My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The Bad News


I woke up to someone snoring. I looked and it was Cookie.

I have been wondering why they stopped sleeping in Peach’s room. I must remember to ask them.

Jason asked if I was ok; I did not know he was awake.

I told him that I am fine, even though I do not really feel fine.

I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Jason went in after I came out, I went back into the bedroom and got dressed.

I know I told Jason that I wanted to go to the store today but really, I made myself a doctor’s appointment.

I just do not want to make him worried or anything. I just want to go alone.

After I got dressed, I got Missy out of bed and put her next to the food Jason put down for them.

Then I went and got Cookie. I think I need to put these cats on a diet. They are getting big.

Jason asked what I wanted for breakfast I told him that I wanted split pea soup with cherry yogurt in it.

I think I heard Jason gag. That made me laugh.

He got a can out for me and put it in a bowl and popped it in the microwave.

I got out the yogurt and when my soup was done, I put the yogurt in it and ate it.

After I was done, I asked Jason for the keys, he gave them to me.

I told him that I will be back in a few.

He kissed me and asked if I am sure that I want to go alone, I told him yes that I need a little time to myself.

I left the house and got in the Jeep. I headed to the doctor’s office.

When I got there, I turned the Jeep off and got out. I went to the receptions desk and told them that I am there for my appointment.

She told me to have a set and they will call me.

After what felt like days, they finally called me in. They weighed me. How did I gain ten pounds?

I told the nurse everything that is going on, she asks when my last menstrual cycle was. I told her that I should be getting it any day now.

She took my blood pressure and told me that the doctor will be in soon.

We all know what that means.

After the dinosaurs came back to life the doctor finally came in, I told him everything that I told the nurse.

He told me that he wants me to take a pregnancy test.

I told him that it has not been long enough for that.

As I was trying to pee in that little cup hoping I do not pee on my hands, I kept wanting to pull that string.

But I know that is for emergencies. I put the cup where the nurse told me to put it, then I went back to the room.

After four games of BINGO the doctor came in with a binder.

He said congratulations, you are pregnant. What, how?

Ok I know how but isn’t it too soon.

He gave me the binder and said that I must go to the pharmacy to get my vitamins.

I just looked at him, I asked if he was joking, he said no. I went and got my vitamins and went to Jason’s jeep.

I sat there for thirty minutes; Jason texted me asking me when I will be home that he miss me.

I did not text him back. I know I must go home and face the music.

I started the Jeep and backed out of the spot and headed home.

How am I going to tell Peach that I am pregnant? Two little lines just made my day into a nightmare.

I just keep trying to think of ways to cut Jason’s meat stick off with out me going to prison.

It is not looking to good.

I pulled in the driveway and turned the Jeep off, I sat there for a few seconds before going in.

I got out and headed in, Jason was coming to me before he could say anything I hit him in the nose.

I see blood, he asked what happened, I throw the binder that the doctor gave me.

He looked at it then at me then back at it. He looked back at me with the biggest smile on his face.

Peach asked what was going on, I told her. She started to laugh and said that we have to write our old friends and tell them this one.

Two sisters pregnant at the same time. Jason snuck up when I was not looking and was hugging me.

He told me that I must be seen by the packs doctor, I asked him why, he said that means I am already testing positive that the baby must have wolf in it. That means that the pregnancy will only be for three months and not nine.

Great I am going to have a pug. Wait, three months?

I am going to have it before Peach.

Next thing I knew my door got token off its hinges, I looked, and it was Jason’s mom and dad.

Wait why are they here?

Jason’s mom came running to me, she was still in her nightgown.

She hugged me and said that the pack doctor is coming in a few.

How did they find out?

JASON! I looked at Jason he started to look everywhere but me.

Since when did the coffee table become so interesting.

Jason’s dad asked how I am feeling, I told him good.

Jason’s mom won’t let me go. She is talking about how we are going to have to get so many things.

She keeps talking about when we find out the gender, we will have to go shopping.

I am going to kill Jason!

Jason’s parents are very happy that they are going to have a grandbaby.

I sighed we just fixed that door. What is with these people and not opening the door.

Jason’s mom said that she is going to go cook. Jason told her that I have eaten already.

She told him to shut up. That she will not let her grandbaby be hungry.

Jason’s dad said that I have made Jason’s mom very happy.

I can see that. Jason’s mom came back with so much food.

She cooked steak, rice, eggs, toast, pancakes, and hashbrowns.

She told me and Peach to eat and she told the guys to stay away.

Jason’s dad said what about him that he has not eaten yet.

She told him that he can have whatever is left over.

