives soon.

They looked at us with such discuss. The mother said that we are stupid for wanting two prostitutes.

I lost it I charged at the mother Dexter stopped me. The father told us to leave, and I growled out a no. I told him to tell me why he hit them and how could he do such a thing.

What that sick and twisted man told me next made me want to kill him. He said it was because they were girls and not boys.

Dexter let me go and I lunged at him and shifted. Dimond hit and punched, the mother was screaming.

She ran for the door, but Dexter shifted and stood in front of it.

I shifted back and told them that they are not worth our time.

Devon and I walked out of the house I shifted back, and we ran home. I know there is nothing they can do to us nor our mates.

They will keep quiet because they know no one will believe them.

When we got home, we shifted and peeked through the door. We did not see anyone, so we quietly went in.

We were then stopped by Cookie and the other cats. They asked us what had happened. We told them.

The cats actually high fived us.

It has been a long day. We asked if any of the girls woke up while we were gone. They said no.

Dexter went in his room, and I went in mine.

I got on new clothes and got in bed next to Emily. She does not need her parents. I will take care of her, and I know my parents already love her. We will be her family.

I see Sugar and Missy come into the bedroom, they jumped in bed with Emily and I, I was surprised when they cuddled with me and Emily.

I think we have gained a little bit of their trust.

I got woken up by Emily screaming. I jumped out of bed and looked around to see what was wrong.

I looked and did not see anything. I see Emily still in bed. I asked if she had a nightmare and she said no.

Then why is she screaming? I asked and she said that I was in bed with her that’s why she screamed.

Really? That is why she is screaming? I asked why she is screaming about that, she said that she did not really think that I was going to be here.

I think this woman is trying to kill me. I got back in bed and wrapped my arms around her and told her that I will always be here when she wakes up.

I then said the wrong thing … I told her that I do not want her to work. I saw Missy and Sugar slowly walking out the door. That is when I knew I made a big mistake.

I looked at my love, her face was red. She looked at me, she then let me know that is not going to happen and that she is going along with everything that I have said so far.

After thirty minutes I limped out of the bedroom. I guess now is not the best time to talk about it.

Sometimes I think my mate is more like a man then a woman. But you cannot choose your mate.

But I will stick by her said until the day that I die.

I know that she will be the best Luna for my pack her past has proven to me that she is very strong and will do anything to protect what is important to her.

And for that I will forever be grateful that she is my mate for life. I know that we have a long road a head of us, but we will get through it together.

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