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The Call


After Jason left the bedroom, I got ready for the day. I hate that he is trying to take my freedom away, my freedom of choice.

I am trying to come to terms with everything else. I know I will have to quit my job but not right now.

I will when I want to start having kids. But I do not want kids right now. Maybe in like four years or so.

When I left the bedroom, I see Jason and Dexter cooking. Peach is still sleeping. She is going to find out the gender of the baby today and I just can not wait to see what she is going to have.

I am hopping for a boy, she on the other hand wants a girl.

I went into the kitchen to get some coffee. Dexter looked at me and said that him and peach were talking, and she wants to do online classes.

All I could do was look at him. I was not in a good mood. I asked him why, he said that she wants to be a stay-at-home mother.

Do any of you out there have some Tylenol? Because my foot is going to be logged in this butt puffs mouth and he’s going to need it.

Then Peach came out of her bedroom, I wasted no time. I interrogated her, she said that she wants to be the one to raise her baby and not someone else.

I am speechless, she never said anything like this before. I know it’s that butt puffs “mate bond”. I think I hate him more now than ever before.

My phone started to ring, I looked at the caller ID and seen a number that I never wanted to see.

I rejected the call. Jason asked if I was ok. I told him I was, but I am not. I wonder why my parents are trying to call me.

I think Jason knows something is wrong. But I do not want to tell him in front of Peach.

So, I changed the subject to Peach’s doctors.

Jason and Dexter served breakfast, they made eggs, sausage, toast and bananas.

After we got done eating, we all got ready for Peach’s appointment.

Jason followed me into the bedroom. He asks what was wrong, I told him. He looked scared and a little worried. I do not know why he is acting this way suddenly.

I asked him and he said that he just does not like that they have my number. I know there is more to it then that, but before I could ask Cookie came running in and said that she needs food now.

I can not believe that I forgot to feed them. I ran out of the room and gave them the good food for forgetting.

We are now heading to the doctors. Peach is so excited to find out what she is having. She asked butt puff what he wants, and he said that he wants a boy. I am glad that he is on the same page as me, but he still is and forever will be a butt puff.

We pull up to the office and we head in. I must say I hate going to the doctors and the dentist.

After what feels like an eternity, we finally get to go in.

I think this day is just out to get me. Peach is having a girl. Peach is happy, butt puff is happy.

Now Peach is going to get the ugliest cloths for that kid. Have you ever seen something like a dress that was so ugly that you wonder who would buy that? That is Peach, that is why I wanted her to have a boy.

Now when that kid gets older and must go to school, she will get teased for the ugly cloths that Peach will make her wear.

My phone started ringing again, it is my parents trying to call. I rejected it again.

Jason is looking at me I know he knows that I do not want to talk about it in front of Peach.

I just do not understand why they are trying to call now.

We are heading home, and I just can not wait. All I want to do is cuddle with my babies, my cats that is.

I leaned my head on Jason’s shoulder and feel asleep. I woke up in my bed, I looked over and see Jason is just staring at me.

I am having a hard time with a man in my bed with me. I do not like to sleep all cuddled up with another person, it is the heat and the sweat that grosses me out.

I sat up in bed, Jason asked if I was hungry, and I told him I was. He helped me out of bed. I do not know why he keeps helping me with things that are so simple to do.

We went out of the bedroom, I asked Jason where Peach was and he told me that Dexter took her out for dinner.

My phone rang again I looked at the ID and it was my parents calling again, this time I answered.

It was my mother, she told me something that shocked me. She told me that Jason and Dexter were over their last night and beat my father up.

I was speechless, I hung up on my mother and looked at Jason. Did he and Dexter really go over to my parents’ house and why did they go there?

I just stood there with my mouth opened just staring at Jason.

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