My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Just Tell Me


I was so angry at Jason for not telling me that I could die.

He said that he did not want to put stress on me, oh finding it out this way is so much better.

I asked when was he going to tell me, he said after.

After! Jason’s mom told Jason to go take a shower.

I hate him so much right now. I told Jason’s mom and dad that I need to be alone right now.

They said that they understand.

I got in Jason’s Jeep and drove away. How could he keep this from me?

He kept saying that we are in this together, then he keeps this from me.

What if I do not want to be a vampire. Yes, I can understand that he does not want to stress me out.

But this is big. I stopped at a park. Everything is so messed up.

First, I was worried about one baby, then three, now I must worry about dying.

I feel like I can not take all this, I want to talk to the vampires and ask them if they will change me will I hurt my family, because if there were a chance of that I would just want to die.

I should reject Jason over this. How could he not talk to me about this?

The passenger side door flung open, and a very naked Jason got in and grabbed me.

He is crying and bagging me not to reject him.

I am getting sick of this mate bond. I asked him why I shouldn’t?

He told me that he just wanted to protect me.

We talked for hours; he would not let me go.

I hate that I love this idiot. I told him that he can not keep things from me.

He said he won’t. We talked about what could happen and what if there is a chance I would hurt the babies, Peach or all of them, Jason said that if I do let them change me and if it comes down to it he would let me feed off of him.

I asked if he could let me go, he said no that he will never let me go and he started to cry again.

I told him that I must go to the bathroom and that I am not leaving him.

He let go of me, but he grabbed something out of the backset.

It was clothes he got dressed then he got out and helped me out and led me to the bathrooms.

I went in and used the bathroom. When I came out of the stall Jason was in the bathroom.

I think he is going crazy. I asked why he was in the bathroom, he said that he does not want to let me go.

I told the crazy werewolf that I am not going to reject him as long as he tells me everything.

After I washed my hands, he took me in his arms and led me out and back to the jeep.

Jason put me in the passenger side and shut the door. Jason got in and started the Jeep.

He asked if I was hungry and yes, I was, I was always hungry.

We stopped and got some food. Jason told me that he will do anything for me to be with him for forever.

I do understand but I just do not want to hurt anyone.

Jason told me when the vampires are going to come for the meeting to ask if they will.

I told Jason that I want to talk to them. Jason is hesitant about it, but he agreed.

Jason took me home. His mom and dad hugged me and asked if Jason and I made up.

I told them yes, but he must sleep out on the sofa with the cats for a few nights.

Jason’s mom said that she understands that, and she will help make sure that he does.

Jason’s mom then told the cats that if Jason tries to go into the bedroom at night that they have full right to bury him again.

That made the cats happy. Jason is not so happy.

The pack is back to finish up putting the new addition to the house.

The women in the pack won’t stop touching my belly. They are talking about a gender revel and a baby shower.

They all want me to have all boys to make the pack stronger.

I do not know about that, three boys.

The pack women keep circling around Peach and me. Some are telling us when they were pregnant stories, and some are saying that they cannot wait until they get pregnant with their mates and the others are saying that they can not wait to find their mates.

These people are strange. After the pack left, the house is done.

Jason’s mom went and started dinner. Peach and I keep trying to help but, she won’t let us.

Cookie came up to us and asked grandpa if he could get her some stuff from a store.

Jason’s dad picked Cookie up and asked what is it that she wants, she told him.

I asked why she needs that weird stuff for. Cookie said to give it to a witch to put a protective spell on me to help me not die.

Jason said there is no witches here. Cookie looked at him and told him that he is wrong.

Jason’s dad asked where does this witch lives, Cookie told him here in the house.

I do not understand, I know Peach and myself are not. I asked her who is it.

Cookie said that it is Cleo. WHAT! I asked how come I never knew.

Cleo said that she has lived with witches before and she learned it.

Jason said I knew you all had a spell on you. Sugar told him to shut up.

Missy told him that no one has a spell on them.

Cookie then said that if they had the stuff, they would make him go away.

I think am going to pass out. How?

I looked at the cats and asked if they are keeping anything else from me.

They said no. Jason’s mom and dad told the cats that they still love them.

Jason’s dad said that he will get them the stuff they need but, they can not put a spell on Jason.

The cats did not want to agree but, in the end they did.

Dexter asked if she is a witch why didn’t she use them on them in the first place.

Cleo said that she can only cast spells she has no powers.

Jason and Dexter said good at the same time.

I swear everyday is getting stranger and stranger.

Now we have two plans, I guess.

At least I know my cats has my back.

I asked if they are scared that the babies are going to be wolves, they said no because they know that I will rise them right.

That makes me happy that they have faith in me.

When I went to take a nap, Jason was going to try and come in.

I heard Cookie say take one more step and I will death roll you sorry butt.

I could not stop myself from laughing. Jason told me it is not funny.

When I got up Jason’s mom had cooked beef patties in gravy and some vegetables.

Jason grabbed me and put me on his lap. I told him that I am too heavy.

He told me that I am not. Jason began trying to feed, I told him that I can feed myself.

Jason said that if he can not sleep next to me then humor him and let him feed me.

I just gave in and let him feed me. That made him happy.

The cats on the other hand were not very happy.

I wonder if they will ever get along.

It only took them about an hour to fall in love with Jason’s parents.

I know the cats keep putting their heads on Peach’s and my tummies to hear the babies.

They are going to like the babies more than Jason and Dexter.

I know that Jason cannot wait until we know what we are having.

I am hoping for all girls, Jason wants all boys.

We still must find names that we both like.

But we still have time for that.

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