She told Jason and Dexter to get in the kitchen and help her clean up.

They both got up and ran to the kitchen.

When she was gone, I cut a piece of the steak and I ate it, then I cut another piece and feed Jason’s dad.

He was happy that I was letting him eat.

After Peach and I were full Jason’s dad ate the rest.

Jason and Dexter came back and looked at Jason’s dad and asked why he couldn’t save them some?

Jason’s dad said that I made him eat with them because they do not want to be the only ones to gain weight, so he had to, he did not want to upset us.

Sure, that’s it. Jason’s dad winked at me to play along. I did and so did Peach.

Jason and Dexter said that they can get fat with us, Jason’s dad said that the Alpha and Beta must stay in shape so it’s best if the grandpa gain weight.

The pack doctor came in with a guy that had a new door.

The doctor asked me how much weight I have gained, I told her ten pounds.

She said that I need to gain more. What? More?

She told me that I must get a lot of meat, means the baby is going to be a wolf.

The doctor asked, if her and I can go to my room so she can check me over.

I led her to my bedroom, she told Jason to stay out.

He pouted, he said that he is Alpha and that he should be able to go in.

The doctor said that he can next time.

She asked the cats if they can guard the door. Sugar and Cleo came running.

Jason said that this is not fair.

The doctor closed the door. She asked me to lay on the bed so she can look at me down there.

After she was done, she said next week she will do and ultrasound to make sure baby is doing ok.

I asked if that would be to soon, she said no that wolf babies grow faster than human babies.

Ok, I am trying to understand, I told her that I am scared. She told me that is normal.

She told me that I have Jason’s mom and the other women at the pack house to help me.

That made me feel a little better. We left the room; I see Jason is tied up to a chair.

I asked what is going on, Jason’s dad said that Jason was going to barge in so his mother with the help of the cats tied him down.

Jason asked if everything is ok, the doctor told him that I must get more meat and that by next week she wants me to gain at least twenty more pounds. Say what?

Jason said that he will help me with that. Dexter came and untied Jason.

I swear they are acting more like brothers.

The doctor left and told me when she will be back.

Jason’s mom told me to sit down and to get comfy, she said that she is going to make cookies.

Dexter and Jason asked if they could have some this time. Jason’s mom said yes.

They are acting like kids, I sat next to Jason’s dad.

I do not remember falling asleep. I woke up I was leaning on Jason’s dad.

I told him that I was sorry, he said I have no reason to be sorry. He told me that Peach and I are now his daughters and that we should try and see him as our dad.

Jason’s mom came in and told us to start calling them mom and dad, when we feel comfortable to do so.

I cannot believe that they are thinking of Peach as their own. But it makes me happy.

Jason’s mom came in with a lot of cookies. I picked a peanut butter cookie; Peach took a sugar cookie.

The guys took one of each and started to shovel them in.

I can tell Jason loves his mom’s cooking and baking. I guess that is normal.

I just hope that we can be a family and not like how my family was.

That reminds me, I asked Jason’s dad about Blake.

He told me that he and my mother were lovers and that my mother wanted my dad dead, so she helped sending him over, and that Blake and my mother wanted to run the pack instead of Jason and me.

Wow, I asked what happened to my mother, he told me that she was arrested and charged for planning a murder.

I asked what about Blake, Jason told me that he is in a jail cell that are meant for wolves.

Jason said that a wolf cannot break out. That’s good, Jason’s mom came and sat next to me and Peach and asked if I am going to call my work and tell them that I quit.

I sighed and told her yes. Jason jumped out of the chair and started to jump up and down.

I think someone is happy, Jason’s dad asked if we are going to stay here or move into the pack house.

I told him that I would like to stay but I know that we are going to have to move to a bigger place.

Jason’s dad asked then why don’t we just add on to this house, I told him that I would like that but, it would cost too much.

Jason said that him and the pack can do it. I told him that I would rather add on to the house then.

Dexter said that he will come up with a blueprint and we can talk about it later.

I guess I must get used to everything going to fast and having to have a new door every day.

Peach is falling asleep, Dexter asked if she wants to go take a nap, she said yes.

Jason’s parents said that they are going home so they can get dressed and that they will be back before dinner.

We all said goodbye. After they left Jason asked if I am still mad at him. I told him yes.

But I told him that I love him, I am not ready for this, Jason said that he was ready the first day he met me.

Yeah, so was his mom. Jason then said that he is going to call the bridal shop and tell them that they must make my suite bigger.

I have forgotten about that. Well in a month Jason and I will get married and then two months later I will be a mother.

So much for going slow.

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