My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Kill Jason


Jason told grandma and grandpa what the doctor told him.

We must kill Jason and bury him in the back yard.

I do not think grandma and grandpa will miss him that much.

The truce is off, he put our mom in danger with his glow stick.

I still have my cast and Missy is still not a hundred percent yet.

I told Sugar and Cleo that when everyone is asleep, we will sneak out and start digging a hole.

Jason’s days are numbered. Mom can live with out him, she has us and grandma and grandpa to take care of her and the babies.

After everyone went to bed, us cats went to work. We are putting the hole close to the door.

It is going to be hard to get his fatness out of the house so, we need the hole to be as close as possible.

Jason talked about getting vampires to change our mom, we will not let that happen.

But Jason does not know that there is a witch among us.

When the time is right, I will talk to grandpa to get the stuff that the witch would need to put a protective spell on our mom.

I would ask for stuff to make Jason disappear but, that would be too good for the pudd whacker.

Sugar and Cleo got the door opened and we got to work, Missy is our watch woman.

I am telling them the best spot. We worked throughout the night,

We had to hurry and get back in the house before grandma gets up.

Peach and our mom got up a lot to use the bathroom, but they did not see a thing.

We all got the door shut and locked, Missy and I helped bathe Sugar and Cleo.

By the time we were done grandma came out. We all waited until she went to the bathroom and got a cup of coffee then we had cuddle time with grandma.

When grandpa comes out then we have cuddle time with him and when mom gets up, we have cuddle time with her.

Mom tried to put us on a diet, but grandma has been cooking us our food and we love it when grandma cooks for us.

Jason is up, I am trying so hard not to take him down now. Hopefully in two days he will be gone.

[rubs paws together]

Grandma is cooking breakfast she is making us eggs and rice with hamburger.

She is making chicken and waffles for everyone else, because Sugar is diabetic she gets Caro Syrup in her meal.

That stuff is ok, we all tried it, but we do not need it like Sugar does.

After everyone is done eating, Jason and Dexter are cleaning up.

We may not like what Dexter has done to Peach but, our beef is with Jason.

The doctor is going to be coming back in a few days to tell mom what she is having.

We are hoping that she has all girls, we do not need another Jason around here.

Mom is wearing one of the new clothes she got, she looks like a six-man tent.

Jason keeps telling her to not worry about the weight, I hope she rolls over one night and crushes him.

The “pack” is going to be coming over to start remodeling the house.

Grandpa told them that they want six new bedrooms added.

Mom asked why six, grandpa said so us cats can have our own room.

Mom was in agreement that we should get a room so, when we need to get a way from the babies we can.

Peach is just happy about everything that is going on.

I just hope they do not find the hole that we are digging, I do not want them to cover it back up.

Sometimes I don’t know how grandma and grandpa can deal with these morons.

The “pack” is here, grandpa and Jason are telling them what to do.

Dexter is showing them what it should look like.

I hope Jason gets electrocuted.

We just hung out with mom, Peach and grandma. Grandma is brushing Missy, mom is trying to play with Cleo and Sugar is sleeping on Peach I am just guarding, I may have a broken arm, but I can still try and death roll one of them if I need to.

After the “pack” left for the day grandma started to make dinner, she is making salmon for us cats and tacos for the humans.

After dinner everyone is getting ready for bed. Tonight, we will try and finish the hole.

After everyone is in bed us cats went out and did the same thing, we did last night but, we were caught.

JASON! I yelled attack, Missy got the dustpan and threw it at him.

He stumbled, Cleo tripped him, he fell and hit his head. He was not moving.

I told Sugar and Cleo to put him in the hole.

After we got done burring him, we went in and had a victory drink.

This day has gotten a lot better. Jason is gone and now all we must do is get the stuff to protect our mom.

We went to sleep on the sofa. The mornings are always the same, Dexter is helping Peach get use to E-learning.

Mom got up and asked where Jason is. Everyone said they thought he was still in bed.

At that moment there was a knock on the back door, grandma opened the door and there was… JASON!

Grandma asked what happened to him, he told her… everything.

CRAP the gig is up, before we could move grandpa asked us why we did it, he told him.

Well mom is not happy that Jason and everyone was keeping this from her.

Mom started to yell at Jason.

I think this is a good time to hide under the bed for the day.

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