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Am I Dreaming?


I heard Emily talking to her mom. I do not like this, what is Emily going to think or do. I turned and saw Emily just staring at me. I feel Dimond pacing, he does not know how to feel nor what to think.

I did not know what to say to her.

I cannot tell if she is upset that Dexter and I went to her parents’ house or not.

She walked up to me; she still has not uttered a word.

I was waiting for her to yell at me or hit me. But what she did surprised me.

Emily kissed me … not just kissed me, I could feel her love in the kiss.

Then she said something I never thought I would hear from her.

She said she loves me and that she wants to get married as soon as possible.

I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. It hurt so I am not dreaming.

Then I heard Cleo chocking on her water. Emily asked her if she was ok. Cleo was just looking at us and nodded yes.

I asked her if this is a dream, she said no. She asked me to take her to the bedroom. I blinked like seven hundred times.

Then I picked up my love and was going to take her to the bedroom. I told her that I love her too, more then she will ever know.

She said that she wants Dimond to mark her.

That made Dimond go crazy. I asked if she was sure, she said yes.

I was walking to the bedroom, when Dexter and Peach walked in the house.

Dimond is telling me to kill them. Emily told me to put her down.

Dimond said no. Emily gave us a look I have never seen before; it was trust and love.

I put her down. She walked up to Dexter and hugged him.

Dimond growled at them. Emily then said that she is willing to sign the papers for them to get married. I heard Cookie ask what the tuna fish is going on. Emily picked Cookie up and wisped something to her.

She said, “I trust them”, and she gave Cookie a kiss on the top of her head and put her down.

Emily then asked if I could put some frozen pizzas in the oven.

No that is not what I want to do. I want to take my love to the bedroom and mark her and to complete the mate bond.

I mind linked Dexter and tell him I was going to kick his butt later. He asked why, I told him.

He asked why, I told him. He then said I should have said something, he would have taken Peach to other places to keep her out longer if he would have known.

Stupid Dexter had to ruin everything.

I put the stupid pizzas in the oven and went to my love. She is holding my hand.

I love this side of her. But it is making me think, is this really her or did a witch cast a spell on her.

Dimond is going insane, he keeps trying to get me to drag Emily away from Peach and to mark her.

I am having a hard time controlling him. I think every guy knows what that feels like.

I whispered in Emily’s ear that we should go to bed. She said not until she eats.

Hurry up you stupid oven! Peach asked me what is wrong with me, I told her nothing is wrong. I am just really hungry.

I can not tell her that I am hungry for her sister… that would be wrong.

Finally, the pizzas are done. I hurried and got them out of the oven.

I cut them and plated them.

I gave Emily hers and I ate mine within five minutes, I swear she is eating slow on purpose.

When she finally finishes, I took the plates and put them in the sink.

I ran out of the kitchen, I almost tripped over Missy. I grabbed Emily’s hand and pulled her up and said goodnight to Dexter and Peach.

I picked Emily up and put her over my shoulder and ran to the bedroom.

When we got in the bedroom, I put Emily on the bed and ran and locked the door.

I turned around and see Emily has gotten up off the bed and is standing next to the bed.

I ripped off all my clothes, Emily’s eyes got big, and she turned her head.

She must be shy seeing me all naked.

Nope I was wrong, she threw a shoe at me, and it hit me… right in my jewelry box.

I doubled over in pain. I asked why she threw a shoe at me.

I know I was not dreaming that she wanted me to take her here.

She said that I could mark her, but she is not ready for anything more than that.

Oh come on! I am a man! When a woman says “take me to the bedroom” I am thinking… never mind.

Emily throws some clothes at me at told me to get dressed. I was grumbling as I got dressed.

This woman has no idea what she is doing to me.

I walked to her. I took her in my arms and told her that she is driving me crazy.

She looked at me and told me that it is all my fault that I miss understand what she was saying.

I looked deep into her eyes and asked if she is sure that this is all that she would want from me tonight.

She gave me a pointed look. I had to try. I am a man after all.

I told her that it will hurt. She then said that I better hurry up and get is over with so she can go to bed.

Does this woman really love me? I bent my head in the crease of her neck and I let Dimond take over.

He marked her. She did not scream she did nothing. Dimond and I got scared that we killed her.

He pulled back after it was done. He looked at her face. She … she was asleep.

What is wrong with this woman? It was supposed to hurt, but she fell asleep.

I put her in bed, now that I know that she is ok. I went out of the bedroom to take a cold shower.

That women got me all riled up. I just hope that a shower will work.

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