My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Missy comes home


After Peach and Dexter left, the doctor came out and told us that Missy made it through the surgery but, she will have to stay for one week.

I am just glad that she is going to be ok. I was relieved that both of my babies are going to be ok.

Jason called Dexter to let him, and Peach know what is going on and so they can tell the other cats.

I do not want my other babies to worry about their sisters.

Calmness started to wash over me, until… Jason told me that he did not wrap his flower.

I can not deal with this right now. First my babies got hurt…badly and now Jason is telling me that I could be pregnant.

I punched him. I cannot believe all this is happening right now.

I told Jason that I want nothing to do with him for the next two hours.

After two hours I can go see Missy and I would need his help with seeing my baby.

He looked hurt; I hate this stupid mate bond!

Jason looked at me with puppy dog eyes and started to whimper.

He started to walk slowly to me. He asked if I do not want him because what happened to the cats?

I told him no that I do not blame him for that. He keeps creeping closer to me.

He asked why I am so mad then, I told him. He said that if I did get pregnant that it will be ok.

No, no it would not be ok.

Before I could move away from him, he hugged me tight and said that if I did become pregnant that it will just prove our love for each other.

I think I want to hurt this man badly. I told him that my love for him was proven when I let him do what he did to me.

He said yes but, if I gave him a child that would show the whole world that we love each other.

I do not think that I think the world would not care.

Jason is just staring at me and telling me he loves me and that if I did not get pregnant this time, we should try harder next time.


I told him lets focus on Missy and Cookie right now.

He told me that he will drop it for now.

Jason will not let me out of his sight now. He tried to go in the bathroom with me.

I told him that he will not be going in the bathroom with me.

He gave me a look, I asked what is with the look, he said that he just wants to be with me.

I get it I do but, not when I am going to the bathroom.

After what felt like eternity the doctor said we can see Missy.

We followed the doctor; Missy was in a cage with towels and blankets. She was still out.

I asked the doctor if Cookie can sleep with her, he said no.

He said that Cookie could hurt her. I know Cookie would never do that…. well not when Missy is hurt.

Cookie has some anger issues what can I say, but I love her non the less.

I walked up to Missy and pet her head. I asked the doctor what I will need to do when she comes home.

After he told me the after care he left. I can not believe that my fat lazy cat protected Peach.

I know that she loves us. I think when both cats get to go home, I will have to give them a cat party.

Yes, I am the crazy cat lady.

I told Jason that he should go home and get some sleep. He told me no that he will not leave me alone.

I asked him if he could leave the room so I can have a little time with Missy alone.

Jason did not want to, but he said that he will go see how Cookie is doing.

After Jason left that is when I broke down and started to cry.

Everything is just too much right now.

I do not like it when people see me cry, my father said that crying is for the weak.

That is how I am feeling right now weak.

I was not there to protect my cats or my sister, I left it all to Dexter…. I have failed.

I have failed to be a good cat mom; I have failed to be there for my sister.

I do not blame Jason nor Dexter… I blame myself.

How did our father find out where we lived, I can not answer that.

Jason then busted through the door and grabbed me and told me that everything will be fine and that the cats will get to come home.

I asked Jason how he knew I was crying, he said he could feel my sadness. I asked how, He said it was the mate bond.

I asked what else could he feel through the mate bond, he said that he could feel my pleas- I hit him before he could say anymore.

He told me that since we finished the mate bonding that he can feel every emotion that I am having.

I hate this, I really do. Well, I hope I get my period in the next few days so he can feel all the emotions from that.

I gave Missy a few more pets, then I went out of the room, Jason grabbed my hand, after the whole matting thing he has been clingier then normal.

We walked down the hall and that is when I heard a women yell for help. Jason and I went running.

It was Cookie, she was hissing trying to deathroll the nurse.

I told Cookie to stop, she did after the third time I told her. I went and picked Cookie up gently, I did not want to hurt her.

I asked the nurse if I could take Cookie to go see her sister. The nurse told me to keep that devil away from her.

Aww Cookie is not that bad… ok she can be, but only to people she does not know, or does not like.

Okay Cookie hates most people, but can you blame her?

Jason and I went back where they have Missy.

Cookie looked at her sister and asked for me to put her next to her. I told her that she must be careful.

She looked at me like I am the stupidest person alive.

I put her down and she limped over to Missy and started to lick her head. I have never seen Cookie being this loving.

Yes, I know Cookie loves her sisters but…. she has a hard time showing it.

The doctor came in and said that Cookie can go home. I said I thought that he wanted to keep her here.

He said that any animal that tries to deathroll something is fine.

I told him that I will take her home when I can take Missy.

The nurse bagged the doctor to let Missy go home.

The doctor said that Missy must wake up and he must make sure that she will be ok to go home.

After an hour Missy finally woke up. You could tell that she was in pain.

I asked Jason to go get the doctor. After Jason, I asked Missy how she was doing, she said that she was fine.

Of course, she would say that. She tried to get up, I told her not to move and that Jason went to go get the doctor.

Jason and the doctor and a nurse came in and were looking at Missy.

They gave her some water; she had no trouble with it.

The doctor said in about an hour the nurse will come with some wet food to see if Missy can eat.

Missy perked up at the word food.

I think she will be able to eat just fine.

I asked Jason if he could call Peach and tell her what is going on and if her and Dexter could come and get Cookie.

Cookie has been terrorizing the nurses. Cookie said that she does not want to go home.

I told her that she must so she can tell Sugar and Cleo that Missy is doing ok.

I started to pet Missy. Missy said that she wants food now. I told her that she must wait for the nurse to bring it.

I swear these cats are like real kids, asking for food, wanting water, and having to help Missy to the litter pan.

Every five minutes Missy is asking about food, Jason said that she sounds like me. I gave him [ do not start] look.

When the nurse final came in with the food Missy got up fast and started to eat so fast that the nurse and I had to keep taking it away from her.

After Missy was done eating the nurse said that she will let the doctor know how well Missy ate and have him check her out.

All the nurses want us gone, Cookie asked me to put her down, I asked why, I know why she wants to chase after the nurse and start trouble.

Cookie said that she wants to walk around, I told her she can do that when she gets home.

After some time, the doctor came in and said that he wants to do an ultrasound on Missy’s stomach to make sure everything is digesting fine.

After the doctor left the room with Missy, I asked Jason if Peach and Dexter are coming, He said yes.

That should make the nurses feel better knowing that cookie is going home.

The doctor came back with Missy, he said that Missy is doing better then he thought she would and that she could go home.

I could hear the nurses cheering. Jason got the meds that Missy and Cookie needs, and we got Missy in the carrier, and we are waiting for Peach and Dexter to come with the other one so we can put cookie in it.

We see Peach and Dexter pull up, when did he get a van? They came in and I asked Dexter If he could put Missy in the van so I can get Cookie into the other carrier.

After everyone was in the van, I asked Dexter when he got the van, he said that he had to get it for when the baby is born.

I guess that makes sense. I just want to go home and take a shower and maybe a nap.

It has been a hard twenty-four hours.

I think it is time for all of us to get some rest and worry about everything else tomorrow.

When we got home Jason took Missy and Dexter took Cookie.

I helped Missy out and put her in her new bed that Dexter got her. Sugar and Cleo went to Missy and laid next to her.

After I got Cookie out, she went and ate, then she came and laid with the other cats.

I asked Jason if he could keep an eye on them so I can go take a shower.

I went into my room and got some clothes; Jason came in and hugged me from behind and said that everything is going to be fine, and he will help me with the cats.

I looked at him and I just could not hold it in anymore, I just cried.

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