My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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New Home


Have you ever been stuck in a moving van with a pregnant sixteen-year-old and four cats, for four hours?! I almost jumped out a couple of times

Peach insists that we listen to her music because the kind I like is for “old people”. It would not be so bad if she would not “sing” along.

She calls me a hypocrite because I told her I do not understand what they are saying, sorry I do not know Korean. But she points out that I watch Korean Mukbangs.

It is like yes, I watch people eat, but I can always turn on subtitles, but who cares when there is food there.

Besides there are two big differences between watching someone eat and listening to someone sing. But I am getting off topic here.

We are moving to a new town because our parents kicked Peach out of the house and all her “friends” turned their backs on her because she is pregnant.

But no one is doing that to the father, it is always the women’s fault that they get pregnant.

I pointed out that he is eight-teen-years-old, and she is six-teen-years-old, but something about consent laws or some garbage like that.

He already terminated his parental rights. I did not think he could do that, means the baby is not born yet, but money talks does it not. So, I kicked him in the balls.

I want to give peach a new life. She wanted to keep the baby, so I will try to help her the best I can.

I see the welcome sign. {Welcome to New population 3,182}

Peach is not ecstatic about moving to a small town. But this is were my new job is.

The pay is good, and I get benefits. I know she is sixteen and does not understand how we need the benefits, but she will when she has the baby.

I bought a cabin for us. It is a three bed, one bath. Having only one bathroom is going to suck. I swear when I was a teen, I did not spend that much time in the bathroom. Peach takes an hour and a half! It sucks so bad when you have diarrhea and they will not hurry up.

I turned down a dirt road, finally five minutes, only five more minutes then I can get out of this van. I know the cats will be happy to get out of there cat carriers. I can see our cabin; I am glad that I found a year-round cabin.

It is small, but it is big enough for us and it has a washer and dryer. Sure, it is not a fancy washer and dryer, but it is fine with me.

The cabin has a screened in porch, the living room is ok in size, the kitchen is small, but it comes with the fridge and range, the smallest bedroom is for the baby, second smallest bedroom is Peaches, the master bedroom is mine. I am lucky that it is all one level. It takes propane to heat it. I did a happy dance when I seen the garage for the first time. It can fit two cars in it. We only have one car right now. It is not a nice car, it is a 1996 red Pontiac Grand Am, but it gets me from point A to point B. Peach and I must look for a car for her.

I pulled up to the house and tried to back in, my car is hitched to the back of the van. I took out a fence and a couple of mailboxes, but all in all I think I did ok. I stopped the van and turned it off. I grabbed two of the cat carriers and went up to the house. Peach unlocked the door and we went in. Peach ran to the bathroom.

I put the carriers down and I went back out to the van and grabbed the last two. I got some of the cat’s stuff out of the van, like a litter pan, water bowl, and treats. When Peach came out of the bathroom, we put the cat’s stuff in there and set it up for the time being, we went and got the carriers and put them in the bathroom. We let the cats out and shut the door.

I walked out of the house; I see the neighbors. I have two thoughts, a frat house has moved here, which I can not fathom them doing that, because the college is thirty to forty minutes away, so my second thought is they are polygamists. I am going with the second one.

I walked up to them and said, “sorry about your fence.” Some dude told me that it is ok, that they can fix it in no time.

Told you they are polygamist, but to each their own, I guess. The dude asked if we needed help moving stuff in, I told him yes. Hey if these strong looking guys can help with the heavy stuff, then I do not have to kill myself doing it all by myself.

Ok there is like thirty men moving Peach and my stuff in the house, I am not complaining, they got it done in thirty minutes and they put the beds together for me and put them in the rooms.

I did the right thing, I bought pizza and soda. [yes, here in Minnesota we call it pop, but I call it sodi]

I keep hearing the cats growling and clawing at the bathroom door, they have never done that before. But I just figured that they just do not want to be cooped up anymore, so when they all left, I let them out. They were acting extremely cautious at first. But I chopped that up to it being a new place. Peach is unpacking the light stuff in her room. I am unpacking the kitchen, I am making a list of things that we need, so when Peach is done, we can go and get everything on my list and drop off the moving van.

We are now in the next town at the Walmart after that we are going to the local grocery store, sorry, but I do not like to buy meat and fresh produce at Walmart.

After what feels like twenty years later, we are back home, we put everything away. Peach went to take a shower so; I am in my room unpacking. I get the feeling someone is watching me.

I hear Cookie at the window growling. I wonder if there is a wild animal out there. She hisses, so I went and picked her up and put her on the bed, she flew to the window and hung on to the screen, like one of those Garfield suction cups thing that you put in a car window.

So, I went and tried to pull her off and try not to damage the screen, when I got her off I closed the window and curtains.

Peach is out of the bathroom now, it is my time to take a shower, after ten minutes I was out and dressed. I went in the kitchen to feed the cats and lo make sure the doors are locked.

I then went into my room, which is all decked out in Minnesota Timberwolves stuff. I just love basketball.

I turned my nightstand lamp on and then turned the lights off. I crawled into bed. I put my head on the pillow, Sugar and missy came up on the bed and laid down with me. Cookie and Cleo are sleeping with Peach.

I was about to pass out when I heard a howl outside my window. I heard Sugar and Missy growl. I pet them to calm them down. Then I fell asleep. It was a long day.

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