My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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The meeting


Dad said that he wants to stop and get a U-Haul trailer.

I asked if we really need that, mom said yes. That we are going to get stuff for the babies and for Emily and for Peach.

I know where this is going. Mom is going to buy a lot of stuff.

Emily just nodded; I know she does not want to do this.

But I know mom will not let it go and if we do not want to, she will do it herself.

I told her that we do not know what we are having yet.

Mom told me that we can just get the basics and gender natural clothes.

I just said OK. Peach is talking about everything that her and Dexter were looking at.

Emily asked where we are going to put everything, mom said that we can put it in the pack house until the house is done.

Dexter and I have already come up with how to do that, we are going to extend the living room.

It will only take us a day with all the packs help.

Mom said that we need to add at least five more rooms.

I asked why five when there is only going to be four babies, mom said one can be for her and dad.

Dad said that the girls are going to need a lot of help, and it would be easier for them to stay with us for a short time.

I think they just want to be around their grand babies. But I understand.

We got to the U-Haul place, Dexter and I hooked up the trailer.

Now we are going to get Emily some clothes.

We are going to have to try and find the biggest size they have, or Emily is going to have to wear dresses.

The doctor mind linked me saying that she needs me to meet after we are done.

I asked what about, she said it is about Emily and the babies. I asked if Emily should come too, she said no.

I told her that when we are done that, I will come to the pack house.

Mom helped Emily and Peach get new clothes, then we got cribs, dressers, rocking chairs, and baby clothes.

I think mom went over board. Dad said that we need to stop at the pet store, he wants to get the cats some new things.

By the time we are done, the U-Haul trailer is stuffed.

On the way back home, mom said that she is going to make steak and potatoes for dinner with a nice salad.

I told them that I must go to the pack house for just a few minutes.

When we got home, I helped Emily get in the house and Dexter did the same with Peach.

Then we helped dad get all the new pet stuff and clothes into the house.

I told Dexter to come with me to the pack house.

Dexter and I went to the pack house, and I called for the doctor.

The doctor came in the living room, I asked why she wants to talk about Emily without her here.

She told us to sit down, we sat on the sofa, and I told her to start.

The doctor told me that there is a chance that Emily might die during the birth of the babies.

I asked how; means she is not having them natural, she told me that because Emily is human, and the babies are wolves it could put to much strain on her body.

I asked what we could do, the doctor said there is nothing we can do, I asked if I am going to lose my mate.

The doctor said that yes, I can lose her, I asked out of a hundred will she make it, the doctor said that only five humans live after birth of a wolf.

The doctor said that there is one way to make sure Emily lives, I asked how.

The doctor told me that I should ask the vampires if they will be willing to come here for a meeting,

I asked her why them, she told me that if they are willing, they can turn Emily and Emily will “live”.

Dexter asked if I want him to tell the omegas to ask them if they will come here, I told him yes.

I want my mate to live I do not care if she must be a vampire, I will love her no matter what.

The omegas told us that the vampires will come for a meeting in two days.

That makes me happy that they will come and let me ask them for this favor.

After talking to the doctor about everything that will need to be done, we left.

The doctor is going to get us some blood and other things.

I told Dexter not to say a word to Peach nor to Emily.

Dexter agreed that we should not tell them for it could hurt the babies.

Dimond and I will do anything to keep our mate with us.

I will have to ask the vampires if they can help her if needed.

I am still happy that Emily is having my babies, but I am scared that the vampires will not do this for me.

Dexter asked if I think Emily is strong enough to survive, I told him that I hope so.

But I do not want to take any chances of losing her forever.

If she does have to be changed, I will worry then about her kicking my butt.

Dexter and I went in the house, and we are trying to act like nothing is wrong.

We sat down and ate with our family; mom keeps looking at me I know she knows something is up.

I will not tell her in front of the girls, I think she knows that.

After dinner the girls went to go put their clothes away.

Mom told me to spill, I told her and dad everything, mom and dad said that they do not care if Emily must be a vampire, they will love her and support her.

I joked with them and asked if they love her more then me, they both said yes.

I do not know if I should be happy or sad.

But I know in the end my family will stand behind us no matter what.

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