My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The New Beta.


After comforting Emily, she went and took her shower.

Peach asked how Emily is really doing, I told Peach that Emily is just stressed out right now and that we all need to help her not to get overwhelmed.

Dexter said that he is going to go cook food for everyone. Peach said that she is going to keep an eye on the cats so I can go help Dexter.

I must go to the pack house later. I must find a new beta to replace Blake.

He left my pack because he started thinking that I have become weak after finding my mate.

That is what he thinks, I have become stronger since my mate has come to me.

After Emily and I have finished the mate bond I feel even more complete, and I have my mate with me.

I mind linked Dexter and ask if he could go with me to the pack house later to night, he said are we sure that we should leave the girls alone, I told him it will only take an hour.

Dexter said yes that he will come with me.

Emily came out of the bathroom and asked what we are making, I told her breakfast pizza.

She asked if I could just make her some over medium eggs, I told her I could do that.

I see Emily getting bread and putting four slices in the toaster, she asked if anyone wants any, we all said no.

Then I see her getting seaweed out of the cupboard, then she is getting grape jelly out of the fridge.

I gave the eggs to her, she put jelly on the toast, then the seaweed then the eggs.

I think am going to be sick. I asked why she is eating that, she said that is sounded good to her.

What? That does not sound good to me.

Emily sat down at the table, and she took a bite of her sandwich, she moaned.

Why am I feeling jealous over a sandwich? I some how feel like she is cheating on me with food.

I mean she moaned over food before, and I did not get this bad.

I think when she is done eating, I should ask her to help me find something in the bedroom.

Hopefully I can get her to slime my banana.

After Emily got done eating, I asked her if she could help me for a minute.

She got up and fallowed me into the bedroom. Emily shut the door, I turned around and was about to ask her to help me find the candy stick but, she grabbed me and kissed me hard.

When she pulled away, she told me to take my pants off.

I love this side of her.

After forty minutes Emily and I went out of the bedroom. Sugar said that I am disgusting.

Cleo gave me a disproving look. Missy just laid there, Cooke said that when were alone she is going to cut my basket of meat off.

I think I should hide all the knifes.

Emily has been very “playful” today, she will not stop dragging me into the bedroom.

I am not complaining, I am just bragging.

Peach asked Dexter to go for a walk with her. Dexter mind linked me and said that Peach wants to go fluff some feathers.

I told him I did not need to know. I just hope Emily does not find out what Dexter and Peach do during their “walks” or Dexter will be dead.

I told them to be back in two hours so Dexter and I can go to the pack house.

Emily said that she wants to go take a nap, I told her that I will take one with her.

Missy said that she wants to lay in bed with us so, Emily picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

All the cats are laying in between us. I had to put a pillow over myself because Cookie keeps looking down there.

I know she was not kidding. Cleo whispered that I violated their mom.

I told them I did no such thing, that Emily wanted me to fluff her Garfield.

They did not believe me.

After a while we all fell asleep. I was woken up by Peach saying that they were back.

I looked over and seen that Emily and the cats are still sleeping so, I got out of bed and left the bedroom.

When I came out to the living room, I told Peach that she needs to go take a shower before Emily gets up.

She had sand in her hair, and I told her that the cats would be able to smell Dexter on her if she didn’t.

Peach went to her room to get clothes, when Peach went into the bathroom, I asked Dexter how everything is going with him and Peach, he told me that everything is going well.

I asked him about his job, he has not been going to work. He told me that he quit his job because he needs to be with Peach.

I asked what he is going to do for money, he told me that he has a lot in savings so, no one needs to worry.

I know what he is saying, he had a very well-paying job. I know that him and Peach can survive ten years on what he has.

I asked if he is ready to be a dad, he said no that, he thinks he will never really be ready but, he is happy that is going to have a little girl that will call him daddy.

Peach came out of the bathroom and put her clothes in the washer, she asked if she still smells like Dexter?

I told her no that she should be fine.

I went in the bedroom and woke Emily up and told her that Dexter and I are going to the pack house for a meeting.

She kissed me and told me not to be gone long, oh I won’t be gone long.

Dexter told Peach that him and I will be back soon, and with that we left for the pack house.

When we got in the pack house everyone was waiting for us.

My pack asked me who the new beta is going to be, I looked at my pack.

I looked at Dexter and asked him to be my beta, everyone in the pack was shocked that I asked a rouge.

My pack asked why him, I told them that he has had my back ever since we have found our mates.

They understood, Dexter looked at me for a long time.

Dexter finally said yes that he will be my beta.

I cannot believe he said yes, he always said that he would never join a pack.

I asked what changed his mind, he told us that means he is going to be a dad he is going to need as much help as he can get.

I hugged him; I am happy that not only is he going to be my brother-in-law, but he is going to be in the pack family.

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