My Cats Protect Us From The Werewolfs

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Babies And Vampires


Today is the day that we talk to the vampires and find out what we are having.

Jason is upset because Cookie death rolled him last night.

Cookie clawed him really good too, I will not say where but, if he could not heal fast, he would have a hard time with his glow worm.

I am nervous about talking to the vampires, and to find out what we are having.

Jason’s mom made eggs on toast, I put peanut butter on mine with some seaweed and bacon.

Jason keeps telling me that he wants to come back to the bedroom and cuddle me at night.

I have been letting him in only when I want to squat thrusts in the cucumber patch.

But then I kick him out. I will let him back in to sleep but, I just want him to know that he did me wrong.

Jason’s dad has been taking his grandpa role really seriously.

Jason and I are on our way to the pack house to meet the vampires.

We entered the pack house, and the doctor was talking to a man, I guess he is the vampire.

The man stood up and introduced himself as Mullo.

He told us that him and the doctor were talking and that she asked if he would change a human if need be.

Jason said that is right, Jason asked if he would do it, Mullo said that he would do it, for the pack letting him and his family to live here.

I asked Mullo if I would hurt my family if I had to be changed, he told me no, that the love for my family will not let me hurt them.

That made me happy, Mullo said that if it needs to be done that, he will teach me how and where to feed.

Mullo said that if I do not want to feed on humans that the doctor can just get me blood.

I told them that I would rather do that.

Well, this is going well, I guess.

Mullo said that he is very grateful for Jason and his pack for letting them move here for no one really wanted them in their town.

Mullo told me how he will change me and where.

Jason told him that it can not be where my mark is.

Mullo said no that he would do it on the other side.

Mullo said his goodbyes and told Jason to let him know when he should come back.

Uh oh, I must fart, I do not want to fart Infront of them.

The doctor told us that it is time to find out what we are having.

I asked them if I could have a minute, Jason asked me what is wrong, I told him nothing I just want a minute to myself.

The doctor told Jason to come with her, after they left, I stood up and let’s just say that I am glad no one was here.

I opened the door and there was Jason, he asked if I am feeling better, that’s it, I told him that I am going to have Cookie deathroll him again.

Jason hugged me and told me that no matter how many times Cookie deathrolls him he will always come back to try and get to me.

I laid down on the table and pulled my shirt up, the doctor put that cold jelly on me.

She took the wand and put it on me.

She was taking pictures and then she asked if we are ready to find out what we are having.

Jason and I said yes. The doctor pointed to baby A and said that baby A is a boy, ok Jason is getting super happy.

She then pointed to the next baby B, she said baby B is a boy, oh crap.

The doctor then pointed to the last baby, she said baby C is a girl.

Two boys and a girl. Ok Jason kissed me, and he told me that I am giving him two Alphas and a princess.

She can be an Alpha too. Jason told me that we are going to have a baby/gender reveal later today.

I asked why so soon, he told me that his mom would drive us crazy until we do it.

Ok, Jason told me that he mind linked the pack and told them to get ready for the party.

What is with these people not willing to take things slow?

Jason told me that we should go and get the cake and his mom, and the others are going to get stuff for the party.

Jason’s mom said that this party is also for Peach so we should get stuff for her too.

That makes me so happy that they are thinking of Peach too.

Jason asked me why I am crying, I told him that I am happy that his family is thinking of peach too.

Jason said that his family is mine and Peach’s family.

The cats are not going to like this.

They told me that they do not want another little Jason running around.

The cats told me that they want me to have all girls.

Well, this is about to ruin their day.

I know that they will love them, well I hope that they will love them.

They might want to go live with their new grandma and grandpa.

I know that they will hate the babies crying and all but, they will get use to it.

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