My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Hide The Broom!


I cannot be any happier than I am right now. I have my mate and now I am going to be a dad.

I mind linked my mom and dad about the news.

They were happy finding out that they are going to be grandparents.

My parents really love Emily and Peach.

They even want Peach’s baby to call them grandma and grandpa.

I know Emily is scared but, I will be there every step.

Emily told the cats that they are going to be big sisters and that they need to help protect the baby.

They are going to take that very serious.

I asked Emily if she wants to lay down, she said no that she wants to find the beef stick.

That sounds good to me.

After we fell asleep. I was holding my babies, Emily and my unborn baby.

I was awoken to a bang, I got out of bed quietly, so I did not wake Emily up.

Dexter and I ran into each other, I did not hear the cat growling.

We entered the living room and I see my dad there with… Cookie?

Dad said Hey to us and told us that mom is cooking dinner.

I asked why is Cookie on his lap, dad said that Cookie and he are best friends.

How, I asked since when, dad said that all the cats like him.

The cats all nodded in agreement.

Mom came out of the kitchen and told the cats to come and get their dinner.

I see mom has made them something with tuna.

Dad picked up Cookie and I got Missy.

The cats said thanks grandma, why do they accept them but not me?

Dad said they do not like me for I have got their mother pregnant.

Fine I just can not win with these cats.

Peach came out of her bedroom and said hi to my parents.

My mom gave Peach a hug and asked how she is feeling, Peach said that she just feels really fat.

Mom laughed and told her that she will get bigger. Peach said she knows but she does not like it.

Emily came out and looked at mom and dad, then at the door. It is the same door.

Dad came up and hugged both Emily and Peach and asked how his girls are doing.

Both Emily and Peach said that they are good.

I think Emily and Peach are going to have a hard time adjusting to my parents.

But I know mom and dad will let them take their time to get to know them better.

Mom told us to get cleaned up that dinner is almost ready.

After cleaning up we sat down and mom cooked a big dinner, there was salmon, salad, sweet potatoes, creamy shrimp pasta, rice and fudge cake.

Mom told us that we should eat before it gets cold.

Emily and Peach said thanks to mom, mom said it was nothing.

I know mom loves to cook for her family. I do not think Emily and Peach had this growing up.

I know mom and dad are trying hard to not overstep but, I know that it is hard for them.

They love having a big family and they are happy that Emily, Peach and Dexter are now a part of it.

After dinner us guys cleaned up, the girls went and were picking out some games for us to play.

After ten games of candy land my parents went back to the pack house.

I have appointed the omegas to do rounds so Dexter and I can stay and protect our mates and our unborn babies.

We have let a few vampires in to Minneapolis so they can feed on the bad people that live there.

Us wolves do like the vampires when they help us keep the pest at a minimum.

They usually feed on robbers, murderers, and people who hurt women and children.

Peach is getting ready for bed; Dexter is putting the game away.

Emily is playing with the cats; I am trying to think of a way to make this house bigger.

Emily still wants it to be a one level. So, Dexter and I are trying to come up with what would look best.

Peach and Dexter went to bed, I asked Emily if she is ready for bed she told me no, that she wants to watch Mukbangs.

I sat next to Emily on the sofa, she looked at me and told me that she is scared.

I hugged her and told her that she has nothing to be scared about.

She said that she is scared that she is not going to be a good mom, I told her that she is going to be the best mom.

I know she is scared, but I know that my mom and the pack women will help her and help Peach.

Everyone in the pack loves kids.

So, I know that there is nothing to be worried about, I know she is scared that she is going to be like her mom but, I know that will never happen.

The days past by like the wind, the pack doctor is going to coming over to do an ultrasound.

I know that it is too early to know what we are having, I want to know so bad.

She is going to look for the baby and make sure the heart is beating normally.

Emily is upset she gained seventy pounds; I keep telling her that it is ok.

Mom and dad have been coming over every day, mom has been cooking and I think the girls have been sneaking food to dad, he has gained weight as well.

After the doctor leaves Emily and I must go get her some clothes, of course mom is coming too.

The doctor knocked on the door, I let her in.

She setup the ultrasound machine and asked Emily to lay down on the sofa.

Emily pulled up her shirt and the doctor asked how much she has gained, Emily told her.

The doctor looked concerned but did not say anything.

The doctor put jell on Emily and put the wand on her belly.

The doctor said uh oh, uh oh what uh oh. I asked if there is something wrong with the baby.

Emily looked scared. The doctor said there is nothing wrong with the babies.

Babies? She told us that we are having triplets.

Wait, what?

Emily looked at me, I think I should hide the broom.

The doctor said that is why Emily is gaining a lot of weight. The doctor said that the babies are looking good and seem to be heathy.

The doctor told Emily and me that Emily will have to have them by cesarean.

The doctor took pictures of the babies and told us that in about three weeks we can find out the genders of them.

Mom is crying, she is so happy. Dad passed out.

Emily asked if this is normal, the doctor said yes that most wolves have up to three babies at a time.

I think I should run now. I can see Cookie talking to the other cats. I heard her say that Sugar and Cleo need to go dig a hole.

Emily is looking at me like I am the enemy.

Peach is in shock and Dexter is slowly walking away from me.

I think I should hide the mop as well.

The doctor told Emily that she is going to be gaining more weight and let us help her with the cooking and cleaning.

Mom said that there is no problem there, then mom told me that she mind linked the pack and they are going to be bring her and dad’s stuff and a bed they are moving in for a little while.

I told Emily that we should get ready to go. She has been wearing my pajamas.

I helped her up, she looked at me like she was going to kill me.

Mom told us that she is going to run and get her van, her van is a min bus.

I followed Emily into the bedroom, I told her that she looked really pretty today, she gave me that look.

She walked up to me and said that if my twig comes near her again I will lose it.

Ok I told her that I love her and that this does not change anything.

She said that she was scared with knowing about one baby now there is three to worry about.

I told her that means there is more to love. I walked slowly up to her, she let me hug her.

I told her that this does not mean that we will love the cats less nor Peach.

We will take care of everyone together.

Emily calmed down, I asked if she was ready, she said yes. Emily got her sandals on, and we left the bedroom.

Dad is sitting on the floor, I asked if he was ok, he said “yeah”.

Mom came in and told us all that we should all go.

That made Peach happy. We all headed out; Emily told the cats that we will be back in a few hours.

Mom told them that she will make them a fish dinner for being good big sisters.

That made the cats happy.

Dexter helped Peach in the bus and I helped Emily in.

Dad is driving and mom is in the passenger seat telling dad which stores we should go to.

Mom picked up a bag and told me to give the girls the sandwiches that she made.

I think mom is over the moon, dad is acting like if the bus goes to fast he is going to hurt us

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