My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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What Now? Part 2


Peach and I have been laying in this bed for two hours looking at baby stuff and other stuff.

I do not know how many times I had to tell Peach that a baby can not use a bouncy house. I think she just wants one for herself.

I am losing interest in this but, it is something that must be done.

Jason and Emily have been gone for three hours now. If Emily finds out that Peach and I have been fluffing the sheets, I think she would kill me.

But it is not all my fault, I have a pregnant woman next to me and, she … well she would not take no for an answer.

Peach has been wanting Hot Cheetos and strawberry ice cream. That makes me sick every time she eats it.

I swear I keep smelling her father but, last time I knew their parents did not know where they live.

After looking at the hundredth pair of clothes I was done. I told Peach that we can finish looking tomorrow.

I think it is about bedtime anyways. I took the computer from Peach and put it away.

I heard the cats growling out in the living room. I told Peach to stay in bed, that I am going to see what is going on.

I was about to leave the bedroom when I heard the door get kicked in. I told Peach not to leave this room and to try and call Jason and Emily.

Peach picked up her phone and started to call Emily. I opened the door slowly.

I can hear the cats hissing and I hear crashing. I shut the door as quietly as I could.

I walked slowly to the living room, there I see Peach’s and Emily’s dad.

The cats were fighting him, I can see that he is bleeding, and the cats were not giving up.

I started to run to them when he grabbed Cookie by the neck and threw her, she hit a bookshelf.

She cried out in pain, I looked at her she could not get up. I looked back at Peach’s dad.

He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Cookie, I ran to him and grabbed his hands we struggled.

I finally knocked him down, I shifted, I was running, I jumped in the air, and he fired the gun.

He shot me in my shoulder, I fell to the ground.

I heard a cry, I looked and there was Peach, I turned around and see her dad pointing the gun at her.

I tried to get up fast, but I was not fast enough, he fired the gun. I looked at Peach I could see blood on her.

I jumped on him, I will admit I did mean to kill him, I tore him apart. I then looked back and see Peach is kneeling down. I limped to her; I need to make sure that she is ok.

I looked down and there … oh no! There was Missy, Missy took the bullet for Peach. I shifted back and looked at Missy.

Missy is losing a lot of blood. I asked Peach if she is ok, she did not answer me. I took her face in my hands and looked her over.

She finally said that she is ok but, we need to help Missy. Peach began to cry.

I told her everything will be fine. I asked her to get me some clothes and that I am going to check out Cookie.

I asked Sugar to help Missy by holding my ripped clothes to the wound, she did not hesitate.

I went to Cookie, she is knocked out, I looked her over and could tell that her arm is broken.

Peach came back out with some clothes. Jason’s pack came running in the house.

I asked Peach to get a carrier and some towels. I asked Jason’s pack if they could stay here until Jason and Emily come back.

They said yes and asked me what happened, I told them that Peach’s dad tried to kill her and me, and the cats.

Peach came back I put the towels in the carrier, and I place Cookie and Missy in it.

I told Sugar and Cleo to tell Jason and Emily everything that has happened and to tell them that we are on our way to the vet.

I told Peach that I am going to shift and that she must ride on my back holding the cats and my clothes.

She said she can. I shifted and bent down so she can get on safer.

After she got on and is holding on, I started to run.

I hope Jason and Emily can hurry and get to the vet as soon as possible.

Peach and I got to the vet. I laid down so Peach could get down.

After she got off, I shifted back she handed me my clothes. I put my pants on and turn to see Peach was already in the building.

I hurried in; she was telling them what happened. The nurse took the cats and called the vet doctor.

The doctor said that Missy needs surgery, and she needs it now or she will die.

The bullet hit her stomach and she has lost a lot of blood.

Cookie has a broken arm and two cracked ribs. Cookie will need a cast for her arm and her ribs will heal on their own.

The doctor took Missy for her surgery. I swear these cats deserve a medal.

Peach and I were waiting for Emily and Jason. We have been waiting for only fifteen minutes.

Emily came bursting through the door demanding to see her cats.

The nurse told Emily that Missy is still in surgery, and she might be in there for a few hours.

Peach waddled/ran to Emily. Jason came to me, and mind linked me to tell him everything.

After I told him what happened he was not very happy. But he was glad that the cats and I protected Peach and the house.

You could tell Emily is blaming herself for what happened but, in truth I think that it is myself and Jason’s fault.

A nurse told us that we can see Cookie. We went with her; you can tell Cookie was sedated.

Emily asks the nurse everything that she needs to do for Cookie when she gets to come home and everything involving that.

The nurse was going over everything with her and she said that Cookie would have to stay overnight to make sure that there is nothing else wrong.

I asked Peach if she wanted to go home, she said no. She laid her head on my shoulder and I told her that she should get some rest.

Peach fell asleep fast; I think this is all too much for her.

Jason is trying to comfort Emily. But Emily just wants to know if Missy is ok.

I mind linked Jason and tell him that him and I must get the cats so many treats and anything that they want.

Jason agrees but, we both know they are going to ask for a lot of food, toys, and a new bed.

But for what they have done, we will gladly pay for it all.

I also asked Jason if his pack can clean up what was left of Peach’s and Emily’s dad.

He told me that they did before they even got there.

I woke Peach up and told her that we must go home so that we can go feed the other cats and tell them what is going on so far.

Peach did not want to go but she did anyways. We told Emily and Jason that we will be back in a few.

Emily hugged Peach, then me. I still find this side of her to be off.

But sometimes that is how the mate bond works, it can soften you up.

I asked Jason that if anything happens to let me know.

He said he will.

Peach and I walked out of the vet. I went behind a tree and got undressed.

After I shifted Devon put my clothes in his mouth. He has been very unpleasant; he wants Peach’s mom next.

He wants their whole family to be destroyed for trying to hurt our mate.

I keep telling him it will hurt Peach more if we do that.

I had Peach climb on me again and when she was safe, I started to run home.

When we got home, I see Jason’s Pack had fixed the door.

I let Peach get down, I shifted back, and I told Peach to stay with me until I get dressed.

She did, I opened the door and called for the other cats before we went in.

I do not want them being scared that someone else is trying to get in the house.

Cleo and sugar came running asking how Missy and Cookie are.

I told them about Cookie and that we know nothing about Missy yet.

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