My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Return Of Blake


Jason and Dexter have been gone for only an hour. Jason said that it might take them two hours.

Peach and I are going to make dinner, but first I must feed the cats.

I put their food down and went to help Cookie off the bed and to pack Missy out so she can eat.

Peach and I are going to make chicken and rice with green beans, I am going to put cheese and hot sauce and maybe a little peanut butter on mine.

I told Peach that we should also make a cake. I can not be bothered to make one from scratch so, Peach got down a vanilla cake mix and some strawberry Jell-O.

We are going to make Jell-O poke cake. I got the cool whip out of the freezer.

Peach is getting the cake ready as I get the chicken in the oven.

I told Peach that I have to get my phone out of my bedroom.

I went to my room and grabbed my phone, there was a loud nose that came from the living room.

I ran out there and there was Blake, he broke down my door. I looked at him and screamed “you broke my door”.

He ignored me and asked where Jason is. I told him that he is at the pack house.

I asked him why he had to break my door, he asked if Jason liked the little present that he sent him?

I asked what present, he said that he sent my dad here. So that was him who told my dad where we lived.

I asked why he did that, he said that Jason has become weak because of me, I told him that is not true.

Why is he being like this, he was one of Jason’s pack members.

Before I could say anything, he shifted. Sugar and Cleo both tried to attack him, Missy said give me a minute and I will be there. Cookie was limping to him.

Cleo and Sugar just keep trying.

I snaped I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the broom. I ran back to the living room.

Peach is telling me to call Dexter and Jason so that they can come with the pack.

I ran up to Blake and started to hit him on the head.

I started to cry and scream at him, that I am so sick and tired of people breaking my door.

He tried to lunge at me that is when Peach started to throw books at him.

I just kept hitting him and crying, I told him that I am so sick of everyone trying to hurt my babies.

I kicked him, hard. He started to whimper; I did not care. I just kept hitting. I broke the broom.

That made me start crying harder, I told Peach to give me the mop.

She did I just started to hit him with the mop.

Someone told me to stop, I looked up and I see Jason and Dexter and the whole pack.

They looked scared. Jason’s Dad said that he will deal with Blake.

Two guys came in slowly and picked up a now unconscious Blake.

I then looked at Dexter and said that I know that he has been playing pattycake with my sister.

He started to back away, I told him not to run.

All the pack members started to part away from him.

He started to run away I ran after him. There was no way I could catch him.

I waited next to a tree where no one could see me. I was there for about fifteen minutes.

I see Dexter slowly walking up, I jumped out and ran to him before he could smell me.

I hit him with my mop, I asked why he has been touching a minor.

He shook his head he opened his mouth, I hit him again.

After twenty minutes and a bent mop we finally went home.

I know that it was Peach but, I cannot blame her.

When we got in the house Peach went up to Dexter and was kissing him all over and asking if he was ok.

He said that he just has a headache, but it will go away soon.

I did not see Jason’s mom and dad was still here.

Jason’s dad came up to me and hugged me and told me that there is no doubt that I will be a good Luna for the pack.

Jason’s mom came up next and hugged me and said that it takes a fearless woman to take on two betas.

What two? Jason told me that Dexter is the new beta.

Jason’s parents asked what Blake was doing here, I told them, and I told them that he was the one who sent my father.

That made Jason upset. Jason’s dad said that they are interrogating him.

I do not understand why he wanted to do that, but I guess we will find out sooner or later.

Right now, I am starving. We all sat down and had dinner together.

Yeah, that was weird. Jason’s mom kept asking if we really needed a wedding means we are already mated.

I told her that I would like it, so she said that her and some of the girls will come over soon so that we can start making plans for the decorations.

I just smiled; I really do not want to.

After Jason’s parents left, we all got ready for bed.

Jason told me that I am scarry when I am mad. I just looked at him.

I asked Jason who keeps fixing the door, he told me that his pack. I then asked why do they have so many doors, he said that sometimes the doors get broken from roughhousing.

I asked Jason if I could use his Jeep tomorrow so that I can run to the store.

He said that he could take me, I told him that I want to go alone. He looked at me.

Jason finally said yes that I can use it.

I really need to get my car fixed. I still do not know what happened to it.

Jason picked up Missy and brought her to the bedroom, I picked up Cookie and we all laid in bed.

I told the cats not to do that again, that I do not want them to get hurt anymore.

Cookie said that they will protect us until the day that they die.

I love them but, I do not want that day to come.

I told the cats that I love them, I kissed Jason and told him that I love him.

Jason said that he loved me even before we have ever met.

For some reason I know that he is telling me the truth.

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